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Surf Fishing: Catch fish in MINUTES!

Surf Fishing: Catch fish in MINUTES!

♫ Have you gone by the sea? ♫ ♫ I put my whole heart in it ♫ What’s goin’ on guys? Welcome to a new episode of Fishing with Senko Skipper! I let her do my intro! Ha ha ha! So we’re both from Columbia, Maryland, and we’re driving to Rehoboth Beach Delaware! For a lil’ mini vacation. Whoo! I’m going to be doing some saltwater and some freshwater fishing. We’ll see! Ha ha, we’ll see… We’ll see which one! Or both… ‘Kay. ♫ ♫ ♫ Today we’re fishing at, um, Rehoboth Beach I’m here with my girlfriend, Erin, turn around and say hi to the camera. And, uh, I’m going to show you a very simple way to start catching fish on the surf. Uh, you’re going to only need 3 things: a surf rod, a surf reel, and, uh, a down rig. Oh, four things: and blood worms, or whatever kind of bait you want to use. Bloodworms and, um, cut bunker, those are always- those will always catch you something. Um, I’ve got, I’ve got my down-rig set up with bloodworms on here right now, and, um, don’t know what I’m going to catch, and that’s the fun part. I got a fish! I got a fish!! ♫ ♫ ♫ What is this? Mystery fish? And it’s a shark of some sort? Sand shark… Hahaha! What is this? This is what I like about surf fishing you never know what you’re gonna catch. Look at how tiny this guys is! Hah! Hold ’em! Woah, look at his tail! Wow! I have no idea what kind of—! I have no idea what kind of fish this is… so, if anyone knows just let me know, comment below! Look at this tail! It looks crazy… ♫ ♫ ♫ Alright so this morning was a, pretty much a dud with the blood worms… The bloodworms kept getting eaten up real quick so, So I went and got some… squid for bait. And, uh, this should stay on a little better. Same kind of fish will bite it. but this, this won’t fly off during the cast. Oooh… Look at the bait! Ew! Haha! That was too close to my face… hah! And this is how I cut it up, I’m just going to get little strips… little strips of it like this… See? Easy. Put it on my Sabiki… Ooh! Got one! Here, here, here! Aw, it might be gone, reel it, just reel it! Keep reeling it! (Oh, I feel it!) Keep reeling it! It’s the same thing! It’s the same thing? Are you sure? I’m sure! Why are there so many of these out there? ♫ ♫ ♫ Alright, let’s catch something not that again, Erin, I want to catch something, not a shark! ♫ ♫ ♫ So, the squid is working a lot better than the bloodworms, um, in that it won’t fly off the, the hook when I’m casting it. It’s harder for fish to, uh, nip off all the squid, it’s a lot easier to get all the bloodworms off. So, I’m pretty much sold on the squid. Been catching nothing but these dogfish, the smooth dogfish. I think they’re also called nurse sharks, I’m not sure… But I’m going to try and hook up on something else. Ah, it’s a different fish! Ha ha ha! What is that? This is a king fish. King fish. Yup! We can eat this! See? It’s a mystery every time, I don’t know what I’m going to catch! No, oh, oh I think I got a bite… Ooh, I got one! Haha! I got one! Oh, I got a flounder! Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hooo! Haha! Yeah! Nice! Woah! Two eyes on one side! Look at this! Aha ha ha ha!! You look weird, man! You’re a weird kinda guy! So the squid is working actually much better than the, the bloodworms. Caught another new species today! That’s three species of fish with the squid. Isn’t that a weird looking fish? Check it out- oh! Ahh! You see how the flounder blends in with the sand? (Yeah!) It’s completely camouflaged, just about, and when, uh, fish swim over top of it, it’ll ambush it! And, uh, that’s why they’re flat! That’s why they’re flat and this color. Where’d it go? ♫ ♫ ♫ There! Yes! Yes! Bring it in! I don’t know what– I have no idea what this is! This is a lot bigger… Aw, it’s off! No ohhh!! That was huge! What do you think it was? I have no idea! That’s the worst part of fishing. Is not knowing what that was– that one fish that you caught… …that you hooked… … and that’s what keeps me up at night, and that’s what wakes me up in the morning to go fishing again. Ha ha ha ha! That thing was– that thing was big! I knew it would get off- I knew the surf would take it out! I have such a small hook on here… I was not ready for that… Anyways, the squid works a lot better than the bloodworms. The decision is unanimous. You-na-mi-neous. You-na-no-mi-neous. Oh my god, something big, Erin! I got something big! See it at the surface? Something big, yo! It’s something big! Don’t lose it, don’t lose it! It’s got a spikey-ass tail, don’t get whipped by that, it’s going to hurt, Steve Irwin didn’t even, he couldn’t even say “that hurt,” he just died… Ahh! Oww! That really hurt! ♫ ♫ ♫ Alright, wrapping up here guys, uh, I just got kicked off the beach, apparently you’re not allowed to fish on the beach… Didn’t know that… but I caught a good amount of fish! 4 or 5 different species on this same rig, all on the squid, it was awesome, If you like what you saw, please like, subscribe, comment, you know, do your thing. uh… Do your thing. Do ya thang. Uhh, thanks for watching, guys! ♫ ♫ ♫

100 comments on “Surf Fishing: Catch fish in MINUTES!

  1. i’m a new sub i’ve really been enjoying your videos and learning a lot. i’m taking a trip to Fort Myers in a week and plan on using lots of your techniques

  2. With skates, rays and flounder, they flatten themselves out and it feels like you’re pulling up and ocean liner 😂😂😂😂 once I was fishing lemon bay in Englewood Florida, and I caught a 4 pound ray, I thought I had hooked into a 20-30 pound snook!

  3. Here's a tip for ya! Don't stick your fingers into the rays mouth! LOL Another one: try catching sand fleas there. Typical sand flea infested beach. Super cool vid man, keep it up!

  4. Good job kid. For those who are leaving negative comments you guys should drink some water since you’re thirsty for recognition.

  5. Your video was great! I am trying to do the same things you do to help me surf fish successfully. One question though: Can you do a short video on using sand spikes so I don't loose my new rig in the water? A back to the basics video on this would be helpful to me! I would like to know what you do? Thanks again and keep up the good work!

  6. Awesome channel love you guys. New YouTuber trying to come up in the world myself! As soon as I get a new camera and able to do some really high quality videos I'm going to give you guys a shoutout. Definitely one of my favorite channels on YouTube!

  7. You might try a small cutting board from Walmart or a thrift store to cut up your bait. It will save your cooler top. It will fit inside your cooler when you are finished fishing for the day.

  8. Your girlfriend is a keeper…not only bc she’s into fishing, but bc she is so positive and supportive. Oh yeah, and easy on the eyes.

  9. Good job friend, Excellent, like it & happy to visit you,
    Sub done.

    please visit me.thanks all.

  10. By not throwing them in the water your putting more stress on them. That can kill smaller fish like that. So make sure to throw it back in the water not in the shallow surf.

  11. Why does everyone give him a hard time? If you don’t like him then don’t watch him. He takes hours out of his day to make these videos for us.

  12. hello,i'm beginner fisher,and i have some questions please:
    – when i surf fishing, should i let the sinker hits the bottom?
    -///////////////////////////// should i make the hook thread long or short?
    -//////////////////////////// should i put the hook above the sinker or the sinker above the hook?

  13. Arcuate Name is a Spiny Dogfish, Just when there young they don't have any spikes yet, only once they get to around 3 or 4 feet they developed atchaul spikes, and Nick names are Dog fish or sand shark, even though that's a completely different fish or shark I guess, well sorry for the rant I just can't understand why people though that was a black tip.

  14. I love your attitude and your surf fishing vids. Thanks bro, I'd love to fish with you some time. I also like your tat. Please tell me the inspiration for it. It is MONDO epic cool.

  15. I caught a 3 foot shark off Rehobeth beach that had a hook and line, I pulled the line in until I got a very nice rod and reel I cleaned the reel up and used it for years. The rod was a custom job

  16. For future reference you can fish on the beach. As long as no life guards are on duty. You can fish the jetty and, north of it at anytime. It is specifically a fishing only area. It is by the henlopen hotel. Love your guys videos! Tightlines my friends!

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