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Striped Bass Fishing: Near Death Experience on a Dangerous Jetty

Striped Bass Fishing: Near Death Experience on a Dangerous Jetty

You really have to be careful or you could get really hurt. Now, I’m only stepping on these rocks that are not black or green because if– you know, one wrong step and you could really get hurt. *gasp* That man! Oh, my God! Brendon! So, hey guys, we are at a jetty right now, at this jetty, along all of these rocks here, there’s pockets, and there’s a lot of short stripers stack up all in there and, uh, what we’ve got is a– a fly teaser, and a bass assassin with a jig head. Now, this will look like a fish and this will look like a fish trying to eat this fish, or, it’ll look like two fish. So, what I’m doing is I’m casting it by these rocks, and jigging it up and down, and it’s just getting hit, it’s getting smashed, so I’m going to go fishing. Nice! On the teaser! Whew. Ugh. Short little striper. I’m using the bass assassin with a little teaser fly. Tons of fun. So, we’re here fishing at this jetty, and jetty fishing is actually pretty dangerous here, we’ve been talking to a lot of the local fishermen about um, just their fishing experience, and many, many of them have had fishing buddies die, just disappear from beside them, even when waves roll over the rocks, and I really just want to express how dangerous jetty fishing is, especially at night, especially alone, especially with the wrong gear, so, we’re not out very far, we’re really just on these few very high up dry rocks, um, and fishing a little pocket for these little schoolie stripers, but, the really intense fishermen get out to the very tip with, you know this green algae/ moss/ grass, and they say that it can be as slick as ice, and these huge, 8-foot waves come and wash up over you from behind you and you don’t even see them coming, and like Al said in the last video, you’re lucky if you don’t hit your head on a rock. (Al:) You don’t even have to know the guy fell, you hear this noise– did you ever drop a watermelon
And you know. on concrete? That’s what it sounds like. That’s what it sounds like when they hit the water– I mean the rocks. Just like that. And you know the guy behind you fell. Wow… Whoo! Nice one! They’re strong! Even for these smaller-sized ones, even these smaller sized ones are pretty strong. Put up a good fight. –and they keep taking the teaser! Right? They haven’t touched this one yet. They want this one! So, so if you take a look at this jetty, or like, jetties in general, there’s rocks everywhere lining the shore, and there’s pockets where fish like to hide. Um, that’s what we’re doing right now, we’re swimming it by these rock pilings, and, um, fish are just nailing them, and it’s a lot of fun. If you haven’t fished a jetty before, this is a good way to start, just try doing some smaller fish first. When you start going for the really big trophy fish, you’ll realize it’s gonna take a long time, a lot of practice, a lot of experimentation to be able to do what some of these guys out here do. So this is a good place to start if you wanna start catching some fish. What? (This woman just fell!) (Get it!) Do you guys see the green algae, the green stuff growing on the rocks here? You guys see these black rocks? Those are extremely slippery, it’s like ice, and many people have died trying to fish this jetty and slipping on these rocks. You really have to be careful or you could get really hurt. Now, I’m only stepping on these rocks that are not black or green because if– you know, one wrong step and you could really get hurt. Um, to finish my story from earlier… basically, there was a very experienced fisherman that often times would come out and fish these jetties, and, he would park his truck with his kayak on top, and he apparently came out fishing one night by himself and people came in the next morning and saw his truck and thought that he must be fishing out here, and all they found was his tackle box on the rocks. And he was gone. And… The story goes that a few months later, someone caught a thigh bone, um, on their hook. It’s just a testament to how dangerous this can be, and how slippery these rocks can be, I mean, you can ask any experienced fisherman out here. Oh my gosh. *gasp* That man! oh, my God! Brendon! He’s in the water! He’s in the water.
(Erin!) (Brendon, that’s not frikkin funny.) He’s in the water. Where is he…? Oh my gosh. Where is he?? *distant shouting* You hear these stories about people literally falling behind the fishermen and they’re gone and they die, and then… when you see it… these stories are real. That was scary. That was really scary because we were– we’ve been hearing for the past week and a half/ two weeks about all the stories, about… people falling at the jetty, and we just watched him, like, this is like an older man, like just fall backward, the waves washing–
He was in the water. Yeah. He was gonna get taken out.
He was in the water and he did not resurface for a while Yeah, that was really scary and Erin was a little bit shaken up by it as well. I could tell you were– you looked really scared. I was terrified. It’s not– it’s like– It’s like you– you literally think that you might see– like, that person might have just died. Is what I thought, like, I might have just seen that dude die.
Wow. Wow, so just goes to show you really need to be careful when you’re fishing at jetties, you need to respect mother nature, because she will kill you at any given moment.
She will kick your butt, yeah. On another note, I’m glad we found some fish.
On another note, thank you guys for watching this episode. Um, we spent a long time looking for fish today and we ended up not being able to get into any except for these small striper, but
Mhmm. you know, I thought it was a good opportunity to teach you guys about the dangers of jetty fishing *uncomfortable laughter* and we definitely learned first hand how dangerous it can be– I guess second hand, but…
Right. Still, being here is really different than just hearing about it. Right. Um… So, thank you for joining us… Hope you guys learned something, um, how to start fishing at jetties if you wanted to start doing that, and uh, learned some wise tips from us. Thank you. Have a nice day.

100 comments on “Striped Bass Fishing: Near Death Experience on a Dangerous Jetty

  1. I went jetty fishing in San Diego. I was eaten by the Krakken. I got out easy though, I ran around and around until I was pooped out.

  2. Great footage .  I fish the Cape Cod Cannel at double slack low tide , an boy O boy every step must be sure .  My fear is getting leg locked an the tide come in

  3. That Area must be fished with corkers and a wetsuit or at least a PFD maybe even a helmet at night with a headlight …..Waders are not a good idea in that spot because they will fill up with water if you get washed off….Jetty fishing is not too dangerous if you use some common sense. it's never good to fish alone at night but if you do you need to know every rock by practcing an area in day light first….At night move slowly and be alert and get your feet planted where your footing is secure for a rogue wave

  4. yea people get hurt where you guys are all the time because they want to get as far out in the jetty as possible. the structure on that side of the jetty has change so much since they started construction on the new bridge. we know a kid that fell off the jetty on that sife and lost his life. fish on!

  5. Hello Fellow Fisherman
    This month in the beautiful commonwealth of Pennsylvania, blizzard snowstorms, power outages, and cabin fever,
    Glad I found your U-tube videos
    STRIPED BASS FEVER is strong indeed
    For those who just don't get it, they will miss out on one of Life's pure simple pleasure
    Seeing a Huge Striper Smash your lure, splash like a monster, and run like a beast shot in the ass, this will drive some of us to push the "Limits"
    Get hit by rogue waves, washed off the rocks,
    Almost drown, jetty-hop at night
    During my youth, I was confused, felt the pressure of family expectations, school, and stress, faced the loss of two dear classmates to drug overdoses, All THIS negative energy
    Just starts to melt away…. each step closer to the sound of the pounding surf, the salt air, the gulls culling, you can discover yourself
    Start the journey of you fishing legacy
    Discovering the danger of nature, learning to get gear, like KORKERS boots that have spikes and traction with attitude,
    Safety First,
    Just remember a ole' saying that a veteran surf fisherman told me,
    For those that have had to Fight for their Lives, LIFE has a FLAVOR, that the timid and sheltered will never know

  6. Dude you are Blessed to have a Lady who was genuinely concerned about that man. My wife would have pushed me in the water with him knowing im Black Bro and can't Swim that Good.

  7. Yes stop getting crazy before they out law it. Keep making a scare . Get ride of this girl. Stop making a big spictal .. people like this will rouin it for everyone.

  8. ok its not that dangerous, act mature about it and not a fimble moran, take your time and you will be fine. this is t deadliest catch lol

  9. I didn’t see him wearing spiked shoes nor was he wearing any life jacket or reflective gear. He really shouldn’t even be out there fishing and risk his life without proper gears.

  10. i dislocated my shoulder few years ago form a fall i took of one of these rocks… had surgery and all… be very careful, never put your entire weight on a rock before you tested it , get proper shoes, dont be afraid to crawl like a baby on rock you dont trust and never try to be cool and jump from rock to rock

  11. I’ve caught my biggest stripper to date on the very tip of that same place your fishing !!!!! I hit a school of 20+ pound strippers but I was on the south side of where you are

  12. Your very right that jetty’s are no joke I’ve been there when fisherman have fallen just like the elderly man in the video but unfortunately was found three weeks later four miles off the beach 😔and the sad part of it is there is nothing we can do standing on the rocks to help save him without risking our own lives and another tip to anyone reading this if you see ANYONE on the jetty fishing with chest waders on PLEASE please push the fact of them tying a rope around the top ( right above the waist ) if there water for it could save there life. Water without a belt or tied off like that will fill with water this NOT allowing you to surface or even swim to safety

  13. Yes, definitely be very careful up here in New England usually every year you hear about fishermen getting sweep by tidal waves goin for stripers. I pray for all the fishermen to have a safe journey especially on jetties. The green lime is way more slick than ice. I myself got swept and slipped and thank goodness i didn't get hurt as bad. Be safe out there Fishermen. Good video.

  14. What size mojo surf rod are you using? I am not seeing any rods that can handle more than 25lbs of line. I am looking for a really strong rod that can handle some monster fish.

  15. Yep, been there, done that, learned my lesson long time ago as a child. I since then avoid those slippery ass jetty rocks – specially when the tide is coming in again and waves are starting to smack them – as if they are infected with the black plague.

    Ps: that guy was being very stupid btw. He should have known better at his age. He ignored every warning sign and all of his instincts, just so that he could catch that one damn fish. SMH Some people will obviously never learn, will they.

  16. Near death? How near were you to death? Like… this near? [ ] or this near [ ] or perhaps this near [ ] ? And from what perspective of near? Near on a galactic level?

  17. Don't know if this was said but YOU HAVE NO BUSINESS BEING ON THE ROCKS WITHOUT CORKERS ON YOURE FEET!!!!!!!!!! It doesn't matter if the rocks you are standing on are dry or not 1 wave and it becomes deadly!!!!!!

  18. I fish at the jetty most of the time never go w/o korkers because them wet rocky are super slippery, dangerous & only experience fishermen know better..

  19. Yeah that was crazy. We went fishing on a jetty in Bodega Bay. My friend found two rods just sitting on the rocks with some kind of chicken bait on it, lucky the birds didn't eat it. We was pretty far out and the first ones out there that day. We ask the people around us, was it theirs. They said no. Kind of creepy was joking like dam somebody might got washed out. So my friend used it for poke hole and he took them home.

  20. Same thing happened to me while fishing at 12 mile drive in New Port RI, I was standing on a very big flat rock and I was fishing far from the edge, at least 10ft or more because of the waves. I was there no more than 20 mins when I got hit with a wall of water. Swept me off my feet, I was completely submerged for about 5 seconds or so and a wacked my elbow on the rock and got a pretty good gash. Lost my Costa del Mar sunglasses. 🙁 I have mad respect for the ocean..!!!

  21. just by looking at the end of the jetty, why would anyone attempt to go out there? i mean, look at the level of the water? just begging for trouble.

  22. Damn my jetty is hella save we even hve a side walk on ours then u walk throgj the railings and get on the rocks no one has ever died

  23. Rule 1. Never turn your back to the ocean. Rule 2. Don't step on the rock that is green or wet (look wet)
    Rule 3. Fish safe and always try to fish w someone together.
    Enjoy fishing to u all.

  24. They should be wearing life jackets and have a lifesaver nearby with a strong long rope for throwing out to someone who needs saving. Thank you for the video. Stay safe.

  25. I’m a jetties fisherman and I never go where the water is or have been.i have also learned to carry some sand with me just Incase the rocks got wet.

  26. really now, there is a time when you should quit, that guy is way to overweight, way to top heavy, way to old, way to unfit, for the area where he was fishing,

    I did not even mention yet, he is clearly an idiot for walking that far out on rocks that get washed over.

  27. I have experienced once when fishing alone at jetty far away from people and the rain comes, im stepping on the flat rock that i could get my balance on standing.. Suddenly my shoes slipping at the rock as they are very slippery when raining.. Im overawed at that moment, and think that god still give me chance.

  28. Thanks for bringing awareness to the hazards of fishing. Lot of people don't have a clue on the dangers, especially at a jetty or fishing off of a cliff.

  29. Fishing is a dangerous sport you have to be very careful at all times . Stripper Fishing is one of my favorites fish to catch with both lures and bait .

  30. My 48 year old nephew recently died while fishing alone in the dark on the Astoria Oregon jetty.
    No witnesses so nobody knows exactly what happened. His body washed up onto shore two days later.

  31. Girl you are so sweet and caring, y'all make a good couple. Plus, your videos are awesome. Keep up the good work and be careful.

  32. Good to post videos like this because many new fisher people are not aware of the dangers associated with rock fishing. Good traction shoes, life vest, and a good wader belt (if wearing waders) are a most. But as I get older, I often wonder if that's enough. What about your head making contact with the rocks? I still rock fish, but I stay on dry rocks only. Once a wave hits my shoes, I back up to a higher spot that is dry.

  33. holy crap thought you just recorded someone's death, shit i was scared lol. wow iam actually going to the jettys next month haven't been fishing in 15 years

  34. I fished the jetty here in New Smyrna twice a week past 20 years. Broke my ankle, wheeled me off on a ambulance cart because i couldn't walk back to car. Tore me rotator cuff another time, surgery. Fell backwards on my head against rocks. Lots of the barnacles …bloody legs etc. And i STILLLLL fish!

  35. My dad used to walk out on the rocks at Sebastian Inlet in the 50s and earliest 60s–long before any concrete was poured to make them safer.

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