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Stunning Benefit Of Fish Oil Quantity You Should Take Daily

Stunning Benefit Of Fish Oil Quantity You Should Take Daily

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stunning benefit of fish oil quantity you should take daily for people who
came to know the health benefits of fish oil
the next question they ask is how much quantity does one take well some would
recommend at least 3.5 grams a day while others suggest a mere 2.5 grams of
omega-3 fatty acids would be enough to get the whole health benefits of fish
oil to be on the safe side it would be better to consult your doctor or
nutritionist for the proper dosage of fish oil there are in fact a number of
factors to consider take age for example it has been found out that the needs of
younger people for essential fatty acids are higher than the older folks one of
the possible reasons is the fact that young people are more active which makes
their needs for essential fatty acids greater than old people who have gone on
with their retirements however this should not be misunderstood that older
people do not need daily intake of fish oil the dosage or amount only diminishes
but the importance of taking fish oil does not nothing can stress this more
than the studies that have been conducted in the past which shows that
the healthy essential fatty acids in fish oil help reduce and prevent the
inflammation of blood vessels which is linked to heart disease according to
experts the lack of eicosapentaenoic acid EPA and the doxa hexanoic acid DHA
can result to depression and heart disease and since epa and DHA are the
primary omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil the significance of fish oil in
one’s diet cannot and should not be undermined plus our body cannot produce
essential fatty acids so our only hope to get them is through an outside source
only by eating fish rich in fats and oil or taking those commercially available
fish oil supplement capsules does our body get the necessary supply of omega-3
probably one way of determining the amount of omega-3 you take also depends
on your intake amount of omega-6 fatty acids you can find omega-6 acids from
common vegetable cooking oils like canola oil soybean oil corn oil and
sunflower oil these are present in a lot of food
available in the supermarket most especially the processed ones we need to
balance the intake of omega-3 and omega-6 since the latter compete for
enzymes with the former and too much omega-6 could result to inflammation
which can later affect the heart the effects of omega-6 counters the benefits
omega-3 gives the heart according to some experts having a ratio of 2 to 1
Omega 6 to omega-3 would be the best combination to have the ratio properly
balances the effects of both essential fatty acids other doctors recommend
taking only a minimal quantity of say 2.5 grams per day or even lower
depending on how much it will take to maintain your state of health taking too
much might result to bodily imbalance which can become harmful to your overall
health however if you have a certain disease or existing condition your
doctors might prescribe you a stronger daily dosage of fish oil to help you
cope and regain your health to sum up the quantity of fish oil you should take
depends on your state of health diet age among other factors consulting your
doctors would be the best move before starting on a daily intake of fish oil
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