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Supplements Review Part 3 – High Grade OMEGA-3s (Muscle Recovery Monster!)

Supplements Review Part 3 – High Grade OMEGA-3s (Muscle Recovery Monster!)

[music intro] Hey guys, Jeff Cavaliere here from
and back in here in the gym but not using weights, but back at the white board for my
professorial moment here. How is that? How is that word for you? The , sort of, I’m already in character,
to try and explain to you why this next supplement here in the supplement view, is probably the
most important one you’re ever gonna put in your body. If you’re not already, why you actually
should be. It’s High Grade Omega-3 Fatty Acids. Now, you guys have written and ask me a lot
of questions about this, I figure let me address this, but let me show you sort of at the board
why it is where I is important as I feel it is. Over here, quickly some of the health benefits
of Omega-3, that have been documented and, you know, well researched. As a matter of fact it’s the only supplement
that’s endorsed by the American Heart Association, because it increases HDL Cholesterol, it’s
the good cholesterol. It decreases your blood triglycerides and
decreases heart disease as a result of all this. It’s been shown that decreases cancer risk,
especially prostate and colon cancer in men, increase insulin sensitivity , that’s good
for fat loss, decreasing arthritic pain, whether it’ll be from Rheumatic arthritis or whether
it would be from Osteo arthritis, improved leaver metabolism, and then, the most importantly
for you guys, because this is, you’re here for really building muscle and improve physic,
is increased faster muscle recovery , I’ll tell you why in a second here, and increased
fat mobilization which means faster metabolism and fat loss. All of this things guys, are caused by inflammatory
conditions, ok? Omega-3s are gonna be your number one element,
your number one ally in the battle against inflammation. An inflammation when it gets out of hand is
a bad thing, as we see with all these other medical conditions. Inflammation when it gets out of hand for
muscle recovery is gonna set you back where… I don’t care what you’re taking; you could
be taking the best glutamine, the best protein paddler, the best creatine, it’s not gonna
work. Because if you are in a negative state of
inflammation you’re not, your muscles are never recover. So, very, very, important. Let me show you quickly how this all works. We basically have cells; let’s say this
is a muscle cell. On the surface of the cell we have a receptor,
and it’s got a little shape in it, so that certain elements can, that match up to the
shape, can come in and locks in. So, again, we have two parts of this. We have an Omega-3 and something called Omega-6s. Omega-6s are free floating body, they’re
very rarely available. And they’ll compete to get into this cells
but the problem is Omega-6s are inflammatory. They’re the ones that cause all these stuff. So you wanna yell to get your Omega-3s to
get into this phase before them. It’s like a parking spot, you know. You’re at the Mall, there in Christmas time,
everybody is fighting over the parking spot , but the first one to get in is the happy
one, and the one that’s left out is kind of, you know, pissed off. So, you know, you don’t wanna be the one
that gets left out but you want that Omega-6 to be left out and just drive around, because
of they just are left to be free floating, they can’t exert any of those inflammatory
conditions. Is only when they get into that cell, can
they cause inflammation, so we want Omega-6s in here, alright? We’ve got that established, but the problem
is: Your body can’t make Omega-3s. You have to have Omega-3s come through your
diet. And the issue here is that the only way to
really get them is through fatty fishes, and people are not eating fish enough. As a matter of fact, to get the active ingredients
that you need, EPA, that’s the active ingredients in high grade fish, EPA DHA, you’d have
to get about 1,2-1,8 grams of this stuff. That would amount to about 6 to 8 ounces of
fish every single day of the year. And I don’t know if you’re a fish fan
or not, I like it but I’m not even eating seven days a week, 365 days a year. And if you do, you still gotta worry about
all the contaminates and all the bad fish that you’re getting over there, especially
if they’ve been swimming in that ocean, you know where we had the BP oil spill a little
bit early this year. So, not a good idea to just continue to eat
fish. So, you need to have some way to get a supplemental. Now, if that’s the case, you think that
all supplements are created equal. They absolutely are not in this case, because
a lot of the grades official, a lot of the fish are available like in GNC and on the
shelves, that aids from a low grade fish oil, they don’t use the highest purification
process, they don’t use, you know, the different cycling techniques that get rid of the heavy
metals and the mercury and things like that, so you have to guys, in this case, if you’re
gonna take these, you have to invest in a high grade fish oils, and there’s very few
available, as a matter of fact Lavasam, you’ve probably see a lot of commercial as specially
during the Super bowl, and they sell from 150 a month, and it’s extremely expensive
but It sort of worth the investment because the only way you’re gonna get the highest
grade and the active ingredients. Most of the other low grade fish oils provide
you with free fatty acids that make out about 90% of the actual pill, where as you don’t
care about those fatty acids because they don’t do anything. You need to have EPD DHA and that’s what
you get when you get your high grade. Now, as far as a specific brand guys, I was
actually lucky to grow up in a house over, my father was a former pioneer in the use
of fish oils to treat the medical conditions. He’s a medical doctor. Dr. Michael Cavaliere, and he has used it
in this practice for all these things. I use these called Dr. Seas Omega-3s, you
know, catchy but he didn’t have the, sort of the coolness of the AthleanX but he’s
got the product for sure. You know, I’m not here to push this on you
guys, but I’m here to at least show you and provide you with the stuff that I use. I wouldn’t recommend something to you that
I don’t use myself. This is something I’ve used now for 20 years,
and while I can’t say that on equivalent it’s what has results on my physic today,
it has absolutely contributed to my faster muscle recovery through its anti inflammatory
properties and through increased fat mobilization. So my metabolism just goes a lot quicker because
I’ve taken these every day through the last 20 years. It’s a staple of my program and I would
never not use it. It’s available at for
you guys that want to use the same exact stuff, but if not, just try to find one of these
high grade fish oils. Again, prescription graves fish oil is Lavasam,
three capsules of Omega-3 formula gives you the same exact content that you would have
to get with the Lavasam that you need a prescription for. Alright. Guys don’t underestimate the power of Omega-3s. They are the gate keeper to the success of
all your other supplements. If you’re on a negative inflammatory balance
right now, it doesn’t matter how good your other pills and supplements are, they’re
not gonna work. So, guys, thanks again for allow me to do
these things. I like the supplement reviews. If you have any more questions send them in
to us, and get ripped at AthleanX. I’ll review some more supplements for you,
but I like to at least give you the, sort of the information that you can use to make
your own decision and go from there. Guys, back in the gym again next week, not
in front of the white board and put away the t-shirts we have for a while, I’ll get back
to doing the gym workouts and stuff that you like too. I’ll see you soon!

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