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Stonehaven Fishing and Crabbing Trips

Stonehaven Fishing and Crabbing Trips

Hi guys, welcome back to my channel today we are going fishing and crabbing lets find out if will catch some fish and crabs guys do i throw it yeah not as many crabs it still quite a bit crab is there another eel no look there’s more crabby more crabbies more crabs to go in the big bucket full of crabs it go in the big bucket of big crabby Mya want it get him get him there’s a little fish I want to hold the fishy let me hold the fish give me the little fish I caught him so let me hold him dad no let me hold her can you get the little fish out can you can I throw it no Mya wants the fishy Mya wants the fishy we wants turn of holding it right fish will survive you will get your fishy in a minute get the fish let me hold put the fish in the bucket me I want to hold let Mya it first let Mya hold it ok Mya let me put it in the bucket no Marcus put it on the bucket so guys I caught the eel and lots of crabs Mya has caught four crabs on her one we waited a long time for my big net and I caught like almost all of these oh look there’s the eel, smells like fish where’s the fish and the fish yeah the eel there’s still the eel in there ay eel’s in there blimey blimey me eel eel’s just slithering everywhere it feels fluppy ok put this one back, will we yeah will put that one back ok Mama help, pull it up

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