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Super-Quick Pasta Sauces: Tuna and Lemon with the Chiappas

Super-Quick Pasta Sauces: Tuna and Lemon with the Chiappas

So we’re here in our parents house and we’re about to show you a really quick summery dish. Tono a limone which is, what Meg? Err, tuna and lemon! So quick and so lush! This for us is was a sauce that Mum, love her, when we go on holidays to Italy she had to cook and clean because we were at our grandparents house, so she would never want anything with hassle. We’ve got lemon zest. Hang on you haven’t told them about the pasta. We’ve got shells, called conchiglie, because shells are from the sea as is tuna. The intellect in the corner! I hope Dad approves Zest of a lemon and then the juice of a lemon Do you want to start maybe chopping up some parsley? Yep, stalks and all? Yeah, why not? Shall I taste the pasta Em? Yup, give it a go We want it nice and al dente, which the best way to describe al dente is that it’s got a bite, so you want it to be soft but have a tiny little and definately not like mashed potato. That’s the worst. Not quite ready maybe a few more minutes And I’m going to add some of the pasta water to this sauce because you want to help it thicken it a little bit Everyone goes terrified when you add water because they go, ohh it’s going to be like a soup but you really need it, don’t you? If you use the water from the pasta Whooo! Move! Here we go. In it goes We’ve also got Italian tuna and it’s in olive oil so you don’t need to add olive oil, you don’t need drain it, again it makes the process a lot simpler We’re ready Put in some parsley It smells delish! It couldn’t get easier than that If you didn’t have the tuna you could put parmigiana in it but if Dad was here right now, with the tuna, this is a big, this is a huge debate in italy You never put cheese with fish. You would hear Dad screaming from the end of the lane To be honest, what Italian doesn’t have an opinion? Exactly, true. Now, let’s see what our family make of it err Do you like that? I just don’t like the conchiglie that’s all but apart from that it’s. Are you serious? What’s the matter with conchiglie? You can only have conchiglie with lentils! Right okay! I’m joking. A success then There are loads of other great videos on Jamie Oliver’s YouTube. Click on the link to the right to check them out

97 comments on “Super-Quick Pasta Sauces: Tuna and Lemon with the Chiappas

  1. Gorgeous ladies, wonderful recipes… just add some fine wine or beer. You couldn't ask for more

  2. this is ridiculously easy and quick! love it for this! however, totally agree with your dad: won't make that with conchiglie since i'd rather have them with as pasta e fagioli or as he says with lentils and eaten with a spoon. spaghetti n5 could be an alternative sort of pasta. what do you reckon?

  3. This looks so good and thank you for recommending then Italian online store, the tuna is so good, never buying supermarket tuna again…

  4. Eating this almost everyday… It has begun a staple in my diet, since my days at university… Super tasty, super quick, super easy to make! Especially when you got home and you're too tired to cook!
    Best enjoyed with spaghetti or linguine 🙂

  5. Wales has a very large historically Italian immigrant population starting from the 19th century with industrialization and the opening of the coal mines. We're now arbitrarily many generations away from their arrival, and so many Welsh people have Italian surnames, heritage, and lasting ties to their hometowns in Italy. The UK is a country defined by immigration, it's a pretty odd question to ask whether they are Welsh "or" Italian. It's like saying are you English or Anglo-Saxon? I'm both!

  6. thats sooo simple… like relally simple .. lemon, parsley , olive oil , tuna .. if I add bit of cherry tomato would it spoil the flavour ?

  7. hei everyone!

    i'm new here on youtube and i make foodvideos aswell!
    it would be very nice if you checked out some videos from me 😉

    see you x

  8. great recipe but why do they always have rich and pretty girls doing these,us skint ugly people never get a look in :((

  9. takes about 10 minutes and tastes quite good 🙂

    i could also imagine this as some sort of salat, cold and with a little bit of vinegar or smth.

  10. Es de jamy este canal? Lo lee el? Si es asi que sepas que te sigo desde hace 15 years cuando te llamanas Oliver Twits , co testame necesito hablat contigo por favor , thenkiu very mach

  11. I would love to see something quick with sage. I love pasta and now I have sage in my garden and have no idea how to use it. 🙂

  12. girls your receipes are fantastic, really you can't get it wrong by cooking one of your receipe. I've just cooked for dinner this receipe and the perfum of the lemon combined with the flavours of tuna, lemon and parsley are really great! Simple and delicious! I love your cooking!


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  14. I made this and it was so delicious! My cat kept glaring at me. Next time I might try throwing in some quartered cherry tomatoes~

  15. Is one of those lovely sisters still free for marriage?! I´d divorce my wife on the spot …and immigrate to Wales, Italy, wherever; as long as she cooks for me!!!

  16. @leonfalco6: They're referring to parmigiano reggiano, not parmesan. It's different. Also, they ARE Italian, Italian was their first language, but they were born in Wales.

  17. Not thought of this before. Thanks for getting me all inspired! That's Monday's dinner sorted.

    Would a variation using a lime being acceptable?

  18. I honestly didn't expect it to be so tasty when I made it yesterday! It's very fast and delicious, I will definitely make it again but with fresh herbs as they had suggested. 

  19. Prepared it at work for my colleague and myself … tasted sooo good .. thanks for the recipe, i feel empowered

  20. this is really gooooooooooooooooooood:)i am not italian but i try:"e una grande mangare di italia cuchina"haha hope it was near(i am not even good in english so please 4give me…great pasta recept!!!my whole family looooooves it!!!!!!!!!!!!no1 my minime;my little sunsine son,he s 2 1/2 years old. Please giv us more of those simple delightfull(hope this is spelling right) dishes:):):))

  21. I feel terrible for asking, but could lime replace lemon in this recipe? Or will it ruin it? I live in Brazil and lemons are simply unavailable here…

  22. Thanks for the great recipe! Can you make a video of the lentil recipe mentioned at the end of the video? That would be awesome. 🙂

  23. I lived off this when I was pregnant with my second daughter. I was so poorly with pregnancy sickness and it really alleviated the symptoms

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