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Steelhead Bobber Down On A Bass Bait?!?! | Winter Steelhead Fishing

Steelhead Bobber Down On A Bass Bait?!?! | Winter Steelhead Fishing

What’s going on guys? Welcome back to Angling
Addicts Pacific Northwest. We are back out here at it again today, trying to chase down
some winter steelhead. Same kind of things im out here with, I’ve got a uh spinner set
up, I’ve also got the uh bobber and a worm but I’m trying something a little bit different
here today. This is actually a worm that I make. I just call them Dragon tails. And I
actually just use them for bass fishing, so I just figured why not give them a shot with
that chartreuse color, it’s got a little bit of that glitter type look to it, just on your
regular worm jig head there. So the water is looking pretty good today considering we
have been getting a lot of, well a decent amount of rain. It’s just been coming in spirts.
So the water is high but visibility is actually pretty sweet right now. So I’m going to show
you guys how to adjust this, well make a few casts and a few adjustments so we’re kind
of like in that right area to be fishing and we’ll see if we can’t get something on. Stay
Tuned. Here I’ve got the bobber, so you’ve got to
think about it, I’ve got this weight and I’ve got about two to two and a half feet of leader
down below that, so then from my float to my bobber stop, we’ve probably got another
two feet of distance there, so what we’re going to end up doing is, well actually I’m
going to keep right at that first, and then we’ll throw it out and see uh you can kind
of tell in front of me, we’ve got a little bit of slower moving water with this weird
current coming in because it’s breaking it’s breaking through these bushes up here, but
just on the other side is another main current but you can kind of see in-between these current
flows there is kind of some slack-ish water, some dead water, some slower current water
and those also have some boulders in there. so kind of what im trying to target is those
seams, those slower moving areas or those areas right in between those two differentiated
speeds of water and see if we can’t put this jig right in a fishes face out here.
So we’re going to throw just a little here we go up river, now what I’m looking at is
my bobber right now, I want to, oh here it’s already going. Ya we’re going to pull that
in. What was going on there was my bobber was facing down river which is telling me
that my jig is actually hitting the bottom and it’s turning my bobber sideways, so what
we’re going to do, it’s probably not as easy to see on the GoPro but here’s my bobber stop,
so im going to take that and, oh that’s really loose, I’m going to pull it down the line
about half the distance right now. So what we’re looking for is basically a straight
up and down and if I get a bounce or two off the bottom every now and then, that’s fine
with me. So we’ve still got a little bit of a lean
to it but I think that might be because of the current it’s in right now, so we’re gonna
let it get out of that. should get a little more oriented straight up and down, there
it is. So this is a little bit closer in than where I would like to be but we don’t want
to come out here and just start throwing our gear way out there, we want to kind of step
our way, step our way out. So it seems we’ve still got a bit of that forward lean to it,
so what I can either do at this point now is bring it down a little bit lower or what
I actually want to do is go out a little bit further, so I can get in that better seam
that’s out there. And also, I think I’m going to utilize this rock down here.
There that’s not too bad. So you can see that water behind the bobber out this is actually
moving really fast. We’re kind of in that slot where the fish would like to move up,
I think, just a little less resistance. Mend our line
Ya I can see the boulders out there and I can see that we are kind of going right around
some of these. here you go!
Oh heck ya, Oh that was an awesome bobber down
You can tell it’s going to be a nice fish you guys
Oh I am super stoked, obviously I’ve still got to get this thing in but, to be fishing
with what I usually make to go out and catch bass with
looking for a fin guys I love the chrome. Oh my heart is going friggin
crazy right now, to just walk out here and throw a cast like that. ya this looks like
it might be a native. Let’s uh, get out here a bit then, and be
one hundred percent sure. Come here buddy
Figure out what you are Looks like it’s got a fin on it, all right,
come here bud. yep, that’s got a fin.
I hope you guys are able to see this guy here, come here girl, there you go. There it goes,
didn’t even have to touch it. wow That fish was just on the other side of the
rock that’s right there, you can kind of see it, you can see the disturbance in the water,
and it makes this crazy little seam right through there, that’s where that fish was.
Alright guys, just got one of these nightmare jigs tied on, im going to try that out now,
but what im going to put on it and you guys always ask, or theres always people asking
about scents and uh water soluble and how to find the water soluble. so there’s a water
soluble one right there. This is one that I like from ProCure it’s the Bloody Tuna and
its got the UV Flash on there but it’s going to show on the bottle what you’re getting,
whether it’s a water soluble or not, you are going to want this water soluble because if
you get the gel, what it will do is rally mat down the hairs on these things and really
start to screw up the jigs. This water soluble stuff will put on a good scent and it will
stay on there for quite a while. You can get quite a few casts out of it before you want
to uh reapply some on there. So definitely a quick little tip, always use some scent
if you guys have it available. I know you guys are out there.
Oooh that’s a fish, be a fish, no, I don’t think it was.
Coming back. Lets try this again. Alrighty back to the drawing board.
Alright, I think this was the last cast. I’m gonna go check out a little further down river
and see how things are looking down there and if its uh looking decent, I might go throw
a few casts and if not, I think I’m gonna head home and still be rather stoked about
the day. Moving out. Alright you guys, well I think that’s gonna
do it for today. I uh saved you the uh hassle of having to watch me drive around, throw
a bunch of casts, lose a few more things, the rain has started to fall back down, and
I’m just ready to call it a day anyhow. I’m really just trying to keep my fishing sessions
short this season until February. Come February im going to be out here pounding the hell
out of this bank, uh and hopefully hitting some coastal areas and stuff like that. so,
as always you guys, thanks for sticking it out with me here today, thanks for the support,
the continued support, and uh those of you who are telling me you are still out here
trying to find your first winter steelhead, uh just keep at it, the best month is still
to come, being February, so just stick with it you guys. I will see you next time or I
will run into you out here on the river, but until then, Later

34 comments on “Steelhead Bobber Down On A Bass Bait?!?! | Winter Steelhead Fishing

  1. Snow level going up and rain coming. Water will bounce, great time to plunk close to the bank. Tight lines!! Hopefully February brings fish with no Adipose fin!!!

  2. Good job again Nick!!! So awesome!! I'll be out saturday. ,๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  3. Nick,… Nice fish…. I also like how you show others what youโ€™re doing so the newbies can learn about whatโ€™s up and what works… another thing is … that you use bass tactics for salmon / steelhead… and I sure you can use chrome tactics for bass as well…. keep casting bro..!..๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜Ž

  4. Great looking fish.. So i have a question. May i ask why you were using a slip float as opposed to a fixed one. I'm asking cause im trying to add more things to the arsenal

  5. Great video, as always. Congrats on the beautiful fish! We were out at Oxbow on MLK Day, casting worms and jigs, too. No luck but it was a nice day๐Ÿ˜Š

  6. I been watching for the past year great videos! Have you ever thought about sharing the number hours you spend fishing on the banks between fish to give your audience a realistic view of just how hard it is to caught a winter stealhead and you are a very experienced fisherman. I have spent 12 hours on the banks this past week and I have not had a bite as of yet. According to only 1500 winter steelhead were caught last year. From everything I read the OFDW is raising/releasing fewer steelhead smolts then ever before due to all the naturalists taking ODFW to court so what can we do as fisherman of the Sandy River to bring back our fishery. If you look at these .pfds below in the 80's we use to caught over 10,000 steelhead out of the Sandy River a year. No judgement here its just that I feel when people watch these video's on youtube and see all these fish being caught on the Sandy I feel they receive a false since of just how hard the fishery has become .

  7. Yup! I use so called bass worms, ocean bottom fish plastics of all types and it catches steelies just as well as any big name brand for 1/10 the price!!!$ I guess if youโ€™re addicted to designer clothes and shoes and the latest fads then youโ€™ll have to have the latest steelhead worms at horribly inflated prices just to soothe your snobbery.

  8. Hi there, Iโ€™m a new subscriber here and a novice fisherman, just curious as to why you let the fish go like that, do you not want to keep the native fish? I mean that looked like it was a nice one. Looking forward to the next episode.

  9. It's funny what a person can actually catch steel head on. When my boy was about ten he put on an ancient big green rubber grasshopper lure. I told him don't be silly you will never catch one on that. Two casts layer he brought in an about 10 pound steely.

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