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Super Easy Fish Pie | Jamie Oliver – AD

Super Easy Fish Pie | Jamie Oliver – AD

Hi guys, ok, were going to make a super easy and delicious italian style fish pie. You’re going to love it and I’m going to bigging up my beautiful bake ware range So nice thing about this recipe is it’s really simple to do. I’ve got some mashed potato here just simply mashed, boiled, peeled potatoes mash it up with a bit of milk and butter and salt. So that’s done. Now the first job that I’m going to do is I’m going to kind of create a really delicious tomato salad just nice little mouth piece sizes. Were just going to put those into the bowl. Then you want to season it nice and generously with salt and pepper. So that’s your basic seasoning, just toss the tomatoes up with the salt and pepper Were going to go in with the zest and the juice of one lemon I’m going to go in with about the same amount of extra virgin cold-pressed olive oil about 3 or 4 tablespoons ok I want to get one clove of garlic. I’m going to use spring onions because if I put sort of raw onion in there I don’t feel they’re going to cook the time that this beautiful dish is going to cook. So I’m going to finely slice those I’m now going to slice up a chilli. Taste your chillis, see how hot they are and you just it very subtle ok, so I’m going to use half a chilli here and in it goes with the tomatoes and then I’m going to hit it with a nice big handful of basil, and some parsley. Its beautiful, beautiful to use herbs So I’ll just roll them up like that, it smells incredible So in we go So I’m going to mix this up. Now what’s beautiful, is were going to let this sit for about 10/15/20 minutes and what you’ll get is the juices coming out of that, and actually what weve made there is a dressing that going to be so good but at the same time we don’t want that liquid in our fish pie because it’s just going to be nice ok? So what were going to do is were going to let that sort of just macerate and all those beautiful flavours mix up ok, then we’ll drain it and we’ll have dressing on one side and a beautiful light summery tomato salsa on the other which will cook with the fish and mash potato and its going to be a fantastic, fantastic Fish Pie So over there we’ve got some lovely lemon sole, plaice and prawns you can really pick the fish that you like, and also it can work to any budget ok So I’m going to slice up the prawns, like that and that goes into our dish with the plaice. I’m just going to slice them in half and I’m just going to roll them up like a little rose. OK, whats the point in doing this? Well, when you actually dig in there later it’s going to look and feel and cook completely different to the chunks of prawns So with the lemon sole what I’ll do here is I’ll just lay that in and out like threads, beautiful. OK, so we’ve got the fish there, the tomatoes have been macerating beautifully I’m just going to drain that into my nice salad bowl here then move them over to the fish. Just sprinkle those on the top like that And what I want to it kind of just use my fingers to just kind of push and tuck in the tomatoes in and around the fish. So what you end up with is a lovely dressing, you can put a little bit more olive oil in there, look at that It’s so fresh, it’s so good Two more ingredients to finish this and they’re classic Italian ingredients So I’m going to use about 100/150 grams of creme fresh 50/60 grams of pecorino not to make it cheesy I’m using it like a seasoning So this is one of my Jamie Oliver piping bags, basically snip off the end, I just unscrew this part here and then i push this in this side slip that on like that, and then load it up with potato Take the edge up like that and just sort of shake it down, pinch the top and just twist it around and then you are fully loaded and ready to go. And then you can do any piping you want, I’m simply going to pipe it in the simplest form which is up and down. By having these little nozzles like that, it creates those beautiful lines and that means more crispy bits. Wack this in the oven for about half an hour until this potato is golden and crisp and gorgeous. Lets let that cook and then I’ll show you how to serve it up. I’ve got some really basic everyday salad leaves here like a round lettuce, cheapest lettuce in the world. I’ve got some baby spinach some rocket, because we’re on that sort of Italian vibe What’s amazing is you get kind of flavours that kind of smell like the greenhouse in that dressing. Really, really good Really, really lovely Topped off with a big old wadge of vibrant salad What’s really nice is it just cooks so well together, its very light and fresh, really, really good Absolutely gorgeous, you’ve got to give that a go Now guys if you want to see more of my bake ware range and more information, hit the “I”box up there and if you want to check out my lovely wife’s fish pie recipe then the details are in the information box below. Until next time. Bye

100 comments on “Super Easy Fish Pie | Jamie Oliver – AD

  1. I gave this a go and couldn't get past finding a good tomato in the grocery store. My goal is to become rich enough to hire Jamie as my personal chef or I'm screwed. I'm so screwed.

  2. Oh My! Don t wach this if you re pregnant like me and you have cravings cravings, unless you don t have anything prepered for dinner.
    I will give it a try! Thank, Jamie! You re a huge inspiration! And I love your kitchen, the light, the lemons. Cheers!

  3. I have been watching Mr.Jamie for 2 years now and I never get bored of the way he cooks love the way Jamie Oliver cooks using fresh ingredients, every time I watch him my inspiration tank is filled and my love for cooking food just goes up, there's no end to it. One day I want to be able to cook like him and make people around me Smile, I will work hard train myself and someday I will meet you "Sensei" and when I do I hope you will be proud of me. Thankyou for inspiring this kid. 😀 God Bless..

  4. We just prepared the Pie Jamie! It was amazing the tomato and herbs dressing omg! keep up uploading this kind of easy recipes!

  5. …si Dios quiere ,mañana veo un lugar en mitad del campo para empezar mi restaurante,… y tu eres,… fuente de inspiración para mi,…¡siempre lo has sido!….
    Si acepto condiciones del mismo ,estas invitado a mi humilde cueva,solo tengo que reunir el dinero que para mi es lo más difícil,muy difícil….tampoco es mucho pero depende para quien las cosas se quedan grandes…,en momentos determinados.
    …¡estoy viéndote porque tu forma de ser es fantástica y das "buena onda" como dirían los argentinos!
    …¡gracias por ello!
    Un saludo Cordial

  6. Super easy Fish pie was on our table this evening. It kept its promises, it was super easy, it was a 'pie' and I took some freedom to chose different fishes. Limande for the roll with redmullet fillet and tiger prawns. Luckily our local store has AOP Isigny-Ste-Mere fresh cream, so I used it. It is important to not take a too liquid cream, it needs to be thick in the pot otherwise the oven will make a soup of your pie. For same reason you need to drain the liquid out of the tomato mixture. It was tasty, it wasnot too heavy. it was fresh and light in mouth thanks to the lemon juice and zest and to the chili.
    Our family was happy to have this meal for dinner. Also, it is a dish with limited use of ground resources. Our family considers that we are eating better since we follow 'foodtube' advice . Keep doing !

  7. Got the feeling alot of people think JO is for free on this world 😂😜 poor guy.. ad or not you need to make a living… Nice one this , and if you like cooking you can add loads of things. I havent got the cream so i did more cheese and bacon👍🏻

  8. i make it simple! put the fish in the oven for 20 min. after that, i remove the fish gravy and just make a white sause with dill and add the fish gravy! put the fish back and fill the sides with the dill sauce. simple and easy!

  9. Hi Jamie, I am a uni student and am obviously on a budget, so can you make some delicious student recipes that won't break the budget, BUT will impress the ladies? Love FoodTube btw! Much love Harry Graham x

  10. Something is different.. visually. Something seems a little too glowy about the colours, the skin tones.
    Loving the recipe and video anyhow! Thank you!

  11. I've got lots of his bakeware range well lots of his products and most of them bakeware range is really low quality don't get me on about his non-stick pans and oven trays they are terrible

  12. Attempted to make this fish pie this evening for my husband and I. I was really looking forward to it unfortunately although it looked nice, once I cut into it the pie it was extremely watery. Not sure where I went wrong… 🙁

  13. Lovely.Thank you for sharing. I've made delicious fish pie let me know what you think and subscribe to my channel 😀

  14. I’ve had this recipe saved for a long time & finally made it. It is DELICIOUS!!!! PS- the dressing is crazy good too! Thanks Jamie! Much love ❤️

  15. Ho mangiato proprio oggi in un bell pub ed era veramente buono e leggero ma era tutto mescolato per che lo so e la tipica ricetta inglese ,questa versione di pie alla italiana mi sembra come tutte le sue ricette buonissima …mi piace l’idea di trovare sotto abbondante pesce e non mescolato al pure di patate ….

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