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Stop Losing Your Bait With This Fishing Knot! (Egg Loop Knot)

So, this is an Egg Loop Knot right here This will secure any kind of your soft baits just like this And it’ll secure it on the hook so fish can’t just tug it off This is an awesome way to keep your- your soft baits securely attached to your hook Alright guys, I’m gonna show you quickly how I tie the Egg Loop Knot This knot is pretty easy to do. I’m gonna do it on this colored line so that you can see exactly what I’m doing First, you wanna start out with about 4 feet of leader line Then, we’re gonna take our hook in our left hand our line in our right hand We’re gonna put the tail end through Just like that Pinch it just like that So that you can hold the line on the hook like that, right? Now what we’re gonna do is take this tage end right here Wrap it About 7 to 10 times 4…5…6…7…8…9…10! Meanwhile, you’re still holding this tag end all in place, right? You don’t want this stuff to go loose so keep- keep it tight keep it tight Now after this part, you’re gonna wanna take this tag end right here and put it through the opposite way just like that and you wanna do it just a little bit Just like that Right? Now, we’re gonna take this end and and hold it down on the- the hook as well Just like this Hold it down Now, this is the last step and one of the hardest steps to get correct because you need to hold everything tight but you’re gonna take this line right here This line and wrap it 7 to 10 times as well 2…3…4…5…6…7…8…9…10! Ok. Now… tightening it That’s gonna be the trickiest part because you want everything to stay tight So, I start pulling while pinching at the same time Nice and slow, there’s no- you don’t need to do it really fast. There’s no point Nice and easy There we go. You see that? Look at that look at that Look at how they stack perfectly like that right That’s your egg loop knot Because look what you got right here That’s where you’re gonna put any of your soft baits in here and it stays on when you have it on your hook like that so whenever the fish inhales your soft bait it’ll inhale the whole hook, too This way, you can put bait on the hook and in the loop as well That’s the egg loop in a nutshell Now let’s see how this works on the field What’s up, guys? We’re here in Southern MD using fresh peeler crabs for bait And I’ve heard that these are really really good bait for striped bass for white perch for pretty much everything in this area so let’s- let’s dig in. Let’s see how to use these We’re here today with our fr- our our friend Hook Junky, Andres Um He has been catching a lot of fish in this location and uh, he wanted to bring us along and show us you know, show us how to do it at least they’re peelers, you know? [Andres:] *grunting* [Brendon:] It could’ve been worse *laughing* [Andres:] It sure hurts though [Brendon:] This loop is special because you can put your bait right in here like this and then cinch it down And that’ll hold your bait even better and we’re using this fresh peeler crab and it’s like- it’s like candy for the stripers you just gotta get it in the right spot that’s the trick I’m on one [Andres:] Nice, Brendon [Brendon:] Nice! [Andres:] On one? [Brendon:] Yea! [Andres’ Dad:] That’s like 17 inches [Brendon:] You think so? [Andres’ Dad:] Yea [Brendon:] 18 17… 17 too small Man, they love the crab like you said, man Wanna try? Very difficult Very difficult to hit that spot ’cause you have a- maybe like a 30-40 second window before you have to bring it in or you lose everything How are we supposed to land something that’s- thir- what if we hit a 30!? How are we supposed to bring that in? [Andres:] We’ll make it happen [Brendon:] I wonder if casting just straight out from here but they like that I got a bit It’s just so hard ’cause there’s so many pillars right in front of me This is pretty difficult fishing here It’s difficult, but they’re all there OOOHHH I’m on! [Andres:] You’re on? [Brendon:] Yea [Andres:] I told you bro, I told you. That’s why I like this space [Brendon:] Hook Junky putting us on fish There we go And this- this egg not loop is working pretty well, too Look, it’s still keeping it on [Andres:] It’s that fresh bait, man [Brendon:] Yea [Andres:] Another Baby Stripe and that was on the arm [Brendon:] On just the arm? [Andres:] Yea! [Brendon:] My first snag and I got it out [Erin:] Nice! [Brendon:] Perch? or a little tiny stripe Oh, is that a nice perch? Aaawww it’s a tiny stripe You see in between those? [Stranger:] Yea [Brendon:] If you can get it somewhere in there without getting it all snagged up you have a high chance of hitting a fish Look at that bend! Bring ’em in! [Andres:] Dude, what if that’s something else and not a ray? [Brendon:] I know! What it was like a striped bass. Oh my god! Watch it be like a black drum You’re on? Aw, nice! You got 2 hook-ups at the same time Oh, that’s a big ray Nice, that looks like- that looks like almost *indistinguishable* It’s an 18 Skate! Big skate. Big skate Oh, and nice one for you what do you think that is? [Andres:] Probably about a… 17? [Brendon:] Wow! Woah! It’s runnin’ that drag [Andres:] Half an inch [Brendon:] Half an inch short? Oh my gosh! OOoohhh my god! Oh my god Woah! Look at him flying- he’s flying! Woah! Woah! Careful! Yea, I see that barb Alright, I gotta get fishing. I gotta get fishing C’mon That’s a fat schoolie Yea! I wonder what size Let’s give it a measure Probably 16 16! 16 This is why you wanna wear a glove when you’re casting ’cause I’ve casted so much at this point now I’ve just cut right into my skin and it’s just getting worse every time I- I cast I wanna give a big “Thank You” to Hook Junky It you guys don’t know who that is, check him out on Facebook He goes fishing pretty much every single weekend He really put us on some fish this week. Follow Hook Junky This is Andres. Look he just got on- he’s on a fish right now [Andres:] And don’t forget to pick up your trash [Brendon:] Don’t forget to pick up your trash. I agree with that Usually what we like to do is bring a trash bag to everyone one of our spots so that when we leave we can put not only our own trash but some of the other trash that we see around the area Something that I really hate seeing happening is a really really awesome fishing spot being shut down to the public because we can’t take care of our spot We leave trash everywhere and people get mad and they shut it down so no one can fish anymore These are the kinds of people that ruin the fun for everyone Don’t be one of those kinds of people Thank you guys for watching We had an awesome time going out fishing with Hook Junky here and the secret trick here the trick is you need the right bait I don’t think I could’ve hit ’em nearly as many with my lures that I chose uh, simply because The water’s moving so fast and there’s so many obstacles here you need something to just stay in one spot and they seem to absolutely love the peeler crabs They can’t get enough of it- every species here loves the peeler crab um We hit some big jumbo perch on it, we hit some nice size stripers, we got a- I think we pulled up a ray, too I mean it was it was a good day It was a good day That loop knot- the Egg Loop Knot I’ve never tried before- before today and uh, it actually worked pretty dran well I didn’t anticipate it working this well It actually holds the bait I think better than the actual hook going through um, it’s like- it’s like almost tied around the shank of the hook rather than being on the actual hook so when the fish inhales the whole thing it’s just a I feel like it- it stays on better I hope this was helpful to anyone who’s trying to catch striped bass or anyone who’s fishing in the Bay Area or just anyone who’s tryin’ to learn how to fish Here at Hey Skipper our job is to help as many people get on fish We’re trying to inspire people to get outside We’re trying to raise a responsible generation of fishermen And if you need anymore help We have a lot of tutorials and e-books and help books on our website Check those out if you wanna help support our channel We also got the brand new hats if you’re interested in trying them on. They’re pretty sturdy They feel great. Really good quality Every penny that- that we get helps by going right back into our channel to teach you guys more We travel with this. We- we go out and make more videos and teach you guys more and more stuff So if you want to support our channel, those are great ways to help I’ll see you next week!

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