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Sunshine Peacock Cichlids Freshwater Fish Aquarium (Lake Malawi)

Sunshine Peacock Cichlids Freshwater Fish Aquarium (Lake Malawi) the sunshine peacock is a freshwater
fish relatively small size peacock cichlid from Lake Malawi Africa
this fish is one of the most common found in home aquariums for tank it only
reaches about five inches or 13 centimetres in length it is a striking
yellow in color highlighted with icy blues especially on the dorsal fin
captive-bred color morphs can also be orange the sunshine peacock is one of
the smaller varieties of all Elana Carlos de Monte it only grows to a
length of about 5 inches it has a lifespan of about 6 to 10 years with
proper care the sunshine peacock has large lips and eyes the pelvic and
pectoral fins are elongated for color morphs are occasionally available to the
hobby the first in most common is the bloom yellow more from Chip oka its head
is usually indigo blue and 6-8 indigo blue vertical stripes can be found on
the rear part of the fish these cichlids make a great choice for
the beginning cichlid Keeper and dart appealing to the advanced acquires as
well they are easy to care for easy to feed and relatively on the Manning
aquarium residence peacocks are Hardy fish but like all Malawi cichlids they
will deteriorate under poor water conditions the malawi fish are usually
kept at a higher pH which means that ammonia is more lethal
so regular water changes are a must although the Sunshine peacock is an
omnivore it will be mostly mealy foods if there are plants in the aquarium it
won’t touch them in the wild they feed on a variety of live foods especially
small bottom-dwelling invertebrates be sure to have ratio of about 3 to 5
females for every male in your tank these fish can be territorial so their
environment should have a plethora of rocks for breeding hiding places and
creating territories

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