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Summer Bass Fishing Tips | Bass Fishing

Summer Bass Fishing Tips | Bass Fishing

We’ve talked about lots of different times
of the year to fish, and the time of the year that I spend a lot of time fishing especially
with my kids and friends is in the summer. We don’t have any tournaments in the summer,
but I spend a lot of time in Lake Okeechobee and travel around the country enjoying the
summertime fishing. And I wanna talk a little bit about that and kinda give you a few tips
to help you when you’re out in those dog days of summer. In the summer time the water temperatures
are going to the highest there gonna be all year, sometimes on some lakes you’re talking
85, 90 degree water temperatures. So those fish first of all are gonna have
a short feeding window, most bass in the summertime feed first thing in the morning to about 9:00.
And the reason for that is about after nine o’clock that’s when the water temperature
starts to rise from their night time temperatures up to their peak high time noon temperatures.
And when that happens those fish really slow down they don’t really seem to feed a lot,
they kinda become a little bit more inactive. Another great feeding time in the summer is
the last couple hours in the evening, like the last two hours that’s really good. When
that low angle of that sun, again, that’s when water starts to cool off again and these
fish again will again start feeding. Because in the heat of the summer those fish don’t
want to feed all day long. Now where do I target, I target deep water.
In the springtime I talked about fishing shallow 12 foot or less. In the summertime I’ll do
shallow stuff in the mornings and then move straight out to the deep stuff. Because in
the morning time those fish will again will be up this main lake points, up on docks and
pockets but towards on the main lake. Those fish wanna be relating close to that deep
water or those river channels that are in the lake. Some of the baits I like to throw in the morning
again a buzz bait, I use it in the spring I also use in the summer. Your first hour
or so in the morning in the summer time a bass bait can be deadly. A walking bait again
is very awesome. Those are the type baits that you wanna fish in the summertime. Then once the sun gets up water temperature
starts to rise I like to go a little bit deeper. And what I like to do with that is go with
the shaky head like we have here and get out a little bit deeper with the shaky head or
even a big football jig like you have here. A big football jig works great. And another
thing deep diving crankbaits, deep diving crankbaits in the summer is way to catch a
lot of fish. Because those fish will get out there in that open water and they will school
up. The depth that I like to target in the summertime
when I’m out deep is, say 15 foot being the shallowest probably down to 25 and even 30
foot deep. And sometime on some lakes if you see a lot of bait fish, out over those river
channels, even if it’s a hundred feet deep but there’s a bait fish on your graph or you
see sea seagulls diving in the morning you can get out there a hundred foot of water
and it’ll be wolf packs of bass chasing the shad around. And top water lures, under spins,
jerk baits, things like that, can real deadly choice. So again in the summertime fish shallow in
the first couple of hours in the morning and move out deep. See you guys.

20 comments on “Summer Bass Fishing Tips | Bass Fishing

  1. Scott Martin, love your R2S Rover 98. Been smashing biggens in the morning. Great tips and tricks all over you tube. Can't wait to one day meet you and watch you slam a tournament win down soon.

  2. You talk about bass loving the open water during the day but don't they like to hide in cover am shade when its hot out?

  3. I don't get out during the day that often but when I do, I always find bass 10 -20 fest off points and on cover.

  4. Great info as always. I'm from S. Florida and would like a suggestion for when you fish the canals in summer. Will the same deep water approach work or stay shallow in the shade.
    Thanks again.

  5. What do you think about fishing in smaller lakes. What do you use when you fish smaller waters like ponds or lakes?

  6. How do you catch more fish in the middle of the day in the summer off of the bank when you can't go deep

  7. Nice video, well planned and thought out. It's always nice to see other channels that aren't looking solely for money. Subbed

  8. Talking about under spins also, I've put some good ones in the boat on underspins when the water starts to cool Down in the lower 50's

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