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Super Fast Baby Pureé with Tuna and Cannellini Beans | Michela Chiappa

I absolutely love my no cook purees. This is one of my favourites, it is simply tuna and cannellini beans with a bit of basil and lemon. I’m just going to use one of these to keep it simple. So, I’ve got a tin of pure cannellini beans in water, avoid anything with salt and sodium. These are brilliant, it’s almost like a natural mash without having to cook it, they’ve got a fantastic consistency which is nice and thick but full of nutrients. I use a tin of tuna, make sure it’s pure tuna without any added salt If you’re feeding a baby that’s been weaned for a while and you want it to have a nice texture you can mash this with a fork, doesn’t have to be blitzed to a fine puree. And then all that goes in there is the juice of half a lemon squeeze that straight in and then a handful of basil leaves, again it’s just another flavour to introduce to your baby. (Food blitzing in blender) Let’s check it out, that’s quite a thick consistency so I’m going to add half a cup of water to that so it’s nice and loose and moist so it’s easy for the baby to eat. Push any bits that are trying to stay out of there There you go, that is it. So just have a little taste This is a fantastic dip if you’ve got visitors and you want to put out some celery or carrot sticks it’s really tasty just add a little bit of seasoning for the adult but I know Fiamma is going to love this. Don’t forget to hit subscribe, I’ve got loads more ideas and recipes on how to feed your family. From your baby to your toddler and the adults just click on the link below.

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