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steamed oysters, salmon mukbang eatingsound ASMR 석화찜,연어먹방 이팅사운드

steamed oysters, salmon mukbang eatingsound ASMR 석화찜,연어먹방 이팅사운드

oyster trimming Wipe clean with a brush Throwing oyster into the steamer Add about 1/10 of water and start to boil 10 minutes, strong light 5 minutes The oyster is very well cooked. Easily spread by hand Tangle Tangle I’ll cut the salmon to eat Now let’s go eat I’m getting thin while taking a thumbnail Bongdy Nice to meet you Steamed oyster salmon I will enjoy this food You can eat steamed food without Sauce I’m going to dip it in the Sauce It’s very different from raw oysters Sue If you order with oyster stone cave, I recommend to eat it by steaming because It’s labor to trim the oyster. The taste is good both raw and steamed Do you like oysters too? If you don’t like raw oysters, you can eat it by steaming ^^ Three oysters You can eat it’s delicious Thick salmon Salmon is so beautiful Taste and art I’ll put radish on salmon It’s docile and eat less together Mm it’s delicious Lemon can not fall ^^ Tzu ~ wook Refreshing It’s so good with lemon chopped radish salmon I should eat steamed food before it is warm Good good ^^ I want to keep eating Next, I’ll steam it and eat it with a spoon Find remaining petrification It peels off well Little oysters are just as delicious I am hungry because I edited it at dawn Last salmon Thank you so much for watching the video today I’ll try hard. Please subscribe and like. Then see you again ♡

15 comments on “steamed oysters, salmon mukbang eatingsound ASMR 석화찜,연어먹방 이팅사운드

  1. 굴이 통통한게 엄청 맛있게 쪄진듯 보여요~👍👍👍
    왠지 요리 잘 하실듯~~~
    부러비ㅠ저도 주말엔 석화찜으로ㅋㅋㅋ

  2. No one ever: "Who wants to see me cut open a vegan oyster?"

    Me: "Oh, you mean a papaya?"

    Also me: "I find pearls inside fruits"

  3. 연어랑 굴이 진짜 앞에있는것 같네요 ㅎㅎ 소리도 너무 좋고… 깔끔하게 드시는 모습이 보기 좋아요~‼👍
    항상 좋은영상 올려주셔서 감사합니다~ 잘보고 갑니다😄😄

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