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Sunday Funday in Mexico City | Concha Con Nata | Fish Tacos (umm… this city is flippin’ cool)

Sunday Funday in Mexico City | Concha Con Nata | Fish Tacos (umm… this city is flippin’ cool)

found four scooters we downloaded the apps we got everything situated it only took a couple hours but here we are [Music] okay so today we’re going to breakfast at Casa de los azules yeah sing my Spanish is getting good it’s a building that was built in the 1700s it’s called the house of tiles because it’s got blue and white tiles on three sides of it very beautiful we walked by it so many times it’s not necessarily a restaurant but there is a restaurant in there called San borns and sanborns is a chain restaurant here in Mexico I don’t know if it’s just in Mexico City but I know there’s a lot here in Mexico City hey family oh you took the other elevator yeah Haden’s avens got this thing where he’s got to take the other elevator twelve-year-olds so anyway saying boourns we’re going there for breakfast and we haven’t even had coffee yet so yeah you actually look pretty bright for not having coffee gotta be asked oh she’s really white and bright looking so anyway so we sanborns we’ve been there one time before like the first or second day we got in Mexico City just just a chain restaurant I thought it was decent wasn’t terrible or anything nothing to write home about but but anyway we got comments on it that we should check out this sand boards and then some other people said wow it’s just a chain restaurant you want to check it out but the building is really beautiful and some people apparently really like sand boys so we’re going to go there for breakfast and then afterwards we’re gonna go ride some bikes [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] this is a large place what is this yeah guys would he want to drink look at these drinks holy moly dresser oh yeah dose this place is really big I understand why people say to come here this is a great play this is nothing like the sand burns we went to we’ve just got the expo city this is a whole different experience so what’s this that’s a red bull is that just bread is that a what is that that looks like a contracted culture looks like well break me up a beast like a dip it in my coffee [Music] I almost got in trouble because I was going to dip my bread into Amy’s coffee [Applause] it’s a sweet bread it’s not a contra absolutely really but whatever it is it’s delicious and when you dip in your coffee it does that magical transformation into more deliciousness for adults this is just bread what is it the heartbreak I’ll try it total dip worthy their customary breads are fantastic mmmm did you draw your great gap my coconut and pineapple drink I mean it’s gonna bind up one it’s fabulous I can have some oh yeah that’s tasty so what do you think anybody can have okay Sebastian got a chicken sandwich a got the enchiladas visa I think I got Chile Kia’s Rohan waivers hearty breakfast hey Dad how do you like that bean sauce that beat and refried beans or three whole eggs is delicious chili Kia’s Roo breakfast it’s got a ham and chicken and cheese you prefer your enchiladas guys still this when I hear oh that’s fantastic Adam [Music] that was good Sanborn asked to lejos it was uh you know just decent fair I mean it wasn’t like blow your mind or anything but it was definitely really good and it’s well I don’t know aaden’s enchiladas those enchiladas to squeeze or whatever those are pretty those are pretty epic the main reason to go there besides the enchiladas is the fact that the building is so beautiful see that right there that’s called dedication dedication for family photography the girl just wants him to do it so he does it oh you think oh so you think he’s doing it because his wife is sitting there telling him to yes you’re a wise a man that’s most likely what it is okay so now we are headed to find some bikes so this is a service station and I have many service stations open on Sundays to take care of your bike that’s cool so and it’s free really yeah so you something wrong with your bike or you just need like something tightened up or whatever they come here pump your tires and that’s medical tents to hurt anybody who gets hurt while they’re out I mean come on that’s this is like awesome yeah that’s that is that’s above and beyond awesome right there oh yeah oh yeah this is a nice bike okay so we’re gonna walk down a few blocks here and see if we can find a bike station to get some bikes from okay okay so I want to point out that here on Sundays is it it’s every Sunday they shut down this all these roads okay so Amy says that most Sundays except for maybe the last Sunday of the month okay so this is war Eze right here and then there’s another big thoroughfare called la reforma and those get shut down for Sunday for bike riding if there’s some runners out here as well but it’s all about getting out getting some exercise so it’s really cool skateboards rollerblades roller skates hola in English no okay Google Translate and get the foyer how would we go about getting some bikes okay there was for my own every time muy Grande hey mr. Scavo I’m onto the person okay perfect this is oh look they fix the little boys bike that’s cool huh so here we have this eco bike stand oh but they have English holy moly yeah they do on these oh well yeah okay so let’s try to figure it out of course the is it not a push it’s not a touchscreen it’s not a touchscreen towards a broken touchscreen [Music] all right well we’re at our second bike kiosk here and it’s out of service as well you know the one didn’t say out of service but the screen wouldn’t work and this one does say out of service on both these screens this is that one is the screen you can just type your PIN and one is a screen where you can purchase the bike rental so anyway so now I guess we have to go to our third kiosk hopefully it’s working I don’t know if we’re doing something wrong or if this is just payment so we’re gonna keep walking until we find a bike but you know get some more confidence that’s good there should be one across the street okay okay so this is our third kiosk here see if we get lucky so we’re good now let’s see if we can actually rent a bicycle yeah I just get for one day so it’s like five bucks a day per bike yeah okay oh you got a register oh it’s gonna take a while because you might register for different people for different people for different credit card swipes all right well so this goes we’re sorry the serviced employee unavailable try again later no way oh my goodness this is not working out too well I thought for sure we had it because it took the card it approved your card yeah and then so I guess it didn’t register you at all oh no now it’s officially out of service now the whole screens out yeah that is no bueno well that’s disappointing so the only thing at this point that I think that we can do is both of us get a bye cap we’re into Mike and both of us get a scooter app and give scooter oh yeah okay well okay I guess we’ll try it huh okay so now after three kiosks we went inside to Starbucks we downloaded a bunch of apps headed elbows like three apps apiece and put our credit card numbers in sign up and register and now we’re in the search of two scooters and two electric bikes so on the app Amy says there appear or at least part of the compliment will be up here in a couple blocks all right here we go lime scooter in a grin scooter I got a lie map so let me get this one going to be my first time ever doing this and I look how to ride get a kick started to get it going didn’t you guys use throttle to accelerate okay oh hold on it’s not unlocked yet [Music] now it’s unlocked okay Hey all right so let’s find a bike for me and B man there goes Amy see you later honey good to know yeah really yeah get some speed whoo oh yeah that book jeez that’s faster than I thought I’d be be yeah went up yeah I decided that I’ll go ahead and get a scooter because there’s one right here in case there’s not a bike nearby plus mom and the Aiden look like they were having so much fun his mom’s faster than yours or is yours faster and mom’s ok so we’re we’re still trying to find a bike for B man because we keep missing the mow bikes because they keep getting taken before you get to anyone’s a bike so we’re gonna give them a bike it has more kick than I would ever think it would I’m very surprised Bheema it’s trying out the scooter because these we’re having a hard time finding a bike so we’re thinking maybe we’ll just get four scooters okay so B man you’re choosing to go with the the green scooter and we just got another lime so let’s roll found four scooters we downloaded the apps we got everything situated it only took a couple hours but here we are and I don’t think we’ll run into this problem again I think like next Sunday if we want to do it it’d be like Bing Bing boom yeah all right so let’s roll not gonna get a lot of exercise today but it’s gonna be fun okay you guys ready [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] you [Music] [Music] [Music] you beat after all that scooter riding why are you sitting there you’re supposed to you’re supposed to ride on the scooter no we went out of range so I had to carry all the way back hmm so I didn’t just carried a scooter about what a quarter-mile half-mile something that yeah because we were out of range and we couldn’t unlock it because my phone for some reason doesn’t like unlock yeah the whole time with those grin scooters have wouldn’t unlock yeah so then and if we would have left him there there would have been like a twenty five dollar charge so migrant scooter unlocked because my app works but yours didn’t so yeah so the grin through Raffy needs some work oh that’s right oh because it’s not the grin app is the grid through rapi yes yeah okay so this awesome guy right here decided he would carry it all hey yeah well they they kind of make it like that because they don’t want people to take them so but before all that we had a pretty awesome time doing yeah that was a great time I think we should definitely do that again I mean that’s just a blast I can’t believe it took us this long to decide to do that and that crazy we could have done that like ten times by now so anyway you live and you learn there we go okay well pretty good day so now all we need to so now we need to walk all the way back to our place because we had dropped up to scooters low away fireplace yeah so now we’re gonna walk away back and then we gotta find a good place to eat tonight consult the master list and then we’ll pick a place all right okay so now we’re headed to La Condesa to do two things one eight and to eat some more okay so first stop is el Pescadero now from what I hear some of the best fish tacos here in see DMX I looked online some of the pictures pretty amazing so we’re gonna go in there and chomp down on as many fish tacos as we can to be man there’s a line the figures that I mean must be a good place [Music] dress up your time so crap can you get that for me [Music] so I believe those right there are the chili Rihanna okay because these are shrimp and the chili Rihanna yeah yeah those are definitely chili relleno wow you really dressed that taco up so what is that a strip taco there’s not shrimp I think one of them is in my profession or it’s a fishing trip combo this one’s okay so do you want to go dress on some tacos okay thanks but be naked I have some that taco [Music] here let me switch tacos I’ll just like the would all to put on here okay looks like you did a good job how is it really good the best [Music] there’s this benefit okjung bites he’s still one be Batman pretty good job so far just bitch oh yeah they’re different times out but I don’t know like I don’t know how is different moms out there making some other guy but these are shrimp these are these are fish okay whatever whatever sauce what I’ll show you after [Music] district this chakra to infinity with it is I think this trip one so so far the trip lines have been killer you be this rep all right in you go add some salsa and sauces to these [Music] that was flipped English [Music] any Oh what does that be men it’s really good I quote this boy salsa now at this salsify not this awesome and it’s really good that’s cool man this thing weighs like 10 pounds got some kick like Julie yes that’s good but the fish is not as good as like a shrimp then Jilly kind of brings home forgot about lime on it he’s up what’s missing all right so I mean let me talk as we got left here so ADA can you go and take this one and doctor it up for me put the good salsa on there in the sauce yeah but some of Bashan sauce in there and my sauce so what’s all city is I’ll show you is going to be a favorite you know like we had yep these shrimp tacos are so good that I would I would even skip the cheerio they’re very spicy plus it is not as good just you know you could have a that shrimp for a nice piece of fish but you do it like please them – not that salted [Music] wow that was really really good I mean the shrimp tacos specifically were fantastic in fact wouldn’t we come back it’s all about the shrimp tacos because it doesn’t matter you can put different sauces on it different how many different sauces did they have hopefully that picked that up and she said five different cream sauces five different salsas so just a ton of different stuff and just fabulous chili relleno taco mhm wasn’t so great shrimp tacos out of this world oh my goodness so now we are walking why are we walking because we got to make room for pasta Luria suiza is that you saying I don’t know and we’re going there for a specific mission now once we inside the bakery all bets are off but we are going there for a specific mission and that is Concha not us all right then we got a nice little Park to walk through this is cool [Music] okay cool we found anak so grab something drink head back to the park we’re ready to roll okay well guys this is the first sitting in a park eating some pound Dulce oh then we found this knife that Amy’s cutting with an ox oh so that was cool hey man can you get all the stuff out of the bag there get some water and some more water and we got milk that’s right so you’re just gonna want to drink a milk don’t be like a rugged man and drink it right out of carton something good doesn’t sound like a record man to you no good alright so we got to punching out us maybe got a lemon pie B man you picked out some chocolate thing oh it’s a brownie okay it’s okay cool and then a man would you pick out a doughnut okay quality and we found a pan dulce table this is technically what’s called a pan dulce table they have them in all the parks at Mexico so you come into Mexico and you get some you know you get some sweets you want to eat it come find one of these you know pan dulce tables a humongous so they expect a lot of people to be eating pan dulce all the time how is it really good me man any good should I have it or should I throw mine away yeah I give it to you you don’t want me to have it just in case it’s I discuss it buy it oh oh wow that’s some good cream okay that makes sense I get it now I know why they wanted us to have some it’s good huh yeah okay so you know it’s better than a conch ah Concha with cream is better than a corn chip it just is but they’re hard to eat well with one hand yeah all right guys ready for the next one yep thank you just a bigger basic sugar danke bought it cultures in the park okay that’s a pretty good end of the day it takes a lump of one my Concha got a visitor it just fell down out of the tree windmill right on top of my culture but if you think that’s gonna stop me from eating this you don’t know me very well hint the lime in there so were you thinking I think it’s one lemon a hint of lemon yeah in the cream a hint of American lemon not Mexican Liam own yep all right well culture nodos are a plus there is nothing wrong with those whatsoever I have no critiques all right well I’m sure the rest of these desserts are going to be delicious and I’m running out of camera battery so we will catch you guys later we’ve had a fantastic weekend it’s been a long weekend oh my goodness who done so many things this weekend but it’s been a great weekend [Music] [Music]

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