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Strike Pro TV – Northern Pike Fishing in Belarus

Strike Pro TV – Northern Pike Fishing in Belarus

that’s good I’m here with Anton fishermen are located somewhere in Belarus yeah fish on oh it’s so we are fishing around six meters under the boat and we have a shallow edge in front of us mate it’s so good to be here it’s so exciting I heard of it so much and I have seen I’m to pull out some really big fish to this area so hopefully hopefully we nice I love this it’s so exciting you know one bite could be everything yeah game-changing bite [Music] hi I’m Steph are four cats with care I’m here with Anton fishermen are located somewhere in Belarus trying to catch some big mamas okay Anton can you tell me tell the audience about what we should doing here okay hi guys and we’re situated in northern part of Belarus it’s a national park here called Brasa flakes it’s a rather big lake system with very clear water lakes are like 20,000 years old so when we ancient ancient lakes with big Pike’s today the weather is rather cold but still sunny it’s like middle middle autumn now and a few days ago we had a temperature drop to the zero you saw ice in the morning yeah so I suppose that big mommas have to start feeding today maybe tomorrow but they have to start it it’s that time now so I really hope that we can manage to catch fish deep or do you think that the big Pike’s is going down to some some holes well well the bait fish is located what do you think I think that bikes are situated on the edges now on the edges you know from 8-10 meters to 3 to 2 meters and in the middle of the edge maybe about 4 or 5 6 meters and the main point we have to fish places where there are some vegetation some vegetation we have some vegetation that growing from 5 6 meters to the top so it’s a best paid place for pike now I suppose but we will try we will try shallow waters a little bit we will try a little bit away we have to we have to try as usual yeah ok hope for some action yeah and this is strike through TV cool cool yeah take a brand new guy on picture so if I have some slightly bite I gonna see it yeah it’s it’s nice to use and you like rubber like this when you’re on a new spot because if you are suspicious or something small like you see it I like that and this this this is really big fish big fish me so first custom that’s good so we are fishing around six meters under the boat and we have shallow edge in front of us maybe in certified forty meters it’s like three and a half four meters deep there and some vegetation so I’m casting on the edge and you casting near the Asia little bit deeper okay I see I’m using normal thick shot rather bright color with 13 grams weight on it and I’m trying to move to put my bed just in the middle of the water the key this time of year is to fish quite slowly then if you fish maybe two meters above there the bottom doesn’t matter if you take the bait slowly then we can just go up and grab it yeah I’m told I guess we don’t gonna have so many bites today but hopefully a bigger fish yes now it’s a time when you you have to be very patience and maybe maybe several bites a day but it have to be big fish yeah so we’re hunting for Big Momma now yeah this is the big fish time before the winter I love this it’s so exciting you know one bite could be everything yeah game-changing by aya from zero to hero yeah that’s true okay we have seen some baitfish here and I’m gonna switch weight I have fished with this guy in picture for a while now and I need to try the bigger guppy you can actually work this little blue five six meter down no problem see what happened you have this area where we fish now it’s around five six meters depth and when I use the guppy I asked fish it’s really slow not big moves with rod just small small jerk with the tip you actually can hold the learn quite deep around four or five meters it’s no problem [Music] [Applause] [Music] yeah fusion oh it’s nice it’s a nice one okay oh it’s the first one oh yeah copy first fishing village I’m so happy Stefan who do you know what to do after the first official Belarus no high five yeah okay thank you I’m so happy good bad super cool we have fished this spot for a couple of drifts we have seen some bait fish some really nice echo or bigger fish and a change to a guppy 13 centimetres you can fish it on yeah 5 meters actually if you take it slowly gently some gently jerks and so on so we’re yeah we caught the first fish yeah I’m happy now yeah [Music] simple first fish yeah congratulations all right thin slice and it’s only the beginning yeah of course okay I promise yeah yeah okay good okay Stefan we fished here quite a lot so let’s change the spot yeah I have so many nice spots over here and I want you to fish all of them super it’s so good to be here it’s so exciting I heard of it so much and I had seen I’m to pull out some really big fish from this area so hopefully hopefully we’re gonna catch something nice so Stefan here is also very very nice place lots of cabbage lots of cabbage and you see it’s nice aged from shallow to the deep and we had some decent fish from here let’s take them so mostly all the time I’m fishing with a drift anchor because we do not have like direct spots where you can use a usual anchor we’re drifting all the time to cover big areas and I’m using trolling motor and anchor at the same time because when I use drifting anchor you just have only one direction with the wind and when you help a little bit with trolling motor so you can change direction a little bit and go directly where you want so Stefan switched his lure to goopy and time continue fishing with giant dick shot in Bullhead color and that that’s important when you’re fishing too in the boat so that’s good when you use a different type of lures so you can check what I prefer more and afterwards if you have some bites on one kind of lure so you can switch also but when the fishing is rather slow you’ll have to change those you have to try something different yep good it’s not big oh no it’s watered bullhead giant giant big shot I love that Stefan good good good good it could be meter yeah yeah we’ve started fishing with rubber baits and later Stefan changed to guppy but I live my scientific shot spotted bull head and bam that was such a good strike a nice fish so let’s let’s see how long it is it’s a good it was a good bite yeah but if you swallow the whole bait yeah but look the fish is hungry yeah it’s not full at all No so I’ll start biting I guess and we do chance yeah to catch bigger one we need her mama okay granny I think we put her in again and try to get the big one okay super super super Alto yeah thank you hi first a new spot Levi Chris briefed on the new spot where fish the condition is much better now I think the wind has come down a little bit and more cloudy better it’s a big fish time my friend yeah okay let’s fish let’s fish the rapid spotted bullet into the water again there is okay yeah it’s so different compared to Sweden this cabbage these weeds they showing up on three meter and I had a head bite too let me check that was a bite on the deeper part it was bigger [Music] oh look at the cabbage so lights yeah we called it or a desk yeah it’s you know it’s like Pike vegetation because all the good spots we fish this lake all the spots contain this grass yeah it looks nice and it it’s gross from six five meters up to the top okay four point nine under the boat okay and a little bit a little bit deeper for you wanted me to I don’t think it doesn’t matter okay that was a good bite right it was left this yeah they usually do like this never yeah I think it was with closed mouth or something you know it just hit the dirt because it was like [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] okay guys let me show you if you fishing with your favorite lure and you want to go deeper you just attach easily the new beef t4 stats to stand sinker like this it has a first touch snap like this is it use very neat you can use it on all kind of rubbers in the front like this on the shallower grubbers now you can fish deeper with your favorite lure doesn’t affect the lure and the way it is coming 3 point 5 gram up to 14 gram so you can reach all kind of depth and it’s very easy to take it off like this and you can fish shallow again but if you don’t use rubber lures you can use beef to foster chinco to to all Chancellor’s just attach it on the front of the leader in the swivel like this perfect for all kinda lurtz barbers debate spinner baits whatever just try it out super cool product okay [Music] therefore Shawn that’s good super Oh what is she doing nice nice nice whoo let’s do squeak Internet yeah super super dude I love cool nothing happens and bam okay super cool eh yes sure the guy said the foster care and boom quote a really nice fish it was you know like as usual nothing happens nothing happens and then then nice fish super cool okay yeah this is a nice fish this is the biggest one so far [Music] oh it was a nice take on pig shut again it’s a cool place yeah yeah that’s not not a giant Pike but look at it so nice color small pike but hungry pike so you can see giant big shot it’s not big lure for pike fishing it’s normal it’s very nice size sorry pike and now we’re gonna release this fish as we do always during pike fishing maybe in five ten years I will catch her again and it will be big super pike what so how’s the situation with their catch relief thing in Belarus in the East there yeah you know here in the East the situation is getting better we try to influence on the situation with good example every time I have a nice fish every time I tell people my customer sent in the internet that caching reason is really good I explained people why we do that and more and more people starting to catch and release fish it’s super yeah it’s coming here also yeah so friends please do catch and release release fishes it’s so cool and so nice and the best thing you can come again and catch the fish to this fish one more time that’s good perfect yeah okay let’s go now we take another one [Music] soon the light is gone and sometimes this is the best big-fish time hopefully yeah we have a good spot here it’s round four and a half meter lots of weeds cabbage some bait fish deep deep around here so hopefully I’m Tom yeah we can catch every just a hopeful big momma yeah look at the so light it looks so nice okay it’s already evening and we have so less light and I prefer to use you know rather dark lures when there are no light so I’m gonna change this is one of my favorite colors in the evening this red one with black back small not not giant t-shirt but regular one so let’s see what happened [Music] [Music] [Music] raise your flag on the ground the weed colors battlecry well I wanna try a look you have come to us before we recall you fall and be fooled by [Music] I can color to my one of my favorite evening colors red pig shirt with black back and it was about third cast and boom yeah it is a great take nice fish one of the whole thing yeah it’s so in the late fall evening can bring you really nice fish I want just look at this point yeah it looks like the biggest I think it’s the biggest fish for today super super fish good take small of the whole pig shed super take yeah good work and thank you thank you to money dollar spike so now as usual we’re gonna release the spike to let her grow bigger and maybe in several years with little mister again that’s nice that’s really nice [Music] okay yeah that was a super cool take the lost fish for this day and the biggest the biggest yeah I think it was wrong one meter fish good condition and a good flight yeah boom yeah I love fishing in the evening yeah super super super okay and thanks for watching and we’ll come on Tom to CVC fishing team thank you okay Stefan nice to hear that yeah okay bye bye bye bye yes [Music] you

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  1. отличные съёмки👍😆. отличная рыбалка, как будто сам побывал.Стефан и Антон – респект за классный ролик, самое то для зимнего вечера.
    Антон, как новые рутсы работают? какой моделькой ловили, мульти пайк?

  2. Отлично! Антон Вы большой молодец. Успехов и хороших проектов с CWC.

  3. Quality video great to hear the educational message regarding returning fish, if you dont put em back you cant catch em when they are bigger!

  4. Антону и Стефану спасибо за прекрасную рыбалку.! Александр, спасибо за перевод.))

  5. Высший пилотаж, Антон! Пример того, чего может достигнуть человек, если очень хотеть и любить свое дело. Смотрел на одном дыхании и получил большое удовольствие от просмотра. Ждем очередных видео. Успехов!!!

  6. I don't have to Tell the Eastern Europeans catch an release on my local river and canals …. they have taken the lot ! Last time was with a coil spring mattress and car battery 😳

  7. This video got me so pumped up to go fishing!! I make fishing videos too! I would appreciate it so much if you go go check out my videos and let me know what you think! Btw I subbed and I’m hyped on your channel!!

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  9. Nice video Anton, it's a lot that I follow you also in facebook, it's great that you're fighint for C&R; my wife is from north of Russia, Karelia region, I fished there many years and nobody do C&R, it's hard to make the people understand that C&R is necessary for our future and for the future of our sons. tj ochen molodez!

  10. Антон, мои поздравления за классную работу в этом видео! Приезжайте к нам в Канаду на крупную щуку, маски и королевского лосося.
    Anton, congratulations on the great job in this video! Come to Canada to fish for big pike, musky and king (chinook) salmon.

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