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5 comments on “Sunday Morning (Creative Business Futures & World Famous Pike Place Fish Market)

  1. I have read the book 10 years ago and I came to read it again this weekend, such an inspiring way to work and make a new point of view to earn what you expect.

  2. inspiring, how low cost and almost no investing money in this company, made the diference…………..with corporate companies. Amazing.

  3. Hi! John and all of your nice colleagues. First of all excuse me for my weak English, but I like to show my feeling. About 20 years ago, it was for the first time that I watched one of your video in my company in Iran. We had a training course about "systemic thinking". And it was shown by our lecturer who was living in America and working for a very famous company. I was really shocked by watching the video. And I watched it again and again, later. Also I found the Fish book written by Lundin, Stephan C. that translated in Persian language. I read this book carefully and highlighted the important sentences. Nowadays I am retired. But I do not stay at home and argue with my wife! it was joke. I am working as a  management consultant for different companies. At the present I work for a famous science and technology park about 5S. I have learnt this Kaizen tool in Japan by AOTS. 5S is five steps to improve quality of workplace continuously. We built several teams and after training we  have many improvement in everywhere of park. It is mentionable that we have always the commitment and support of the president of Park. I was thinking how to make better more and more, how to create a more productive workplace, how to have a better life in this Park. Then I remembered Fish! Pike Place Fish Market. I watched the video many times and each time I have  learnt a new thing. And I  carefully read the Fish book again. Now I believe that Fish can help me to make a miracle in the Park. So I Presented Fish Market to the Core Team and showed them the 20 minutes Fish video, last week.  I asked them to think about what they got from this market and share them with team members next week. Now we want to learn and follow your  successful principles and adapt them to meet Park's needs. I am very happy and I am sure we will success in this way.Thank you for everything, Thank you.

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