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STOP LOSING FISH! Improved Clinch Knot Tutorial

STOP LOSING FISH! Improved Clinch Knot Tutorial

what’s up guys today I’m going to teach
you one of the most reliable knots that I know of and that’s the improved clinch knot it’s a really simple knot I’m going to show you how to do it really quickly
stay tuned so we just wrote a new PDF called “what knots to tie and when” and one of our favorite knots is in here the improved clinch knot I’m going to show
you how to tie it really quickly using actually– look, it’s the same lure that I
took a picture of and I’m going to use this I’m going to use this braided
yellow line so you can see it easier but certain knots work better with certain
rigs, certain lures this knot works for a lot I use this to tie up my regular
hooks I use it to tie my poppers this is my go-to knot so I want to show you as
clearly as possible because I’ve seen a lot of knot-tying
videos where it’s pretty unclear how they’re doing it so I wanted to try and
make it as clear as possible ready get the tag end, right? put it through okay? now hold both of these lines the tag end line and the main
line, okay? and now we’re gonna turn this six times, one, two, three, four, five, six. zoom in on that so you see that little loop right in there? right before all those twists? I know you see it now take this tag end this is– this is the difficult part because you want to keep these these loop– you want to keep these
twists as tight as possible so get this tag end while keeping tension on both
the lure and your– and the main line now put that through put that through that little hole… okay… ah! all right pull and then once you put
that through there you have formed a new loop right here you see this new loop
right here put it through that and then you’re gonna want to tighten the whole
thing but you don’t want to pull everything at one time kind of slowly
pull it notice how these these wraps how they come together you kind of want to
pull all three at the same time see that you see how it’s folding? there we go that’s an important step that a lot of people have not explained is the
tightening of the knot it should be tightening evenly if it doesn’t tighten
evenly you’ll be left with a lot of loops here and and it just doesn’t look
good and it’s not as strong this is a strong knot now there we go now I’m
gonna cut this tip off so then just cut the tag end off and this is an important step test the strength of your knot don’t just start fishing it because
sometimes you could have tied it wrong and the whole thing slips and you lose a
big fish it’s happened to me before trust me guys you want to test your
knots and there you go a quick easy knot it’s quick and easy to me because I have
tied this probably over a thousand times thousands of times an important thing
that you guys need to know is that this knot does not come overnight it’s
something that you need to continually practice something that you need to
practice even when you’re not fishing something you need to practice when
you’re sitting at home nothing else to do. just practice tying. the faster you can
tie the knots while you’re on on field fishing the better off you’ll be
this is just one knot of many knots that we explain there are a lot of different
kinds of knots that that I like to use but for specific things such as the
line to line tying your your main line to your your your leader line if you’re
using a braid or if you want to tie basically the reason why you would tie a
line to line knot is if you have braided line and you want to
have a thick leader line or if you even if you have thinner monofilament
fluorocarbon line and you want to tie a thicker leader line on it’s a really
nice thing to know how to tie a line to line anyways this is all available at we’ve got the “what knots to tie and when” and we also have
a brand new “best pier fishing lures and how to use them” so we are really making
an effort to try and teach people and share our knowledge with as many
beginner fishermen or anyone who wants to learn as possible by creating these
guides and creating products to help you guys to help you guys get on fish less
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