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Surprise Catch From Shore! Big Walleye bank fishing at Kingston Mills

Surprise Catch From Shore! Big Walleye bank fishing at Kingston Mills

Hello and welcome back to another
Conjuring Rock episode my name is Ben and today we’re going to be meeting up
with the other Ben Benny C and we’re gonna be meeting up with Luke from
Limestone City Angling Hey Guys. Alright. We got Benny Here. We got Luke.
What’s going on? So Bens got a piece of fishing line hanging out of his bag. It’s so you know where to go. It’s attatched top a spool. He’s afraid of getting lost. Should I hold onto it so I
don’t get lost I don’t lose you Where’s my fishing rods? I’ll be right
back guys.
that’s why I left the line jeepers murphy It’s either a Silver Bass of a Yellow Perch. or – White Perch. I think it’s a Silver Bass. I’m On! Yeah Luke! That a boy. Think it’s a salmon Luke? Could someone get my net?
Yep. Got a salmon on Luke? Walleye! Walleye! No way yeah I got the boots, want me to get him?
I got boots. Here man. Yeah Oh Yeah! Look at the – size of that walleye! What?! Wow salmon fishing
big ol walleye big ol surprise okay so we’re gonna pack it up and we’re
gonna move over there we actually saw some salmon or something fishing over
there. Fishing over there? We saw some salmon or something swimming over there so we’ll give it a shot lost my only spoon though so I’m down to
just one spinner bait Benny broke a rod. Jeepers Murphy
Climbing over the railing there
and got my foot wrapped up in the rod and disintegrated my rod you should take my boots and chrome here man yo u’re thinking about it Who’s taking my boots? Who’s coming? okay well it turns out the salmon
weren’t running yet but we did see a couple yeah that’s great we saw some break the
surface and anyways we got that big walleye that was fun we still had a good
time hit that like button hope you Hope you subscribe if you haven’t. Catch you later

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