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Stomach Wrenching Magnet Fishing Find & You Have To See For Yourself!!

Stomach Wrenching Magnet Fishing Find & You Have To See For Yourself!!

oh dude there’s me tonight something dad
wrapped up in there Oh guys about the 36 heart pound pulled
magnet today I am sitting in a kayak I’ve never met a fishing kayak before so
stick around we’ll see how we do today something oh I got my first fine today
oh yeah look at that like a bully or something look at that my first fight of
the day about time I got some we’re in a kayak oh yeah oh yeah good fine right
there nice yeah that’s a nice knife – a little rusted and feel a little things
wrong with it but not bad fine so we found a few things so far not a whole
lot just keep on going it’s who we can’t find anything else oh yeah it’s good
it’s not the bolts they find these all the time
GLaDOS to the bucket alsa Oh bear pliers and I was actually just stuck right
there I was trying to move and I was pulling magnet up and actually found
something until they add that to the bucket so far being on the kayaks been
pretty good oh it’s good to crap out on me
look I just found a little piece of metal no nice piece of mallet you found
one two ha ha ha all right big day thinks you guys safe
over there take a look oh we actually found something too oh no
all right we’ll get that off later it’s a big day got let’s get the gravelly hook I just got
out of the kayak because it’s big Dave so there’s something big over here you
can’t get up so we’re gonna drop this diner so we can’t find anything got it
oh it’s going up snap we got it we got it
it’s coming it’s coming hold it there I’ll go around
Oh but how’d you catch that the hand right
there huh yeah you got him a little little water thing a water faucet watch
glad that to the bucket you always find a cool stop my big day just hooked on
something for graveling hook some type of bag what is that oh I’m gonna pull it
up that stinks dude God dies thanks Malik oh dude there’s me tonight I tell you that stock where isn’t Rasmus
is dead first blue bones well where that is wherever that is it
stinks I don’t know what is I’m gonna drag it put it off to the side there’s
no way I’ll take that with me there’s something dead wrapped up in there all
right guys take a look we found a date I didn’t – Poli which is pretty cool is
the very first thing I found today I found that in the kayak did fine is nice
trouble hook today did finest piece of metal I found right here I know for sure
what it is but as a solid piece of metal found a couple of fishing lures and some
bullets which is real cool always find these did find this cool knife today
which is real cool always find knives out here
it’s probably about the I don’t know how many knives I found out a lot so I found
this weird piece of metal not sure what that goes to found some nuts and bolts
there’s some bottle caps and like a something else oh now what that is all
really cool finds did find his pair of pliers they don’t work which is real
cool let’s take a look what Big Dave found here’s a big day found he did find
this piece of metal which is real cool another piece of metal old bullet shell
casing nice nut some type of metal bar he found notice how you found a co2
cartridges slew say he found some nuts and bolts also all really good finds a
bottle cap a piece of old can which is real cool did find this fishing lure
which is real cool maybe one day I will take our lures out and go look for them
and also found this lure which is real cool found a couple more hooks and he
also did find this thing right here – graveling hook I don’t know how he
pulled that up but he got lucky found that

100 comments on “Stomach Wrenching Magnet Fishing Find & You Have To See For Yourself!!

  1. Mikedog620 You're correct.There are several items off a Snapper Rear Engine Rider (RER). The pulley assembly mounts under where the driver sits. the piece of metal at 5:38 is cowling that crosses under the cylinder of the Briggs and Stratton single cylinder engine. The slightly thicker piece from 5:58 is a bracket that bolts onto the cylinder head, and various controls and the upper cowling/starter housing bolts to it. The piece at 6:04 is linkage from the gear shift to the clutch. The bolts at 6:10 are cylinder head bolts.

  2. That compound pulley is most likely from a Briggs and Stratton application on a MTD riding mower PTO and motivation drive the bent metal probably same source, that other bag looks more gut wretching, that must have been nasty as crap.

  3. Meat bag looked really stinky and creepy. My ADD brain goes to the movies and there’s body parts in there! 😂

  4. Someone wrapped something dead in a blanket and put in a garbage bag and tossed it into the river – you should have made sure that it was not a human child. Too many kids end up missing and are never found. Do be so callus over something dead hooked and dragged out of the river – investigate and call authorities.

  5. The pulley came off of a small riding lawn mower and that funny piece of metal came off of a Brigs type small 4 stroke engine possibly part of the same engine the pulley was for.

  6. holy cheddar dude yyou found some stuff man also congrats on 13k lol im hope to be there son i took your advice on tube buddy but im not sure im doing it right lol but man you got this bro keep it up

  7. The big piece of flat metal was vw beetle tinware, from bottom of engine, i think, not too bad condition.👍🤠

  8. Gotta love the guy that asks does anyone think this guy sounds like norm mcdoland if he read just 5 of the comments he would know that every 4th or 5th comment says something about norm mcdonald.and everyone of those comments in regard to mr mcd are posted by people that also think they are the center of the universe and dony need to read anyone else's comments or opinions because nobody else is as witty as they are with their norm m Donald comment. Now if it norm himself would post how the guy sounds like him and see how many people still post that he sounds like old mcdoland who had a show on Saturday nighteoh and on this show he had a magnet but what was dead he never let us know. So Im.mad mad here they're mad mad there here they're mad there there mad everyone is mad mad norm McDonald had a show and got fired for not letting us know.

  9. You know, I was going to leave a comment about how all this guy is finding in this video is junk and why he seems so exuberant to be finding a bunch of stuff only Oscar the Grouch would be excited about. But then I read through the comments and I’m pretty sure the sentiment has been hammered home, so there’s really no point for me to say it. Then it also occurred to me that sometimes, you never know what it is about a thing that excites a person. Maybe it’s the excitement and mystery of pulling something unknown from the depths and darkness of the water where it’s been for decades or maybe it’s just scrap metal and the idea that he’s cleaning up crap a bunch of morons have used to pollute the waterways. But I’ll be damned if I’m going to be the one to crush the spirit of a person who has found something in this often miserable world, a world full of so much pain and heartache, that excites them. Also, I’m not at all a fan of country music, but there’s a song I heard not too long ago that talks about how, in order to appreciate the beautiful diversity of human beings we have on the planet, we need all kinds of kinds…and well, this magnet fisherman is just one of those kinds. The guy isn’t stupid…he’s heard it all before. So, be nice and say something different.

  10. Okay, the dude in the Tan-ish Carhart style Jacket-is it just me, or does he sound JUST LIKE Norm McDonald (?) From Sat. Nite Live, or played 'Death' on "Family Guy"…..well, doesnt he…?!!?

  11. Can you please put the bag with the rotting flesh back kidz all think. " FLUFFY " went to cat camp

  12. you found the body and the murder weapon in the same spot and just shrugged it off like it was nothing…..

  13. When they finished they left to have some REAL excitement, watching cars rust…Piece of scrap sheet metal? Cool?

  14. What if you put a container on a few plastic jugs and tie that to your canoo as a water version of a trailer?

  15. Ever thought of taking that open knife to the police? My suspicion would have been it had been used as an assault weapon in a crime.

  16. Best thing I saw was the gorilla glue ad before the video began. Worst thing was there is an asshole that lives nearby that wraps kittens in bags and throws them in the river. Won't watch another video you post.

  17. Take a look at that! Would you take a look at that! Look at that! Thank a look at that! Just look at it!

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