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Student Life at St. John Fisher College

Student Life at St. John Fisher College

[music]>>NARRATOR: Fisher students have numerous
opportunities to get involved on campus for recreation and fun.>>TEAH: Our students really hold true to the
Basilian motto “Teach me goodness, discipline, and knowledge.” Our students really value
the Fisher family. I think that’s what makes them so comfortable here. And they find mentors
in faculty and staff. They’re able to outreach to alumni. The more they’re involved and the
more that they connect here on campus, the more that they succeed.>>MATT: At Fisher we have over 400 identified
student leadership positions. And the College is really good about putting on student leadership
fairs and conventions. Every fall there’s an involvement festival in which all the clubs
and organizations on campus set up a table for incoming freshmen, so that freshman know
what is available to them on campus.>>NICOLE: There’s nearly 70 organizations
to choose from. Membership is free to everybody and we have everything from the Equestrian
Club to Pre-Law Association to Student Government, RSA. You know it’s really easy to find that
niche. Fisher is a really great place to live because from the moment you set foot on the
campus you really feel like a part of the family. In being an RA, we really try and
help with that transition and promote as many programs as possible to get people interacting
and meeting one another and just creating that community on the floor.

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