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58 comments on “Successful Foreign Travel-(Real Fish Sign) Palmistry

  1. Nice but somebody told me if fish sign on moon area face toward to mercury it means I have to come back to my native country. Is this true ? Plz answer

  2. What if there is a double headed fish on the moon mount that is a sort of fish head on both the ends…………..?

  3. I have this sign in my both palm facing my fate line. As at today, I am living in faraway to my native country. As a matter of fact, this traveling out of my native country turned my life and future around for better. I am just using this to buttress to the facts this video claims.

  4. I have five fish sign one in the right hand and four in my left hand. Three have connected to my fate line

  5. Hi i have very confusing sign in middle of my palm next to head line ,can you see my palm ? Or tell me what it means if it’s island

  6. What if i have a fish on my pinky the head is on my pinky an the tail is im my palm what does that mean?

  7. I have a fish🐟inside my heart line going to the between my two fingers middle finger and Ring finger and also in the begging of my fate line going up I have many fish in my left hand

  8. I have two fish signs merged together forming a sort of infinity sign and facing towards the inner mars can you plzz tell me what does it mean

  9. Dear sir, I have 3 sign on jupiter mount but lines shearing with each other with signs.1-fish- square- cross-star on jupitor mount.can you explain?

  10. Hi great video i have a very big fish sign branches out from life line to the mount of moon… it is pointing at mount of venus… what does it mean? Thank you

  11. ihave bif ish sign in ketu both in left and riight palns and two well indented lines in the mount of moon connecting ot my fate line. I am a writer. what would that mean?


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