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Summer Perch Fishing with Lures | Fishing with Edvin and Philip

Summer Perch Fishing with Lures | Fishing with Edvin and Philip

Today, we’ll fish for perch. When we arrived at the water, we saw
a lot of bait fish on the fish finder. We have brought some Herring equipment with
us, so let’s see if we can catch something. Big fish again! They are very pale here,
at first I thought it was a zander. What a take! It felt like a pike,
it was that hard. It was like.. If it was a herring,
it would have weighed 1 pound. Now we have a big one! I have a stinger. You’ll catch big perch. Two casts in a row!
Two casts in a row! Let me also make a cast
– It’s a big fish. For you who doesn’t know how you fish for
herring, it look like this. First it’s a line with 5 hooks. On the
hooks, there’s flash, pearls and stuff like that. Then you have a sinker at the bottom. A weight. Let it down in the water. It is important
to have extremely good fishing gear.. ..when fishing for baltic herring. We use our perch rods, and this time,
it’s a Yasei-rod. There!
– And a reel from Shimano.
Let the tackle down in the water.
– I caught two fish. Now, you’ll see how ugly mouths they have. They can eat really big things, even
though they are quite small fishes. The fish school starts at 3 meters of
depth. Let it down and then they’ll bite. There! Missed it, it only nibbled. I’ve got fish.
– Now we have a big one. It was big.
– I have one. Caught a big one. We are nice to the fish,
so we release them. Now!
– Oh. We have a lot of fish on the hooks.
– I caught two fish. Do you have even more?
– I don’t know. Is it heavy?
– Whoho. Four fish. Plus two. Fish scales everywhere.. There! Oh..
– Did you have one? Yes. I thought I had one.. ..then I lifted the jig and it took once again. I can tell you, it wasn’t a small fish. We are now on the perch place and
it didn’t take long before I had contact.
I have a fish. This place always holds fish.
– Perchie. Yes, indeed, it was a perch. He’s very pale. Look how deep he has swallowed the lure. What color do you use, Philip?
– I use a, well, it looks like a minnow. It’s Trigger X Minnow Paddle. With a 21 gram head.
First cast. I use a 18 gram head.
– They are very pale. Well, they don’t have
much color on them here. What a take! It felt like a pike,
it was that hard. It was like.. If it was a herring,
it would have weighed 1 pound. It was a school of perch on the fish
finder, then I put on a vertical jig.. ..and dropped it on the fish school. Didn’t take long before
I hooked a perch. I lost a perch before I
caught this one. Let’s release the perch and see.. In fact, the fish school are still down
there, so let’s see if we can catch more. It’s a fish at 4 meters of depth.. It’s a big fish school down there.
– Indeed, it’s a lot of fish. My lure didn’t even have time to go down.. No! It was big too. I use this jig. It works,
but I will try a green one.. ..and see if they like that one better. Caught a perch now. Was it one the stinger hook
you recently tied? Yes.
– You’ll see. It’s a quite big perch. Exactly 40 centimeters. They don’t have any leeches on them,
so it seems like they are very active. We have seen on the sonar that they have
beem swimming around a lot in the water. They are very pale,
here in the ocean. At first, I thought I
had hooked a zander. It’s head shakes from a zander.
– I don’t know what it is. It’s zander.
– I took a twin tail Storm jig and.. ..reeled it in like usual. It’s something big that
has taken the jig. It’s either a pike or..
– I don’t know what it is. It doesn’t feel like a pike. I don’t know what it is, it’s
either falsely hooked or.. could be like a bream or something. Na, I think it’s a fish.. Well, I know it’s a fish but I
think it is a strange fish. If it was a pike, it would have
been doing longer runs. I don’t want to lose it before
we can see what it is. Especially when it’s something bigger. Now, we’ll see it soon. A pike.. I’m very disappointed. Thought it was too calm..
– Yes, me too. Come here.
Ah, it came loose. This was the lure. Works great on pikes too..
– Yes, good for pike. Big fish once again. Hope it isn’t a pike this time.
– It is. We drove to a.. place and didn’t fish for more than 5
minutes before Philip got stuck to the bottom. Then I caught this one. It’s a pike, isn’t it?
– Yes. It smells like herring. It is not fat. Now! The perch are insane,
it’s a better fish too. No, it felt better.. It wasn’t that bad. It’s the stinger hook that makes it,
if I didn’t have a stinger.. ..hook I don’t think
I would have caught it. They are quite picky, so I tied
a stinger to the hook and now.. ..I hook the fish. A small treble hook. Perfect. Catches nice perch. It’s deep over there, then it’s shallow,
and then it’s deep again. Yes, I know, it’s a shallow plateau
and the perch seems to be around it. They usually bite when the
jigs are on the plateau. You don’t need to make long casts. It was quite slow, so the
camera man also made a cast. Caught a zander that weighed 5,24 kg. Quite nice. Let’s measure it and see
how long the zander is. There.
– 82 cm. It was a big perch.
– Well, that’s not a perch, or is it? Or?
– Well, it’s probably a big perch. Should I release it? A pike took my jig, so I lost it. I will now show you
how to rig a new one. First I’ll insert a jig head. I use a 14 gram jighead because
we fish on deeper water. You want to have control of
the bait and feel everything. I’ve now inserted the head
and since they are quite picky.. ..I prefer to use a small stinger
further down on the paddle. I then use a fluorocarbon leader. I simply tie the fluorocarbon in
the head and on the hook. I use a hook from VMC. Measure how long you want. Something like this. Pull together. Aouch.
Don’t want to hook myself. I now have a stinger. Put the hook in the jig here. What’s good with these jigs are that
they come in packaging like this. It’s a smelling substance in there,
so they smell disgusting but..’s good for the fish. They are biting on them. Let’s go for another spot. When fishing in the archipelago,
it’s important to have a chart. It’s a lot of rocks and shallow plateaus
that you otherwise could hit. Think about that if you’re going
out to fish in the archipelago. Yes, fish on! It’s quite big head shakes.
Well, no, it isn’t big. Let’s release this perch. Nice fish. Two casts in a row!
Two casts in a row! Let me also make a cast.
– It’s a big fish. Well, really.. This one is big. No, but it’s nice. It was bigger than the previous one. Look, it has no colors. It was actually quite nice. Pale and fine.
– It was decent. I fish with a BFT Microwave rod. You can cast long with this rod
because of the special line guides. You also get a better aim. It has been quite hard fishing today. We have managed to catch some perch,
but we didn’t find the biggest ones. I still think it has been a fun day.. ..with other species than what we fished for.
It has been fun! Subscribe to Kanalgratis Youtube Channel.. ..and follow us on Instagram and Facebook.
Links is in the description. Bye, and go get a big roach later.

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  1. Beskriv vart man hittar abborren på östkusten nu på sommaren när man har typ 13 grader i vattnet. Har provat överallt men får inget. Dock så får gubbarna mycket abborre på nät.

  2. Jag var på mitt landställe i Dalarna och gick ner till badplatsen la ut flötet så sög det på en BRAX på deg mete med ett spö gjort av plast

  3. Sitter & drömmer mig bort.. Inte lika vanligt med så bra abborrfiske här nere i Skåne. Inget illa menat med det blev lite otydligt pg.a dialekten.. Vad heter spöna ni använder? Gärna lite info om rullen mer än Shimano också, ser ruskigt trevligt ut!

    Tacksam för svar 🙂

  4. Vad är det för poäng med att kasta tillbaka fisken? Det är lite som att smyga runt i skogen, hitta en fin älg, förbereda sig, sikta noga, skjuta ett löst skott och gå hem.

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