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Steamed Fish Fillet Recipe Chinese Style (2019)

Steamed Fish Fillet Recipe Chinese Style (2019)

Chen Jung Shue, Chinese for steamed fish.
A foreign recipe to our panlasang Pinoy That is why, this should have been in Taglish. Accident for punisment? The simplest of all fish dishes, just four
ingredients and despite its simplicity, it’s delicious try it at home it’s very
easy. Let us join Romulo in his small kitchen, good evening to you it
is Friday evening and I’m going to cook a very simple recipe by the way welcome
to our small kitchen what are we going to cook tonight jealous that’s all we need fresh for
this case is fish fillet, pepper and this by the way pepper is optional spring
onions this is the sole of the recipe Lee Kum Kee it’s it’s a soy sauce for
fish and oil that’s all we need soy sauce and oil in the fish and of course
this steamer Jenna you can improvise the simmer of your rice cooker will
perfectly work let’s start with our recipe although we would usefully steam an
entire lapel apple for this recipe it’s good to cut the fillet into small bits
similar to the cuts for kin allow this is solo proper absorption of this office
and for finesse of course this is what happens when you don’t have adequate
amount of water the the part of the steamer that gets in contact with the
pan gets brown or it can even burn that’s why adequate amounts of water
let’s put this now and once it begins to boil or prepare and once it begins to
produce steam we’ll add a fresh or what I had the fish we will Tim the fish I’ll
be using the small dish to steam the fish notice that it fits perfectly notice that it fits perfectly inside
this dimmer and there should be an adequate space in between to allow the
steam to circulate I’m placing the cut pieces of his play now ready to be
steamed I think this amount would be done in two
batches this is Bill gun the second but first
box okay while waiting for the water there the steam to start we can also
prepare we can pack our very limited ingredients this is not visible change
the color see this bad thing yeah or the green okay okay let me shoot that again
while waiting for our moves Joseph while waiting for our water to
produce steam we can start preparing our fingers very limited this is just what’s
this chilli we need this for color and also for five I think two would be good
or maybe three this chalice our palette Abed this might be too spicy for most
Benoist but let’s expose our palate the two international Flavors okay I think
this would be now they represent the main feature the beta of this episode my
homegrown spring onions I planted this out of just kitchen scraps so instead of
throwing them away I already planted them and look the grow and that’s what
I’m using today they can’t even find produce it now they fell on the ground
okay so this is it let’s wash them a bit
yeah this is to decorate let’s remove this new one for your viewing pleasure
so little eyes this onion spring onions I’m too close to the camera live camera
now so this is it this is our ingredient I might as well cut this now all from
here yeah we’ll be needing this later for garnishing this give it here for now
yeah it’s boiling bristly now so we can we
can start steaming the fish look at my implement a stop
you know what I’ll ask the Chinese here in Holland
how long should this be and they say ten minutes is all you need ten minutes
again the name is shin Jing Xiu steamed fish say it
Shinjuku to our cover violence at home this is Chinese recipe and I should be
doing this in taglish yeah look to the hunting steamed fish it’s been 10
minutes kaya and why not let us remove it from the steamer since the light collected water we will
have to drain that we didn’t want water in our dish so we will drain it yeah yeah
oh yeah that’s an accident was an accident nothing serious but nothing
serious let’s do the second ouch let’s give this ten minutes and we will
be more careful I cannot afford to lose this part it’s the only olam I have for
this app for this evening and I hope to feed my crew from Belgium my crew I say
yeah and thank you by the way to our cameraman pure Belgian for being very
helpful thank you Karen one of the ingredients
this oil will board this the lick’em key we need approximately two tablespoons of
this I’m steer it and this add the English we
hear that but this is a bit spicy and the green onions and that brie noises
but the spring onions I think I’ll need more of that more look how simple this can be all these
are always boiling now and we just have to add it did you hear it sisal there’s
a finishing touch than a more and 4% ability let’s
transfer it to another dish our singeing shoes or still first very
easy you can do it at home this little key and oil and some pepper and it has
an option spring onions and it is delicious boom join me again next time has to bring you
more easy recipes from other conditions we can easily make
wherever we are in the bookings in the Middle East Canada the US or anywhere in
the world thank you for joining me and Tom thanks
not to another year by the way in common prerogative you step back

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  1. Masustancya yan po steamfish paborito ko yan kaso hindi ako makaluto ng mga isda amoy daw arte ang mga puti nood na lang ako sa luto mo po kapatid

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