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Strike Pro TV – TARGET AMUR (Amur Pike Fishing in Eastern Russia)

Strike Pro TV – TARGET AMUR (Amur Pike Fishing in Eastern Russia)

we only take it in a small River connected to a moon 7,000 kilometres from home and the target is a moon pie long dreams will come true today oh I have fish yeah fish go ahead yeah good Oh big one we’re struggling big-time some crazy European fly all the way up to the other end of the world as I said you never know what to take that this is one of the trip I’m never gonna forget and 7,000 kilometers from home this is a huge one haha this is my dream [Music] – right – host Jimmy [Music] [Music] [Music] we are stucked in the middle of the forest here in Russia we have been driving for 1516 hours and suddenly the car broke and we yeah we don’t know what to do so far hopefully some help is coming but it’s it’s a real adventure I can tell you that so we’ll see well like Truman said we are on middle of Russia we were really lucky that on this road a car came by because we can’t do any phone calls because we have no signal so we can’t call for help so well we sent one car for help it’s a 50 case from here they gonna warn the other minibus and but we drive in the middle of the night because we have really bumpy roads and 50k will take at least 1 hour 1 hour and a half so hopefully we get some help in between now and don’t know if we get no we can’t make phone call spots it is what it is please stay positive and I think in a couple of 3-4 hours maybe we have daylight and I think the temperature dropped to nearly nearly zero maybe three four degrees of it so it’s pretty cold but now when we have the fire there is no problem he’s gonna take them all [Music] hello guys finally we have reached our destination we are located in a small way well connected to a mere seven thousand teenagers from home I’m here with CBC of fishing team G million Don Michael Berg on the air we don’t stab and also strike through Russia with Sergey Turin and Anton fishermen our camp is located beside the river and this is the first day we start fishing and the target is a new pipe follow our journey and let the adventure begin [Music] okay about long dream welcome to finally we are here and we yeah it’s it’s so exciting we we have the river just close by and a new part in the middle of Russia a move right close by let’s get them let’s get them oh yeah [Music] okay we really try to figure it out how the new Park Act but I think it’s a pike and we try to find the same spot that we do at home and my experience from River is that try to find the Eddy’s quite deeper water with no current and just beside the streams and go for that but we don’t really know what do you think of it well the thing is we are here a little bit blind what does it mean we don’t know how deep it is we have to pull up in our rods to see the depth and if that doesn’t work with with let’s sinkers to feel what it is you can’t find the baitfish because we don’t have the hummingbirds with us and so we are putting all our experience from fishing at home and of course you can see the bait fish and we know for here because we thought that the small pikes are in the weeds but we try to get a big fish and we think they are in the middle I think they could be in the middle hunting or on the edge and the only thing what you can do now here is putting all the experience that we already know bringing it back from our own fishing in in in Europe and put it in here and cost cost cost cost cost that’s the only thing we can do just keep on costing I am yeah good good good I am good yeah my first my first I move what’s that a catfish catfish first I’m more catfish that’s I think we know it’s a small one but it was a good strike catfish again now I don’t know I think so that’s not some catfish here it’s really funny with me thought we find a really good spot here but it’s it’s it’s the catfish like this bus did you take them all okay let’s take a real I’m your Pike now [Music] oh I have this it’s a nice catfish is it yeah no it’s it’s a trout it’s a trout you have Annette oh it’s off as I said you never know what you can catch here I was thinking now I had an army reply a little bit a sarong but it’s but it’s so nice this is my two of cost with this collar racing we’re struggling victime some crazy europeans fly all the way up to the other end of the world well of course you had some expectations about fishing but it’s tough on your part now if you see the surrounding air it looks like European pike fishing but we didn’t find the key to success yet we will but for now it’s it’s not easy so to say okay we enter the shallow spot now and we’re gonna try some topwater baits and see if we can catch some more pikes in the surface it’s a thrill of action fishing with top waters we didn’t do it so far so maybe it can be effective we don’t know yet but we give it a try [Music] [Music] [Music] okay cool fish on top other it’s a small one of the action on top of race it’s super great crazy fish crazy [Music] no fish go ahead yeah good Oh big one oh nice take it easy I fixed the net become over this is close to heater that was a nice ha ha ha this is a usual ha ha ha this is my dream one yeah that’s super the adrenaline through a look at the fish now we get ingested big one now we get something [Music] [Music] there she is the Beast 7,000 kilometers from home a dream come true finally got my big one more fight what a beauty I am so over-the-moon happy with this fish the Khan believe it bye bye and now I will release it back into the wild surf this this feels like heaven but that what we’re looking for nice looking all the small ones in the weeds yeah stay focused for the big fish even um my whole body is eager to hunt for them in the shallows yeah but we focused stay on the deeper areas hello everybody my name is Anton fisherman and I’m here with Sergei Turan from strife of Russia we have some small problems because we have we do not have any professional guides we’re the only professionals here and people fall with us they just drive in the boat and we even have to locate places by our own but that makes our fishing even more interesting Truman and Evert they go far far away looking for new spots and we’re here trying to fish this spot very well because we know fish fish swim somewhere here so let’s see let’s see what we can do fish on small one angry and wild they move so much in the water so it’s hard to take them by your hands look at this small jack as I told you before this is spotted pike and this type of pikes they live only here only in Amal River and rivers that goes to a mall I heard that before that a more pike have no teeth she has teeth but as I can see the scientists they are not sharp so it really hard for them to cut the leader or cut the line so it’s really interesting and this is so beautiful fish fish maybe I have never seen that colors before so let’s release this baby back and go for bigger ones [Music] oh no no again whoo it’s better fish yeah that’s bigger yeah it’s diamond it’s diamond friends it’s my first diamond in my entire life [Music] so we got several fights on big and now I want to try shallow Buster so we can have some shallow action here let’s let’s do that [Music] [Music] Yoga new sucanat is by actually problematic guys I think they have pretty decent bike now and now we will try to reach them and to find out where they are and make some film let’s go hello me Kenji me here hello we just left Anton and the rest of the gang little bit downstream and the first cost of the day we caught a pretty decent honor actually the biggest one yet sure so it’s we have measured it and it’s 113 centimeter we don’t know the weight but we estimate it to around 11 [Music] and it’s really wide over the back so it’s a massive fish 11 kilos something like nasi easy 11 but attorney yeah yeah we are happy the record is not really known about opera pipe but we have heard something about 12 kilos or something like that would be the world record so this is this is far away this is close to the record now it’s time to release the fish it’s very important for us to to make the fish save the weight isn’t that’s it that important this is the most important thing make July yeah and this was debate Jonah gobbler spotted bullet of course but no seriously it’s a very nice and good color in this kind of conditions it’s dark in here some yellows and it works really well to fish in this current and yeah so it did a trick [Music] [Music] Oh [Music] Oh that’s a better fish better fish [Music] this is quite a dangerous maneuver to lose this pull out the hoops from the fish so we have to help each other they are not really nuts let’s go and really strong so then they have some teeth I mean they are have not as the ordinary pike they don’t have teeth in the front of their jaw but in the back of the jaw so when you take the deal grip you get hurt so you have to be really careful that’s why I take them over the neck very easy to get the good thing you have in your hand so yeah and we quite nervous and I mean we are like 20 hours drive from nearest hospital so that can’t happen yeah that’s managed to cook another fish [Music] go in the water actually oh whoa you’re accusing me yeah so powerful in the mouth much stronger than let’s see how long it’s not so far but it’s fact it’s it’s a goner oh yeah that’s fishing that’s fishing the fattest surfer it was absolutely not condition actually I haven’t seen such a fast no pictures never maybe have swallowed the time and yeah crazy no fish good good [Music] that’s good you need a net I don’t know what it is I’d say it’s a nice box I think it possible it’s a joke alright it’s the time diamond yeah yes it’s the time I’m in my second fish of the trick caught on Johnny Warblers for a bullet and even though it’s not my number one fish that Moo pike I’m so very happy with this time it’s the most beautiful fish in this area though I’m gonna release it now and really gentle and go out and for a new apartment yes the big big big momma Thank You Stefan so while Jim and Nicky were fishing and other boat look what happened in our Shh poof that’s why we traveled half a world to catch this nice big momma look at that it’s huge a motorbike [Music] and now we’re going to let this 109 centimeter Amur mama go back in the river [Music] now we’ll find a good spot and we think if some time in here it’s it’s quite heavy stream and then you have a the ad dais beside it so we try to go for it okay – I know haha that’s effective okay Emmett I’m so glad finally I have my Timon thank you have it for for pussies yes this is the last day and Sergei have been our guide and he has done it so good thank you thank you / what an amazing trip this is you never know what you’re going to action and you have big big time and full of them here in this river and also some really big Pike has been caught I think this is one of the trip I’m never gonna forget super super super effort you’re welcome my friend I told you you needed a time [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] okay and this was a super trip and the most extreme adventure I have ever done big a mere pike big Timon some lenoks some catfish super cool place great time it was my honor and pleasure to fish with you this this week thanks buddy and remember we took them all – okay guys thanks for watching see you soon again [Music] [Music] you

100 comments on “Strike Pro TV – TARGET AMUR (Amur Pike Fishing in Eastern Russia)

  1. Bra gjort Trumman! Lite nytt och denna gången österut inte ngn jäkla musky utan nya grejer. Coolt att ni vågar käka annat än McDonalds!

  2. Russia is probably the wildest country on the planet. So beautiful, so huge…. Trip of the lifetime! Amazing fishing. Regards from Poland.

  3. Wow ,great adventure with remarkable pike,very nice.
    Must have been very loud with Evert and Trumman together fishing,especially when one of them catches one.

    Happy Newyear and a lot of angling pleasure to All.

  4. Im not even joking, ever since I saw the amur pike for the first time ive dreamt of going to the Amur river to fish for it! Thanks alot Kanal gratis for bringing this fantastic experience to us. This fish deserves a fantastic film. Now im even more excited to once get everything in order and go and fish the Amur river!

  5. I had planned to make a trip to fish Amur pike next year but I got very sick this autumn which drained my savings. So next year I'll stick to northen pike and perch in Sweden and start saving again.

    But it was really nice to see this film from your trip. Great fishing, great fishes.

  6. Прекрасное видео, потрясающее путешествие! Столько видов рыб в одном месте – это круто!) Спасибо за предоставленное удовольствие от просмотра!!!

  7. Awesome awesome awesome video!! So fun to see the pure joy and passion when Evert caught his first bigger one! The camera crew smashed it again! What is the Amur river like in terms of pollution and overfishing? Are the pike threatened in any way? It would be fun to learn more about them.

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    Have a very successful week!

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    you rocks guys thank's a lot again for this fantastic time with you , " i can believe it "…;-)

  12. Awesome video, especially the nature. Very sympathetic moment was to See how all the pressure is falling after catching the first amur. Good job, thanks for sharing it. Keep on hammering and tight lines. Best regards from Kassel, Germany '🎣🎣🎣💪💪

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  15. only in my dreams I could fish for an AMUR PIKE, if I had one species of Fish on my Bucket list, its them, you are very lucky to have the chance to fish for them!!!! I really hope we see more videos in future fishing for Amur's

  16. I Russian and, too, enleve on Buster Jerk and Pig Shad. Еxcellent fishing!!! Well done for coming.. Russians are very kind people, always ready to help you. Come again. Always a pleasure. Welcome!

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