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Striper Fishing in Cape Cod Bay with Capt. Cullen Lundholm

Striper Fishing in Cape Cod Bay with Capt. Cullen Lundholm

We’re out here in Cape Cod Bay and we got
pretty unique feed going on. We’ve got a lot of squid and a lot of nice
big bass in the 40-inch range chasing squid all over the surface the last couple mornings
here. It’s mostly squid but we’re moving to the
west here, it looks like they’re on mackerel so I switched over to the Pro Tail. Been fishing a lot of Pro Tails. When I really see the squid being penned up
on the surface, I’m throwing unweighted 10-inch Hogy Originals in Bubblegum. The fish right now are down a little bit. We rolled up on them. We have some birds working up off our bow
about a mile it looks like. These fish were mid water column and what
I did to work this Pro Tail was I just cast it out and let it sink for like a 20 count. Let it get down there in the lower part of
the water column and worked it up at varying speed. Hey not a super long fish here but as you
can see these things are just packed with squid. They’re eating mackerel as well off the surface. Big fat fish and they’re all eating well. Hopefully these bait can keep these fish here
and we’ll have some good fishing for a little bit. I’ll put this guy back in the water. What I love about them is I can go multiple
trips fishing the same bait. I bet this has had other trips on it, it’s
probably caught 40 to 50 stripers. There’s nothing at all structurally wrong
with it. You’re going to get a ton of use out of it. Durability is a huge factor with these Pro
Tails. We’re marking some fish here. They’re spread out through the water column. I like to let that Pro Tail sink when they’re
not right up on top and then work it up through the water column at varying speeds. Bigger fish like to grab it on the pause usually. We’ll see what we got here. This one feels a little better. We know what they’re eating because they got
big mackerel and big 10 to 12 inch long squid flying out of the water when these fish are
up and feeding. When they’re not feeding, if you can see my
screen there, I’m just marking fish throughout the water column. What I’m doign with this Pro Tail is I’m casting
it out and giving it 20-count and then all I’m doing is working it up through the water
column. Varying my speed. Another nice fish here. That’s maybe 40 inches, maybe a little better. It seems like we’ve been getting some better
stuff in here the last couple days. That’s what we’re here for this morning. Classic Cape Cod Bay slob bass here. Ton of phenomenal bait. Giant squid, big mackerel holding these fish
here. Hopefully this bite holds out for a couple
weeks. Great fishing. We’re gonna get this guy back in the water
and try to get something a little bigger. We switched over to this bubblegum 10-inch
Original. Twitched it a few times and got a bunch of
fish on it. Hooked a nice one out of the bunch. Rolled up on a great topwater feed. Lot of big fish eating 12-inch squid off the
surface. Threw this bubblegum original in there and
had a lot of big fish fighting to be the first one to eat it. When we’re fishing squid, we’re throwing these
unweighted Originals, and when they’re keyed in on mackerel, we’re fishing those blue Pro

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  1. this guys is a charter captain but has no idea how to hold a striped bass properly…why grab the fish by its gill…

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