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Super Simple Fish Tacos

Here’s how to make Super Simple Fish Tacos.
I’m starting out with frozen fish fillets. In this case I’m using Cod. These are relatively
thick fillets. I’m going to thaw these in some hot water. If you’ve got fresh fillets
go ahead and use them. I going to set a bowl on top to keep those fish submerged while
they thaw for about 30 minutes. I’m going to prepare this toaster oven using aluminum
foil to line the pan. Add a little bit of olive oil so the fish doesn’t stick. Sprinkle
some coarse ground salt and some coarse ground black pepper on top of the olive oil. The
fillets are thawed after about 30 minutes. I’m checking to make sure there are no frozen
spots. They are ready. Use a paper towel to tear open the bag draining excess water from
the bag. Squeeze excess water from the fillet and places it on pan for the toaster oven.
Add a little bit of oil to the top of the fillets spread it around evenly. Sprinkle
some coarse ground black pepper and some coarse ground salt. Place them in the toaster oven.
I’m going to cook these fillets on broil for about 10 minutes on each side. While that’s
baking I’m going to put some guacamole onto a tortilla along with some chipotle sauce.
You can add whatever ingredients you like here. Let me know in the comment section what
you like on your fish tacos. I’m going to warm up the tortillas on top of the toaster
oven. 10 minutes are up. I’m going to flip the fillets. Their cooking up nicely here
and I’m to put them on broil one more time for another 10 minutes. I’m going to flip
over tortillas so they get heated evenly resting on top of the toaster oven. Another 10 minutes
are up. My fillets are done. Peel open the tortillas. Place the fillet on the tortilla
and break it up nicely with a fork. Close up the tortilla. There it is: Super Simple
Fish Tacos

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