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Fish Food, Fish Tanks, and More
Street Food in Oaxaca – CHEESE CORN CHAMPION and Mexican Meat Alley Tour in Mexico!

Street Food in Oaxaca – CHEESE CORN CHAMPION and Mexican Meat Alley Tour in Mexico!

(lively salsa music) – This is the definition of a meat sauna. This is an ultimate fiesta in here. It’s just a party in the
middle of the morning, a meat party. All the action, the energy in here. The meat love is out of control. (lively salsa music) Good morning, I hope you’re
having an amazing day. It’s Mark Wiens. I am in Oaxaca City and Oaxaca is known for having some of the best, one of the ultimate food
cultures in all of Mexico, so I’m thrilled to be here. We’re gonna walk around today, we’re gonna go visit some local markets. We’re gonna eat some amazing Oaxacan food, we’re gonna visit some attractions. We have one full day in Oaxaca City. We’re gonna make the most of it and I’m gonna share it all with you in this video right now. (speaking foreign language) A cup of hot chocolate, mixes
it up twirling that stick. Oh man, this is a frothy, bubbly cup of fresh hot chocolate, Oaxacan-style. Oh, wow. (speaking foreign language) We decided to try a Tamal de Mole, and it’s steamed in a corn husk. There’s the masa and then you
can see the Mole underneath. Okay, let’s try this. Oh, oh it’s so hot! I love how that’s just stuffed, it’s just packed, it’s
just oozing with Mole. And you can taste the
dried chilies in there. You can taste a little
bit of a chocolatey flavor and then it’s all wrapped
up within that corn meal. I need a sip of hot chocolate after that. Oh, we are off to an amazing start. That was just my first bite and my first beverage
of the day in Oaxaca, and it was fantastic. Oh, and that’s making me excited. We need the bunny hat. (people chattering) Oh that hits the spot in the morning. That’s wonderful. – Mark, Micah wants this hat. – Micah. (upbeat music) It’s 8:00 a.m. right now and we’re starting off this morning at Mercado Abastos, which is the biggest, it’s the largest market in Oaxaca City. It’s absolutely gigantic. You can find everything
here from fresh vegetables and seafood, oh, lots and
lots of seafood, to fruit. Anything, (speaking foreign language). Also, we’re gonna also find
a lot of pre-cooked food here that we’re gonna eat for breakfast. If you need a new pair of underwear, if you need a pet, if you
need fruits and vegetables, this is the market to come to. Oh, we’re coming to the
food section right now. (speaking foreign language) (lively salsa music) Some of the stalls are still opening because I think they open
around eight or nine, this whole entire market, but this stall back here
is just absolutely packed. It’s called Comedor Lupita. I’m not even totally
sure what they serve yet, but there are a lot of people here. You know it’s gonna be delicious, so we’re gonna stop here
to eat whatever they serve. (speaking foreign language) Shrimp soup or fish soup? Shrimp soup or fish soup? (people chattering) They put a ball of masa in the, what is that called, a flattener, and then they flatten it into a tortilla and then the tortillas go onto the comal, which is a hot stone, and
then they just bubble up. So we got fresh tortillas here, we got the Caldo de
Pescado, which is with fish, a fish soup, and then Caldo de Camaron, which is the shrimp soup. For the Caldo de Pescado,
it comes with a whole fish, just overflowing over the bowl. I’m just gonna taste that broth first, before I add some seasoning. (people chattering) Mm, it’s a little bit tomato-y. You can taste some herb in there. And you do taste the
full effect of the fish, that’s a little bit fishy. I’m gonna squeeze in some lime. (people chattering) And they also have some onion
and peppers and cilantro, which is all communal, which
you can add to your soup. I’m gonna add a bunch of onions
and peppers and cilantro. Oh yeah, this is gonna be amazing. And then also some cilantro. (dishes clattering) Okay, and then for this bite,
I gotta go into the fish. Oh yeah, I’m not sure
what type of fish this is, but it’s a whole fish in here. Look at all that meat on the side. Oh wow, that’s hot. (people chattering) Mm, oh the fish is awesome! Mm, it’s really like silky in texture. Actually the broth tastes
a little bit seafood-y, but the fish is very
like pure, very clean, not fishy tasting at all. I can’t wait to try one
of these fresh tortillas, and I think the easiest thing
to do, is to just roll it up and you kinda eat it
like bread on the side. (people chattering) Mm, mm-hmm, the tortilla’s a
little bit on the drier side. You can taste the fresh corn. Actually it only tastes like pure corn, maybe just with water in it. It’s good, it doesn’t taste
like oily whatsoever at all. Okay, one more addition to the soup that I didn’t know they even
had on the table is this salsa. I gotta add some. (dishes clattering) (people chattering) – [Man] This is what made
you want to come, right? – Yeah, this market? No, I had no clue where to come here. We were just gonna walk around
and see whatever looks busy. (speaking foreign language) Oh, oh that salsa is nice. A little bit sour, and
green chilies, which are, I think they’re roasted. You can taste a smoky flavor to them. Mm, this is a very soothing, very warming dish to eat in the morning. I’m loving it. Next I’m moving over for the
Camaron, which is the shrimp. Squeeze in a little more lime. Okay, take a look at this. This is the same soup base, but full of big shrimp with
the head on, full shrimp. So, I’ll actually just take
this guy with my fingers, pluck off that head. (lively salsa music) Yeah, that’s a good fresh shrimp, then we follow with some of the soup. Mm, yeah, this is a wonderful dish. Taste that with a tortilla. Both of the soups are excellent, just depending if you want,
and they taste the same, it just depends if you want
shrimp or if you want fish. I like them both. Probably I like the fish better, it’s a little more meaty. Mm, mm, (speaking foreign language). – [Woman] Ha, ha, ha. Ha, ha, ha. – One more thing that I
had to try is their coffee, because of how they serve it. They serve it with a spoon,
they serve it in a clay cup. You can smell the coffee in there and then you can also really
smell chocolate in there. It’s okay to pick this up, right? (lively salsa music) – [Woman] Oh. – Ah! It’s very light. It’s not like a strong coffee, it’s a very, very light coffee, almost like you’re just drinking water, hot water with a little
bit of coffee flavor and then a little bit
of a chocolate flavor, but I mean, you can’t think
of it like an espresso, or like a strong coffee. And what’s also cool is that
you can see your reflection in this bowl of coffee. If you look down you could
use it like a mirror. Can you see my face down there? This is a massive clay cup of coffee. I’m gonna be peeing like
crazy in about an hour. This was a great place. They’re really friendly, very popular local place for breakfast, and yeah, that just hit the spot. It’s, you know, it’s like
very warm and soothing, it’s comforting. That’s what you need in the morning. (people chattering) (lively salsa music) Okay, and I am loving the produce here. There are so many different
types of chilies, lots of fruit. The passion fruit is gorgeous. There are mangoes. There are berries. There’s a lot of
interesting and unique herbs and vegetables here, and especially things that look like they’re kind
of wild-foraged vegetables. Yeah, this is a great market. (people chattering) (upbeat music) One of the things that
I notice just walking around the market, especially the vegetable
and fruit section, is that they have a lot
of both tropical fruits and vegetables, as well
as more like dried, arid-climate fruits and vegetables. So it’s a huge mix of such a diversity of fruits and vegetables,
and that’s why, I mean, that’s part of what makes
Oaxacan cuisine so diverse. (upbeat music) This is my kind of a market. There’s an entire lane that’s just garlic. There’s so much garlic. There’s just an abundance
of everything actually in this market. (speaking foreign language) We’re just completely
lost within this network, within this labyrinth of a market, but we could see the smoke
pouring out of this stall, and we knew it was a
place we needed to stop for our next thing to eat. (people chattering) (tortillas sizzling) She works so fast but you can
tell she loves what she does. I can’t wait. I can’t wait to try it. And those salsas just look insane, in huge mortars, stone mortars. (speaking foreign language) (people chattering) (speaking foreign language) In order to make our
Memelas, what she does is, she first pounds the
masa, she pounds the masa, then it grills over the hot metal plate, which is sitting over charcoal. And we got the one with meat, so she takes a really thin strip of meat, she puts it into a little grill. She sticks it underneath the hot plate, which is where the coals are burning. So that roasts until it looks
like charred, fully charred then she adds on something called asiento, which is, she explained
to us, is sort of like, I think it’s a lard, a pork lard. Spreads that on, then she
adds some of the salsa from this giant salsa
stone bowl, stone mortar. And then after that, she
sprinkles on some queso, which is cheese and then finally we got that piece of meat all on top. It’s so hot, it’s so fresh. Okay Carlos, you ready? – [Carlos] Ready, let’s do it. – Yeah, these are so juicy, they’re just dripping with salsa. (upbeat music) Oh. Mm, oh that is insane. Carlos. – Mm-hmm. (speaking foreign language) – Mm, good. – It’s so good. You can really taste that salsa in there, which is like very smoky,
a little bit spicy. (speaking foreign language) That’s just outstanding. Definitely my favorite part of that entire Memela is that salsa. The complexity of flavor in
that salsa will blow your mind. (people chattering) Whoa, I’m so happy right now. Wow, that was absolutely phenomenal. So flavorful, I absolutely loved it, and she’s so friendly, she’s
so nice, she’s so caring. Oh man, what a wonderful lady. I have no idea how I can
explain where this stall is. It’s somewhere within
the thick of the market. You just gotta walk around but you will find little gems
like that without a doubt. What a market. This is a place you have to visit when you’re in Oaxaca City. This is the type of market I
could literally just hang out for the entire day, just
explore, walk around, see new things, and eat! But we have a lot more to do today, so we gotta move on and we’re gonna head to the center of the city now. (car horns honking) The weather is actually perfect today, and it’s actually not that far to El Zocalo, which is the (speaking foreign language), so we’re just walking over there, and we’re about to reach the old town. (tapping) (people chattering) (speaking foreign language) (tapping) We cannot make it very far in Oaxaca without finding more food. The food here is so good! So she has this giant pot of slow-bubbling pork and
pig parts, which is Carnitas and then they’re just
braising in their juices. Right as we were walking past, she pulled out the bubbling heart, and Carlos and I decided that we needed to have a quick taco
before we continue on. We cannot make it far! She chopped up the heart then
she added it into the tortilla and then she added some
guacamole, some cilantro, and maybe a little bit of salsa. Or maybe that’s some green salsa as well. (people chattering) Oh man. Mm, oh that’s delicious. Heart is so tender. It’s not even iron-y at all, and then that guacamole in there. There’s a little bit of salsa and the cilantro comes in nicely. Oh man! That heart is so tender,
it’s not even like, you know heart can sometimes
be a little crumbly and dry? That is so moist. (speaking foreign language) Wow, that was superb. It’s so (chuckling), that was one of those
impulse food purchases that there was just absolutely
no way we were gonna pass by on the sidewalk without tasting that. We had to. Okay, we’re on our way to El Zocalo now. Oh, there’s just so much food. Okay, we can’t stop, we can’t stop, we gotta keep on moving. But I want to so, I wanna stop so badly. (laughing) There’s so much good food, it’s endless. (upbeat music) (people yelling) We’re almost to the
center but we came into a, it’s a huge protest. Many of them are doctors and nurses. I think protesting some
kind of a health issue, but we’re gonna just
kinda walk along with them to the center there and then visit the main
plaza of Oaxaca City. (people yelling) It looks like the entire
city of Oaxaca has gathered in the center there and it’s
so busy that we don’t even, I think we’re gonna avoid it right now. Maybe we’ll have a chance
to come back later today, but instead we’re gonna go eat some more at another market which is a
very, very well-known market, especially for their grilled meat. This is the place I was looking forward, have been looking forward
to coming for years! (upbeat music) Welcome to Mercado 20 de Noviembre, which is also known as the
Grilled Meat Alley of Oaxaca. There’s so much meat here! You choose your meat, they
grill it for you fresh. Oh, this is the place for
meat lovers, that’s for sure. (lively salsa music) (speaking foreign language) (lively salsa videos) (speaking foreign language) (lively salsa music) (speaking foreign language) – Enchilada. – [Mark] Enchilada, ah. (lively salsa music) There’s about 40 or 50
or maybe more stalls, all with an assortment of different meat and I think they all pretty
much have the same things. There’s beefsteak, there’s pork steak, there’s longanisa, the sausages, there are some other things. Finally, you just gotta
choose one of the stalls. We went with a very friendly lady. She offered us the whole mixed plate, so we got the mixed plate. What they do is they weigh
it all out, and I loved, my favorite part of the entire process was how she takes the meat and she
just kinda lightly tosses it onto the grill, chucks it onto the grill. It lands perfectly onto the grill, then they grill everything
up in a cloud of smoke over just flaming hot charcoal. This entire alley is a meat paradise. This is the definition of a meat sauna. (people chattering) (speaking foreign language) Yes, yes, (speaking foreign language). (meat sizzling) (people chattering) (speaking foreign language) We’re taking our tray
of meat down the alley. Oh man, it’s just filled with
meat smoke all over the place. And we’re going to the
vegetable section I think. It’s a little confusing and
hectic in here and I love it! (people chattering) We got a table at the
back of the market now, and they serve you just the entire tray. It’s an entire basket of
meat with the tortillas. Oh, we got some salsas to go with it and we got some red paper to eat off. The meat aromas within
this hall will just, your mouth will
immediately start to water. Okay, I’m gonna try a
piece of that beef first. (lively salsa music) Oh wow. Oh that’s insane. Oh, it’s salty. It’s tender but you feel
the texture of the meat, the stringiness of that meat. You can taste how it’s been grilled over such a hot charcoal fire. It has such a smokiness to it. And with that saltiness, that produces such an
incredible meat tsunami. (lively salsa music) Wow. That’s absolutely stunning. I love those roasted
vegetables to go with the meat. (people chattering) Oh, I love the roasted peppers, too. This is an ultimate fiesta in here. It’s just a party in the
middle of the morning, a meat party. All the action, the energy in here. The meat love is out of control. Okay, next up this is a marinated pork that she said it’s in a chili marinade. (lively salsa music) I love that marinade. It’s a little bit on the
dry-ish, like roasted side. You can taste the dried chilies in there. You can taste it’s already
sour, maybe from lime juice. (lively salsa music) Next up, I’m gonna try the longanisa, which is the sausage that she grilled. When she was grilling that, you could just see the flames shooting up because of all that juicy
fattiness coming out as it was grilling. Okay, I’m gonna put the longanisa into a little piece of tortilla, add some of that salsa, it’s
like a Pico de Gallo salsa with tomatoes and chilies and onions. (people chattering) Wow. Mm-hmm, it’s just meat
after meat of deliciousness. (lively salsa music) That sausage is so smoky. (people chattering) Those onions are so sweet. – [Carlos] That’s like a bar. (laughing) Mark, there’s one more left on there. (laughing) (speaking foreign language) – Oh wow, oh that’s delicious. That’s so smoky. It’s a little bit chewy, but that releases so much juicy flavor. Yeah, I love intestines,
intestines are awesome. (people chattering) We are now walking out into, oh, the market sort of
opens up once you get out of Meat Alley, and they
have a lot more food. Oh, this place is amazing! There’s still so much amazing
food to eat at the market, but we’re getting kind of full,
so we’re gonna take a break. We’re gonna walk around, we’re gonna go back to the main plaza and to a couple of churches
and then after that, hopefully we’ll eat some more. We’ve only been walking
around for half the day so far and already this Mexican
food tour of Oaxaca, the city has been outstanding. I love this city, people are friendly, the food is incredible, the culture. It’s such a food-based culture. (upbeat music) (Micah blows raspberry) – [Woman] Micah (chuckling). – We walked back over to El Zocalo which is the main public
square plaza of Oaxaca City and today, yeah, it’s still
bustling from the protest, but things have quieted down a little bit. People are wandering off but even if there’s not a protest here, it’s still a bustling
public space in Oaxaca. It’s just an overall very pleasant area. (upbeat music) We’re walking up the walking
street towards the mountains. You can see all the
mountains in the background and we are walking towards Santo Domingo. (upbeat music) This entire Plaza Santo Domingo, it’s an incredibly
beautiful part of Oaxaca. You can come here just to relax, sit on the walls of the plaza. The church, the architecture is gorgeous. It’s calm, they have the
whole Oaxaca sign here. You can take your photos. But it’s a beautiful place. This is a great place to spend some time, when you are full after
eating a lot of food, and take a little break
before your next meal, when you’re in Oaxaca. We’re walking out of old town and we’re on our way to go eat at, it’s a restaurant that serves
a very famous Oaxacan dish. Okay, you’ll see what it is. (car motor humming) This is the spot and I
think they just opened. (speaking foreign language) Oh yeah, it’s really quiet right now, but I think it will really
get packed in tonight, but we’re gonna have other plans tonight, so we’re here as soon as they
open, which I’m okay with. (upbeat music) Tlayudas are one of the
ultimate snack foods in Oaxaca. Put on a thin layer of
beans, and then after that, she adds on some cabbage and then, the famous Oaxacan cheese, which is like a mozzarella string cheese, and she really strips it into thin strips but puts a lot of cheese on the inside. Then it goes over the hot
coals and so it grills. But you can smell like that very fast, kinda almost burning aroma to it, but they keep flipping it
so that it doesn’t burn, but that cheese starts to
melt and all mingle together. And then you can order it with your variety of different meats, which then they also grill
over the really hot fire. And then they put it
all together on a plate. So we got some fresh
tlayudas to try right now. (upbeat music) I think they’re all the same on the inside but then they just come with
different meats on the top. This one is the marinated pork. But yeah, you can see
these are pretty huge and they’re folded up. It comes with some garnishes. There are some salsas and some
onions on the side as well. That’s pretty heavy! You can really smell the burnt,
like roasted flavor of this ’cause they keep it on such a hot fire but they just keep flipping it. We gotta take a look inside. Oh yeah. Look at all of that. Oh, there’s so much cheese! That’s like a giant mouth
opening full of cheese. (upbeat music) That cheese is so elastic-y, and then, it does have an amazing like
roasted, fire aroma to it. You can taste the
crunchy cabbage in there. The beans sort of give
it some creamy richness, and then, yeah, that’s just delicious. Okay, and let me add on some of the salsas and a squeeze of lime, and
also you gotta have some of those onions on here, with some, they kinda look like pickled onions. Okay, let me pick this
whole thing up again. – [Man] Getting heavy. – [Woman] Yeah. – Mm, oh, mm-hmm. Oh, that really enhances it. The guacamole, the squeeze of lime to make it sour, the onions. I think that’s the touch it needed for me, because it was lacking that
like sour, acidic touch to it. Some of this garnish. I don’t know what this is. Mm, slightly onion-y but without the, like a grassy-tasting onion. I think this is the same meat that we just ate an entire platter of. Oh, yes it is. We got three different types, but really they’re all exactly the same. The only thing that’s different
is the topping of meat. So it kinda doesn’t really
matter which version you get. I like how the cheese, I mean, the cheese is not too salty. They use a lot of cheese, so you think it’s gonna be
really rich and really salty, but actually the cheese is kinda light. Not too salty, it has a nice
rubbery elasticity to it. (people chattering) From here, we’re gonna jump in a taxi. It’s a little ride away. We’re gonna go to a
place called Monte Alban. (upbeat music) (child vocalizing) There it is. This site, Monte Alban, is
on the 20 pesos Mexican note. It’s at the top of the mountain. It overlooks the valley and
you can see all of Oaxaca. It was a pretty nice drive to get here. And I was just reading that it is the largest, pre-Hispanic city in the Oaxaca region. Something else that’s very
fascinating about this site is that it’s the first urban, planned city. So actually where they took time to plan the entire city out
and the different buildings. I don’t know, everything is planned. This is the first urban
planned city in the Americas. So it says this is the main plaza, and it dates back to around 500 to 800 AD, and it’s a 40-meter wide stairway. Okay, I’m climbing up. (footsteps clicking) Whoo! (upbeat music) It’s 5:00 p.m., that’s when they close. I wasn’t really sure what
to expect when we came here, but it was well worth a visit. And what I like is that you’re able to climb up some of the ruins, get the view of the whole city. That was great! (people chattering) We’re on our way back to Centro now. (lively music playing) You just gotta love the
quality of those speakers. That music. We made it back to El
Zocalo, which is the center, and it’s perfect. It’s in the evening, this is the time when
people are out and about, when they’re hanging out,
when they’re walking around. And we came here actually last
night just to walk around. I wasn’t filming but we
stumbled into this stall where they’re making Elotes. And Elotes, it’s corn
with lots of toppings. It’s one of the most
common street food snacks and you’ll find it all over. Like, in the evening,
it’s all over the place. You’ll find it everywhere, but this guy, he has the longest line of any Elotes cart in the entire city. And then we asked some
of the people standing in line last night why, and they said it’s because of his style. (upbeat music) (speaking foreign language) All the best things. (speaking foreign language) Had a lot of things. (upbeat music) (speaking foreign language) I would make a guess to say that he probably has the most
skill in the entire world at seasoning a cob of corn. He just flies! Is Micah allowed to taste it? – [Woman] No. – Sorry, Micah, you can’t taste this ’cause there’s lots of
different chili sauces on it and a lot of mayonnaise so
I think Micah will just have to watch this one. But it looks beautiful. It’s just covered in so many things, this has to be the
fanciest corn on the cob I’ve ever had in my life. (people chattering) Mm! Oh, it’s young corn, so it’s really soft and tender and juicy. Full of mayonnaise. There’s so much mayonnaise on it. Then you got the cheese which
is really finely shredded. You’ve got all those different chilies, which are kinda salty. The lime juice on there
comes in really nicely, and then, you know, just
those mix of chilies. (upbeat music) That’s so good. And you’ll see, like, so
many people walking around, eating this at this time. Another thing that I
just love about him is how, you know, he sells
something that’s so common, that’s so typical, yet he
does it with such style. He takes such pride in what he does, and I fully respect that, and I’m fully willing to wait in line ’cause he takes such
pride in what he does. (upbeat music) I think I got a little
mayonnaise on my nose. It’s been a very long day,
but there’s one more thing that we have to eat to make
this day complete in Oaxaca. We are back at Mercado 20 de Noviembre for one last plate of food. On the opposite side of the
market from the meat hall, you’ll find, it’s kind
of a big food court area where you’ll find all sorts
of local Oaxacan food. This is a great environment and actually a lot of the
stalls are starting to close because they’re mostly, I think, they’re most popular at lunch. But you can come here to
get your plates of Mole, Oaxacan-style, and we’re gonna try a couple
different ones right now. Starting off with is Mole negro. Oh (speaking foreign language). And this is one of the
ultimate dishes of Oaxaca. It’s, yeah it’s probably one, I mean, it’s a dish you
absolutely cannot miss. They’re famous for Mole here and it’s an exquisite blend of spices. I know there’s nuts in the sauce. I think with the Mole negro
there’s also some chocolate. That aroma is insane, you
can smell those red chilies. Such a dark, rich, like
chocolatey-looking sauce. (people chattering) Mm! It has a little bit of a sweetness to it. So then you can taste the
rich, smoky, like blackened, slight bitter-y flavor to it. You can taste all those chilies in there. The nuttiness of it. It’s such a complexity of flavor. (upbeat music) Mm-hmm, a great way to end the day. Carlos and I are splitting the
Mole negro and the Mole rojo, so this is the red Mole version, which I don’t think it includes chocolate, or some of the other spices. It’s a totally, actually
totally different blend of spices and mixture. Mix that with some of the rice. (upbeat music) Mm! Mm, that’s like totally different. It’s more on the saltier,
without being sweet at all. I really like it. It’s almost like a curry sauce. We’ve come to the end of the day. I’m running on my last steam but I have a little bit more energy now after that Mole, that final plate. Oh, that was delicious. I like both versions
actually, were fantastic. We only had one full day in Oaxaca City, so we wanted to make the most of it. I think it was an amazing success. I’m very, very happy and
that was some amazing food. And I’ll leave all the
information of what we did and the things we ate in
the description box below so you can check all that out. And I wanna say a huge thank
you for watching this video. Please remember to give it a thumbs up. Also remember to subscribe. I’m gonna be publishing lots
more food and travel videos and click the little bell icon so you get notified of all future videos. Good night from Oaxaca. Thanks again for watching and I will see you on the next video.

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    Buen provecho! 😄

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  11. Awww baby can eat one bite….spicy foods arent bad for babies….might help him be like his dad able to take the heat lol

  12. @Mark Wiens shout out to you sir my parents are from Oaxaca and it brings joy that you liked the food I will be there in January

  13. When I was little people from different types of city’s in Mexico used to make fun of me and bully me just because I was from Oaxaca (the indigenous side) because they bullied me. So much I forgot how to speak my dialect. Because I was to embarrassed of my culture now I’m proud of where I’m from and learning my dialect again

  14. Very likable person. What I like about him is how he comes across in this and his other videos as so positive and respectful.

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  18. Micah at 32:50 the look on his face says it all, he’s a Mexican baby at heart. When I was a kid, me and all the kids in the neighborhood would lose our Minds when we heard the man that sells the corn yell, “ELOTES”!! 😎

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