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today we’re in Italy and we’re on the island of Sicily and we’re here to eat
we can’t wait to show you some of the best local food this island has to offer Sicilian food is a mishmash of cultures and some of the most unique in Italy
this is our second video from Palermo and we’re here to hunt down Sicily’s
most famous food watch out for street food classics, recipes that speak to
Palermo’s past and traditional Sicilian food in this three-part series we’ll show
you some of Palermo’s best food from local restaurants that are off the
beaten path to food you’ll find nowhere else you don’t want to miss this series
get ready for some mouth-watering food I’m Thomas and I’m Sheena and we’re
Chasing a Plate we hope you’re hungry let’s eat! we’re in Palermo the capital city of
Sicily and this city has a thriving street food culture so that’s what this
video is going to be all about we’re gonna be zipping all around town to
show you the best local street food eats Sicilians love their offal and this first
street food is the ultimate example of nose-to-tail eating it’s called pani ca meusa
and it is a chopped spleen and lung sandwich this is a real heritage place it’s
been around since 1943 and they’re super famous for this sandwich so they’ve got
two stations making the same sandwich and they’re churning now them out there’s lots of
people coming in grabbing one to eat out on the street so this is a true Sicilian
street food well actually it’s a Palermo street food you’ll only find this here
in Palermo this is a super unique street food I’ve
never seen a sandwich like this so you’ve just got a white bun some sesame
seeds on top and absolutely packed with veal spleen and veal lungs and the
the spleen and the lungs are cooked just very simply I think just boiled probably
and then once they’ve done that they’ve done that whole then they get chopped up
into little bits and in the shop there when you order all of those pieces of
offal are being cooked in lard in pork lard and so they’re just dipping them in
that beautiful glossy lard it’s covering them and so it’s a hot sandwich
and then once he’s taken them out of that lard just squirted a little bit of
lemon on there, sprinkle of salt so very very simple that is a beautiful flavour so the first thing
that really stands out is the texture of that spleen actually it’s quite squishy
it’s a bit like eating liver it’s not offal-y at all it doesn’t have an iron-y
taste it’s got a beautiful taste from that pork lard
and then the lemon actually really comes through has a nice kick of lemon juice whoa that is really good it’s a punch of flavour and
you can really taste the difference between the lung and the spleen the
spleen has a much more offal-y taste than the lung I find lung to be quite a clean
tasting, a very mild offal whereas the spleen is a bit heavier so they balance each
other out really well and the lemon all over the top works a treat now you
can get this with cheese just a little bit sprinkled on top but we want to do
it properly just have plain the traditional way and I can see that cheese
might add a little bit but I think it would take away actually because the the
taste of the offal is incredible it’s really good and it’s quite funny
here this is the store just behind me so it’s a tiny little shop all the locals
are kind of using it like a drive-through so they’re just pulling up
along the curb here they run out of their cars grab a sandwich jump back
into their car eat it on the run that is a really good really unique sandwich I love that Palermo has such a strong
street food culture and what’s also really neat here is it’s a very small
place so you can walk everywhere we approaching our next stop at the friggitoria
which is a fried food stand and we’re here to eat a couple of Paermo’s
most classic street foods we’re here to eat panella which are chickpea
fritters and crocchè which are potato croquettes and they’re making them right
there in front of us there’s this huge wok of oil and they’re frying them up they look
so golden and crispy How set am I? So I’ve got a beer in one
hand and my sandwich in the other so this is what we’ve come here to eat we
have got a sandwich or a roll stuffed full with crocchè which are the potato
croquette so mashed potato there’s a bit of mint in there and they’ve just been
deep-fried and then the panella which is hiding
underneath so that’s those slices of chickpea fritters which have got parsley
inside so made with chickpea flour and also just deep fried alright let’s give
this thing a taste oh that is really good so it’s very very
creamy the croquettes, the potato croquettes are very crunchy so the mashed potato
which has hit that oil has formed this beautiful golden crispy crunch and the
mashed potato is super smooth the chickpea fritters are very light so you think
that they might be quite dense but the flour is very finely milled and then it’s
just very crispy on the outside really soft on the inside the roll is super soft panella is really popular in Palermo it’s
a Palermo street food and the chickpeas came to Sicily with the Arabs
in the 10th and 11th century so Sicily has got a really distinctive cuisine Palermo is
often regarded as the world’s most conquered city so the Greeks the Spaniards
the Normans the Phoenicians of North Africa the Arabs they’ve all been
here and they’ve all left their mark on the cuisine and that’s where the
chickpea comes in, it’s really good beer is the perfect accompaniment to
this sandwich what I love about it is it’s really perfectly seasoned so you
think chickpea fritter, it sounds a little bit bland but it’s not at all
it’s got a real savoury salty hit and that beer is going down very well
in this heat too our aim with this channel is to always
show you the most traditional the most local the places that are doing it right
the next stop’s for gelato and we got chatting with some guys at that last stop
some locals from Palermo and they said that this place is top of the list for
gelato here in Palermo and there’s a key reason for that so this particular shop
right behind me uses natural ingredients everything is real so real fruit not
powdered milk that sort of thing and it is quite hard to find here in Italy I
mean you see a gelato shop on every corner but a lot of them use powders and
packets and they taste very chemically so you’ve really got to find the places
that do it right and apparently this place is doing it super right really
natural so let’s get some gelato holy moly check out my gelato so it’s
very common here in Palermo to get your gelato in a brioche so I got two flavours
I got salted pistachio and also extra dark chocolate and there is a ton of
gelato in here and it’s rapidly melting so I’m just gonna get a huge
bite of that extra dark oh my goodness it is beautiful the texture of the gelato is very
creamy the chocolate is so intense slightly bitter and not very sweet let’s get into
this salted pistachio now I love pistachio gelato so that’s why I chose
this flavour but also because Sicily grows pistachios they grow on the
eastern side of the island by Mount Etna the volcano oh my goodness it is good it’s just
got a hint of salt there’s chunks or actual pistachio nuts in the gelato
so they’re really crunchy there’s just a beautiful earthy flavour and like Thomas was
saying the gelato doesn’t have that chemical
aftertaste you can really taste the quality ohhh this is good let’s just get a bite of this brioche the brioche is quite sturdy the bun is
quite dense but I suppose that’s because if it was too soft it would just sort
of disintegrate and so it’s a really great vessel for the gelato ohhh and
you get so much of it heaven we’re on the hunt for our next street food it’s called sfincione it’s sort of Sicily’s pizza I suppose and we’re told that
the most authentic version is sold from the back of a tuk-tuk so it’s a mobile
street food so we’re literally walking the streets of Palermo trying to find
these mobile vendors who are selling sfincione, fingers crossed we find
one the hunt was a total failure a total bust
so we didn’t find any of the roaming sfincione vendors we wandered the
streets of Palermo for ages but didn’t come across any so next best thing
we jumped on a local bus and we’ve come to a bakery that’s really famous
for its sfincione the bakery is so busy locals are
pouring in grabbing their lunch we had to wait a few minutes for this sfincione
it came fresh out of the oven and how good does it look so I know that before
I referred to it as sort of like a Sicilian pizza but in reality it’s
really nothing like a pizza it’s got a dough and then you’ve got this topping on top which is really unique because it soaks itself into
the dough as it’s baking so the name sfincione translates to or comes
from the Latin and Greek words for sponge so you’ve got this really spongy
base and then a topping or a sauce which is made up of tomatoes, there’s oregano,
breadcrumbs anchovies and then also caciocavallo cheese which is like a stretchy curd cheese but enough talking
this is smelling way too good not to get in all right I’m gonna get this end
bit here oh my goodness that is so so delicious alright so you’ve
got this base which is light as air it really is sort of spongy in texture
really light and that toppping is full of flavour the tomatoes are so juicy and
sweet it’s sensational you get a really strong
hit of oregano from that dried oregano on the top and the breadcrumbs are a little bit crunchy
there’s onions cooked into that sauce as well so they’re very sweet I cannot get
over how good this sfincione is the cheese so that’s the like brown-y yellowy
stuff on top the cheese the caciocavallo it is very very subtle but it’s
almost crunchy like it’s crisped up in the oven the tomato flavour is just insane Palermo’s street scene is brilliant now we’re gonna have a very Sicilian
street food it’s some intestines grilled up on a barbecue I can see them just up
here behind the camera and the smell is unreal so this is going back to kind
of like the start of the video doing the whole nose to tail thing like we talked
about here in Sicily they love eating nose to tail that delicious meat sizzling on the
grill is stigghiola so the lamb intestines the smell is just sensational we can’t wait to get in we have emerged from the smoke with the
most beautiful looking plate of stigghiola so these are lambs intestines now
intestines is an offal that I absolutely love and the reason I love it is because
it crisps up on the outside gets some beautiful charred bits and these are super
charred from being on the barbecue so they’re just sitting on some really hot
coals but the inside is often really creamy and stays nice and runny let’s
see if that’s the case here there’s so much flavour in that hmm the outside has
that beautiful charredness on it tiny bit of crunch from that and a little bit
of caramelization and then the inside is completely creamy really really creamy
and it had just a little bit of salt and some lemon put on it after it came off
the grill and was cut up so it’s very simply seasoned oh that is delicious
let’s get a whole lot more look at all that nice char on the outside and you
can see that crazy creaminess in there Ohhhhhh it bursts in your mouth you bite in and
the outside is that little bit more solid and the cream just pops out the
side so it sorta just coats your mouth beautiful flavour it’s got a real nice
meaty flavour it really does taste like lamb but that beautiful texture
difference between the outside and the inside we decided that these would probably go
perfectly with a nice cold beer I think that was a good decision drinking food
that goes perfectly with the taste of the super refreshing cold beer I’m loving it

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