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SUPER SMOKE SALMON PIZZA – SUKHUMVIT 22 พิซซ่าอร่อยๆแถวสุขุมวิท

SUPER SMOKE SALMON PIZZA – SUKHUMVIT 22 พิซซ่าอร่อยๆแถวสุขุมวิท

Today we are going to be eating some Pizza!! Sukhumvit 22 The place called ‘Dr. Pizza’ Dr. Pizza do delivery You could also their pizza on Foodpanda Or pick it up here yourself They have waiting area Small area over here and free wifi Kev is here with me What do you think about the place so far? We have been waiting for a little bit now The menu looks good It caters It has a lot of Italian style pizzas Like, really Italian pizza They have their own seafood This is menu We are getting smoked salmon pizza Dr. Pizza Pizza house special Ooh This looks super good Let me show you Let’s see the other one Let’s go try it Thai style pizza.. no.. It’s actually Italian recipe New York style thin crust pizza Good thing about take out / delivery We can just find some spots To picnic Bamn, get serious for eating I’m gonna try one by one. Little by little. Let’s start with this Arrabiata Special pasta Really good. Try! Yeah, it’s good Really good. Good salami too. We are going to try it international style first Plain, like this without tomato sauce ketchup and stuffs Mmm.. so good! Try! Now, I am going to show you Thai way of eating pizza Usually Thai people eat pizza with ketchup can you believe I can believe because I live here Kevin told me it’s a sin We should have gotten tomato sauce It took us a minute to get this so it’s not melty anymore But still going to be delicious Good ham and salami I just bit half of this It got me. Super spicy. Goes really good with this red sauce You gotta try I’m gonna have it one more time After you chew it a bit, it’s gonna kick you Done We finished all the food The salmon one’s totally a must try! if you like salmon, of course. Kevin also likes this one more Well, I like salmon a lot. and the dough is really good with it and also the caper The caper is really good too yes If you want to support the smaller companies the smaller businesses and also You are going to eat something different They have great stuffs. Great menu items. Easy too. You could call or order on Food Panda They are going to send it right in front of your door I totally like it and would come back for the salmon one Totally recommend if you’re around Sukhumvit Or in Bangkok That’s pretty much my date with Dr. Pizza He was delicious I hope you guys enjoyed Don’t forget to subscribe to Way Beyond Padthai Channel I will see you guys in the next video!

8 comments on “SUPER SMOKE SALMON PIZZA – SUKHUMVIT 22 พิซซ่าอร่อยๆแถวสุขุมวิท

  1. no, no, no. tuna yes, salmon no. deep crust chicago style yes, thin new york style no…… ketchup no, mayo yes. we have some great local pizza places here in the uk, i think i might have one next week :p

    by the way, i tried those weird fries when i was in terminal 21 pattaya the other week and they had way too much of the powdered flavor on them but other than that, they weren't too bad 🙂

  2. Wow. There is a Dr. Pizza here but with a Pizzzzzzzzzza kinda name…lol. I may or may not have made a video about it.

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