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Sukiya Japan dining.  Cheap and tasty Eel rice.

Sukiya Japan dining. Cheap and tasty Eel rice.

So found my eel. It’s actually pretty good. pretty well..ur pretty cheap actually. Haven’t seen these prices in Japan until now so…look like they sell some urm raw tuna on rice as well. So it’s pretty good. It’s quite a pretty extensive menu. This place is open 24 hours. So I think I found my little eating place for the next 2 nights. It’s pretty good. Think I’m getting…and they sell curry as well! Think I’m going to try this one. Bit of the beef as well. Pretty much a lot of Ramen places as well they serve this sort of…it looks like water but it’s actually…I’m not sure it’s like tea I think, very cold tea. It’s actually quite strong. Has like a rice after taste, so could be roasted rice tea. And also you get these condiments on the side. Thank you. Dozo.There’s my set. Looks good. That’s a massive piece of eel. Smells great. This massive. That’s huge! This is so worth the value. . So I got the set. It’s 1030 yen. One thousand and thirty yen. So about thirteen dollars Australian. Let’s try. Got a crunch to it. That’s eel. Mmm, the beef is nice too. Alright, we have a bit of a soup here. I think this is pickled. Kind of a bland pickle. But at least it’s a vegetable. We haven’t found much vegetables in Japan at all. Alright, good meal. Gonna eat this. Thank you. This place behind me that’s where I had breakfast. It’s called Sukiya. I’m sure… it’s probably like a chain but it’s probably one of the cheapest places you can eat eel in Japan, it’s so cheap and it’s so good. Value for money for sure, and it’s 24 hours open 24 hours highly recommended

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