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Stinky Fish Challenge – Merrell Twins

Stinky Fish Challenge – Merrell Twins

I Don’t want to throw up but Hey guys I’m Veronica I’m Vanessa and today We are doing the world’s stinkiest fish challenge Thank You Brooklyn and Bailey for tagging us in this challenge no really, thank you I’m so thankful. You know I watched their video, and they’re all like throwing up What do you what even is this okay? Well before we get into it make sure to subscribe to our channel and click the bell Notification to get notified when we do stuff yes, also, we have some exciting news for the entire month of October We are doing a Halloween series on our channel, so you guys can look forward to that We don’t know what it’s called yet, but you can look forward to it. Oh my god right so nervous. Let’s get to it I want to Tranquil translate this though. I mean because I’m nervous my stomach has butterflies in it right now I don’t want to do this when was the last time we did a gross food challenge a long time ago You know why that’s that I think oh my gosh my stomach says Ingestion approximately five to seven st. Hella humming ring 400 grant. Oh, it’s it’s ingredients fat salt Oscar straw me a tiny. I don’t know what is this mean okay? Wait, so we don’t know what it Don’t know what it says um I don’t think even like house like air in it because it’s like the food Okay, we’re gonna open it Wait, what is the challenge just to eat it. Oh? Yeah? We just have to take a bite of it I Have to breathe through my mouth Can’t do it I can’t smell it through my toes This smell is horrible weird guy exact Way through you’re about just don’t breathe through your nose you that just looks like raw I Don’t know it’s so friggin disgusting I can Move that is what shooting out liquid why? Yeah, but not this much What’s wrong with our kid? What did you buy? you you Have such a weak freaking stomach come on teamwork you Know that looks like food what is it like refried beans? We have to take a bite of this my nose is running so bad right now Could your freaking there I did, but just Let’s Just Like I think there’s like a but like a bone in there or something do either We just do a little bit, I’m not doing a lot Daddy dad we just got an even get it on our plate no, no, I don’t even want to eat a lot I read In the comments of Brooklyn and Bailey’s video that you’re not supposed to eat it like this You’re supposed to put it on bread and it tastes a lot better than that way or something like that That’s the way you’re supposed to eat it because some people do like this That’s it. We’re statue it. I can’t breathe if I breathe I throw-up. Let’s just let’s do this Let’s do a little did they do big pieces or did they do in why they made their little pieces -? Why do I get the gross bucket who was first Oh No rock paper scissors Oh Oh Cathy rock paper scissors, Oh No rock paper scissors oh Don’t what to throw up just kind of taste it do I have to eat the whole thing just Try to get it down huh, just told me to go go no go What happened What the heck wait wait why wasn’t it in that bad, it’s really really salty Weight is good I’m shook It’s just the smell of it, but it doesn’t taste awful, I taste just like really salty and It’s bubbling this smells nasty. All right you guys. I like I even like swish that stuff in my mouth. I was like Yeah, my mother wasn’t bad, I don’t get it I don’t get it either. This is confusing It smells like poo tastes like salt. My nose is forever damaged all right Okay, I think we conquered this child I think so too. I think we did good job EPSA Don’t you dare comment down in the comments below that we should have taken a bigger bite kiss you wouldn’t either wouldn’t either You would not either are you okay? Yeah? I’m fine. I know. I just want to smell it anymore That’s why I’m not breathing through my nose. Thank you once again, Brooklyn and Beaufort Thanks baby for tagging us We’re not tagging anybody because we don’t want people to suffer I don’t want to put anyone through this this is awful Hope you guys enjoyed this video. Let us know the comments below. What challenges you want to see us do death and Thanks for watching If you like this video give it a thumbs up Make sure to subscribe to our channel all of some all of our social medias We do live broadcasts every week, and we will see you guys next time bye You

100 comments on “Stinky Fish Challenge – Merrell Twins

  1. Like with every US youtuber this surströmming has gone bad. Do they do it for better video or doesnt they know better. If you eat that get ready to be sick

  2. I tried it too, u know it sucks…..
    So I was walking on the road and a group of people come to me with a bag and say "hey,we all live in a colony and decided to go and make people complete dares would you like to do 1 and I agreed,so I pulled out a paper and I had to eat a piece of the stinkiest food so they gave me tis fish. I puked 4 times in that day….. 😫😖

  3. I dont get them confused
    I just get the names confused sometimes xD

    Like u know how sometimes you call ur friend Steven and then remembet wait his name is Michael. Wtf brain?

    So I feel if I were all day with Vanessa Im gonna call her Veronica, only to realize I said the wrong name 2 seconds later, like 3 times by mistake

  4. Actor's! Trying to make money with the latest trend. Why don't you shoot yourself in the vagina like the Bell life! Be real.

  5. It translates to sur=sour strömming=Baltic herring. It's fermented fish and your eating it wrong. You eat it in thinbread with sourcream, potatoes, onions

  6. you girls did great I saw a video today with two modern day Vikings and only one didn't spit it out and gagged before and after he swallowed it.

  7. i know how difficult it is but u did this for the video so not even anything can say wrong about u love u merell twins

  8. Did you forget about the big bite Dominic Deangelis took out of the pizza challenge? Now tell me you wouldn't take a bigger bite?

  9. You guys should have ate more of it, i can say that because i'm from Sweden and i've tried it 😉

  10. Watching brooklyn and baileys video i felt so bad because Brooklyn was vommitting the whole time so when they tagged you both i felt sooo bad because i knew roni would gag SOOOOOOO much

  11. You guys are always funny and brighten up my day i cant believe you have some haters when you guys are so amazing

  12. For some reason Everytime I watch one of these videos I wanna throw up. I literally fell trow up in my throat

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