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Surf Fishing Hatteras

Surf Fishing Hatteras

come on here fish this is a nice fish another decent bluefish this is a big fish lets see what we got he came off thought he was getting away but I’ll put him on the table instead pretty good size one here, put up a good fight in the surf decent sized one, but too big for my taste but they taste strong when they get big, so I’m tossing him back in the ocean if you were to ask me i’d say there was a bit of romance involved walking out on the beach, heading down surf side tossing out a bait or lure and pulling your diner fro the huge expanse of water in front of you but not all sections of beach are created equally and learning how to read the surf can increase your odds of catching fish waves and tidal action create constantly changing conditions along the beach they dig holes manufactures sandbars and creates sloughs current moving along these sloughs eventually rips back through the sandbar creating a rip current, you can often visually spot these rip currents as areas of water moving back out to sea and predatory fish station along the edges of these rips and hunt for bits of food and other small creatures being washed out into deeper water and it makes these great places to try your luck if your fortunate enough to spot bird action make every effort to get to that area and put a bait or lure in the water as quickly as possible because this is often schools of predatory fish working bait to the surface and the birds are taking advantage of the situation beside from looking for rips, get out at low tide and you can spot holes, pick out the low spots between bars, the holes in between and that’s what you want to fish on an incoming tide a little spot! kind of small but fun to catch got one on! doesn’t feel too big oh look a double something different here a nice little black drum pretty small these guys get get pretty large forty fifty pounds is at least nice to see something different got a kingfish here another kingfish, not a bad size, good for the cooler fantastic!!!

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  1. When I surf fish I fish with a very old rod my Father gave me, and a really heavy shoremaster custom, stiff as a board and rated for 20-40 lb test, I think my sons use Pursuit combos. I did spend a bit of money on the reels though, they set me back a bit. But with care, a good Penn surf reel will last decades, almost a lifetime really.

  2. Surf fishing, I use 20 # test. My rods are WAY short for what most surf fishing is done with. I use a 7 foot rod my Father gave me, and a 6 foot Surfmaster. I tend to look for spots to fish inside the breakers. Seems to do the trick for me.

  3. You were on the banks and didn't surf fish? Not really as hard as it looks, Rod, Reel, hook and bait, toss it out there. Most local tackle shops can set you up with gear and good advice.

  4. We fished in the fall, the water was actually really comfortable. It was the wind when you were standing on the beach with wet legs that was a little chilly.

  5. Was down October last year and caught a lot of fish going back October again this year and cant wait to catch some good fish!!

  6. We've always done really good down there in the fall. Summer was OK, that was better fishing offshore though. The surf there seems really good in the fall.

  7. Most of these fish were caught within 30 yards of the shore. We were fishing in the trough our slough on the inside of the sandbar, where a rip had opened it up a little bit.

  8. Yes they can. We got a few more than shown here. But at least on the Outer Banks it's not like some places I've fished. Done some fishing on the beach at Ocean City Maryland years and years ago, and that is all you caught, rays and little dogfish sharks.

  9. is this in the mourning or evening? I seem to catch more sharks at night, and more "game" fish in the mourning.

  10. I usually go with 20 lb test, normal rods and reels are fine, but put them in the shower and rinse with fresh water to get the salt spray off.

  11. For the most part, we used the standard fish finder rigs, with the weight on a slide, stopped with a swivel, then 12 to 18 inches of leader ending in an appropriate sized hook. I think we got one of them on a two hooked bottom rig with floats as well.

  12. It is a great fishing destination! Hope to get back there at some point soon ourselves. You are right, the local tackle shops are a gold mine for fishing info!

  13. I have ever used them myself, I like to use real as opposed to imitation bait. But I have heard folks say they work pretty well.

  14. We used squid, cut bait,shrimp. I would suggest heading to a local tackle shop that sells bait in the area your fishing, and ask them whats biting and what to use to catch it. They are usually pretty straight forward, they want you to come back and buy more bait.

  15. Hey buddy, can I ask you why you put little bobbers on your rigs? I've never seen anybody does that. And what kind of rig you used that day anyway? Is there a name for that rig or a place where I can check it out to see how it looks like? Thanks ahead for answering my questions, tight lines!

  16. Awesome vid guys! I'm a new sub. My family and I booked a trip to Emerald Isle, NC on August 23. we will be right on the ocean side. Any ideas of what particular type of fish might be around at that time? What type of bait and hooks should I be using? Thanks!

  17. AWESOME VID! u got my subscribe can u please please let me know the location of this video where u guys fish it look like a blast thanks

  18. Hey how do you know where to fish on the surf? I've never really surf fish before I plan on doing it in a couple of days

  19. I used to love going down to the OBX, but ever since I read about the government screwing up all the beach access for 4×4's I wouldn't dare go down. It would be too much of a disappointment. All because of those fing plovers!!

  20. Black drums are far better eating when they are on the smaller size than the big ones. Noticeable taste difference.

  21. I'll be going fishing in Frisco and Hatteras NC. areas next month. Any pointers? Haven't been ocean fishing in about 10 years but I fish the rivers every weekend just about. 

  22. Awesome video. I'm leaving for Salvo in 3 weeks. This will be the 3rd time going to OBX and I'm going to try my hand at fishing for the first time. Just hoping my Ohio catfish rod and reel do the job.

  23. Hello i have never been surf fishing but i have gone redfishing and i would catch alot of sting ray and shark of my dock but mainly im a freshwater fisherman so me and my buddies decided to try surf fishing so we are in Florida for the week and i was wondering if you could tell me what rig you use and what bait you use i also have all the equipment for surf fishing thanks for your time.

  24. I'm curious, how big of a fish can the Alpha rod handle? I have one and want the know what I should be fishing for.

  25. complimenti ottimo video molto bello!! pollice su!  ti invito a visitare il mio canale youtube!!! grazie =)

  26. I would love to see the dude with the glasses hook a big drum. He has a 12" blue on and is like, "UGGHHHHH" haha! He'd have to get a fighting chair for a big drum!

  27. Looks like fun. Not very instructional though. "Look for rip tides". I already knew that. How about pointing them out? don't get to see them cast or explain baits and rigs they're using. Are they working the baits in and feeling the bites, or putting the rods in the holders and waiting?

  28. For those who are still unsure if the fish at the 5:45ish mark is a black drum or a sheepshead, at 5:48 you can clearly see in its mouth and it lacks the prominent teeth that are the namesake of the sheepshead.

  29. I'm getting into surf fishing very shortly for my adventure and my dogs! I love getting into new hobbies and I think this will be the new one coming up. I hear I need a rod between 10' and 12' and use the triangular shaped weight. Should I buy worms, lures, or some sort of bait? I'm in Virginia beach, fairly close to where you guys were fishing. Any certain type of rod I should look into getting? I know I have lots to learn..

  30. WHAT???  Those cocktail blues are perfect for eating.  I've caught bluefish upwards of 36" and I've eaten them.  You need to bleed them out as soon as you land them, then ice them in saltwater till you get them filleted, making sure you trim off the bloodline.  Then soak them in milk for a few hours or overnight.  Rinse, season, wrap in foil, and grill.

  31. What time of year was this? I know the video was published in Jan., but you guys are wearing shorts and t-shirts.

  32. Heading down there again ourselves in mid October. I can't wait! Those fishbite strips are amazing. I was never a believer until this past summer. Long lasting and durable.

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