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SUB)생연어로 연어국수 리얼사운드 먹방ASMR🍜 Making Salmon Noodles with Raw Salmonさけそば Mì cá hồi Eating Sounds Show

Nice to meet you It’s me ~ Today I prepared salmon I’m watching Youtube and I’ve seen you make noodles with salmon. (I stutter) I wanted to try it too! Where did I buy it? Oh wait … I bought it at the hypermarket! I cut huge salmon like noodles. It was very hard. I was born and had only eaten salmon once. This is the second time! I hope this salmon doesn’t disappoint me. This sauce contains various vegetables, soy sauce and fruits. Onions, peppers, leeks, sugar, apples … So it’s a sauce to eat with salmon noodles! The same soshi in the bowl And I prepared wasabi and lemon Can I show you? I don’t know if I cut salmon like noodles… Look at this! What do you think? OK? Answer Wow … there’s a lot of fish oil in salmon! Too much oil! I’m worried. I want to eat with this sauce! Is it delicious? With sauce ~ Expecting first taste! Well.. Who said that making noodles with salmon is delicious? This is a big problem.. It’s tasteless. Even so blurry! So I’ll sprinkle lemon Let’s eat again! Is my face so honest? What is going on? I’ll eat it with wasabi I think this salmon noodles are terrible Not too tasty The salmon I ate last time was very delicious. What happened? Eat salmon noodles with wasabi. I do not know if this is delicious.
Today my lunch is ruined What should I do if it doesn’t taste good? Who ate this deliciously? Bring him. Give me back my money! This is very expensive !! It is a very hot sauce in Korea. Please pray for the food to be delicious. … What happened to me? What should I do? I will eat a lot of wasabi! My nose is hot! I prepared this dish carefully. It’s terrible wait! I’ll bring the onion sauce! It will save me. I brought onion sauce ~ I used to eat salmon with this before. I have to eat this food somehow. Onion, save me. please… Dont it is decent taste! I’m glad! Eat a small piece of salmon! The big one doesn’t taste as much as its size … Isn’t it delicious because it’s my sauce? Let’s eat salmon, wasabi and onion sauce together! What is this strange taste combination? It’s delicious to eat with just one onion sauce. Onion sauce is my religion from today. It’s a surprise! I have to eat quickly… Oh, but salmon’s fish does not go away. This is Korean spicy powder! delicious! I have to spray it on salmon. I will eat all of these salmon at any cost. There is a garden on my table. I’ll sprinkle spicy powder on that garden Oh, my God! What about this powder? Corn flavor! Is it okay? (Tasteless upgrade) what can I do! The color of the salmon is strange! I did not wish for this terrible situation! never.. It’s so fishy I’ll have ramen Ramen is also my religion from today Salmon, I don’t wanna see it Forcibly eat This salmon… Wasabi … Wasabi attacks me too often. It must be hating me I would be fine without the greasy taste of salmon, it feels so much too. I think this is ramen and eat it. Let’s eat.. Yes. This is a damn ramen. Why make me sad salmon.. Sorry. I can’t eat salmon anymore. Should I eat lemon? I’m sorry Because I am hard, I rely on religion.
Ramen is my religion. I’m so sorry for you.
I’m really sorry. Next time, I’ll cook salmon delicious. I’m really sorry. I can’t eat it anymore. I’m going to vomit! I’ll show you how to eat ramen instead!
What do you think? It’s salmon noodles anyway! Ramen noodles too.. I’ll have ramen instead. please. Please forgive Can you forgive me? Huh? I ate it all.. Please forgive.. I’m sorry. Next time, I’ll show you in front of you with really delicious food. To be honest, today’s salmon was the worst. It was not so delicious. I may vomit right now. I am really sorry. please forgive me. I’ll prepare a better meal next time. Sorry. Don’t hate me

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