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Surprise Fish Bowl Slime Challenge / JustJordan33

Surprise Fish Bowl Slime Challenge / JustJordan33

(Upbeat Music) – Hi guys it’s Jordan and
today I’m here with my sister. – Audrey from the channel AllAroundAudrey – And today we’re gonna
be making Fingerling slime and be competing in some fun challenges. – This video is a paid
advertisement for WowWee – So you can bash, smash,
smoosh or pop to reveal your Fingerlings minis, lets
get right into this video and open up some Fingerlings mini’s. (Pop)
– Pop! (Jordan screams and laughs) – Aw look at the one I got, it’s matching. – Mines matching this one. – Aw! – Oh my goodness mines sparkly. I got a sugar, her name
is sugar, that’s so cute. – I think I got Elsa. – Really? – Yes, and she’s a common
or you know, she’s popular. – And then I also got a bracelet as well as a little charm
to put on the bracelet. Sugar’s a rare, Audrey! She has these little sparkles
on her hands and tail. – That is so cool! – She’s so pretty. – I hope I get Goldie which is ultra rare. – Whoa! Got ’em. – I got, oh it’s a matching
one to, oh wait no it’s not. – It’s almost matching. (gasps) Wait is this another rare? This is another rare, I got Tia! You guys!
– I got another popular one. I got Lisa. – I got Tia, oh my goodness,
you guys, these are so cute. So we’re gonna hang up thee
Fingerlings minis on each other as we open them and you can also hang these up on backpacks too. So let me show you. I got my backpack here! I’m gonna add it to this
little front strap right here ’cause I think that’d be super cute. Look you guys, I got little Sugar to sit on top of my backpack strap! That’s so cute. – And my Fingerlings are
hanging from the side pocket. – That’s awesome, from the zippers. – Yeah! – Okay let’s keep opening
up these Fingerling minis and hang them up on each other! – Aw cute, I got a purple one! (Jordan exclaims)
This is Mia! – Who’s this? Let’s see. This is Meg and it’s a popular! I actually really like
this one ’cause you see it has a ringed tail. I think this might be my favorite one that I’ve gotten so far, Meg. – Aw, I’m gonna put mine on my bracelet. – I’m gonna put mine on my necklace. – Next one! (Audrey gasps) Wait, did I get the same one as you? – Did you get (gasps) you got Sugar! – Sugar!
– Yes! (Jordan yelps) – I’m gonna hang Sugar on your necklace. – Oh I thought I got Sugar again I was like wait a second (gasps) Okay this might be my new
favorite, do you see this? – Aw, you love pink too, that color pink. – Oh my God, I know,
that’s my favorite color. Okay, let’s see. This is Lola and she’s a popular! – Yes!
– You got a sloth? – He’s so cute! – It’s got sparkly hair! – I know, what’s his name? Clara! And she is (gasps) legendary! – What? So it goes popular, rare,
legendary and then ultra rare! So you got like, a super
like legendary one. – This is my favorite one. I am so happy. – It’s so cute, I can’t. Okay my goal is to get a
unicorn or to get Goldie the ultra rare, there’s only
one ultra rare, you guys. – So there’s over 36 minis, tail charms and bracelets to collect. – Yes, so you can mix and match them for infinite possibilities! – Aw look what I got. – [Both] Sparkly! – This is Kylie! – Aw Kylie! This is one of my favorite
parts, opening it up. I got another Sugar! – Sugar! – Guys we have been really lucky. We’ve got like three rare Sugar’s so far. That’s like, lucky. I’ll put this one on your bracelet. (Audrey gasps) – Unicorn!
– No way! Did you really?
– Yay. – Her tail, her hair! Oh luscious locks, do
you see that, you guys? Oh my gosh, hair goals, look at that. She’s such a queen! – Her name is Molly.
– Molly! – And she is legendary! – Aw! Look at that. That is so cute, here you go. – Oh this one stands up, that is so cute. – Oh my gosh! That secretly looks like
it’s gonna break out into a dance move like. Okay guys, now it’s
time for us to show you how to make some easy Fingerling slime and we’re gonna do some fun
mini challenges along with it. So the first thing that we’re gonna add in I have some clear glue
because we’re trying to make it look like it’s in a fishbowl and usually the water in
a fishbowl is clear so we’re going with some clear glue today. (Jordan yelps) – Pour in the glue!
– Oh yeah! Almost an entire gallon of glue. – Wow, that was a lot. – Step two is lots of water ’cause we need to put
about the same amount of water as we did glue. – Okay so still pouring those.
– We’re gonna need a lot. We have water in our pink containers here. – Oh we’re gonna need a lot of water. – Oh yes. Round three of water. This requires a lot of water. I mean it is in a fish bowl.
– Yeah it’s almost full. – I think we’re done, you guys. I think that’s all the water we need so we’re gonna mix it around. Yes! – It’s so cool like if
you look in the fishbowl you can see everything moving. – Next up, we wanna add in colors. – Yes!
– So I’m going with blue. – I’m going with purple. We only wanna pour in
a little bit of this. – Like, this much (chuckles) We’re gonna want that much right now. – Look at mine, you can see it. Wow, it’s so cool! – I think I’m gonna need
like, one or two more drops. – I love this color. This is like the one color of purple that I actually really like. – Okay guys, we’ve finally
mixed in all the paint into my glue, water mixture and I think that they’re actually looking really good so far like, I’m proud. – Now it’s time to add in the glitter. – Oh yes, we’re gonna need a lot. – Okay I’m gonna take the top off. – Oh yeah I’m taking this off. This is like the sparkly
glitter Fingerling minis. Oh my gosh, you guys. – It’s gonna be so pretty and sparkly. – I’m adding the entire container. Going for it, you know. – It’s super fine glitter too.
– Yes! Oh I’m so excited, what happened? (laughs) – My spoon was in the slime. – It fell in the slime? When did that happen,
I didn’t even realize? – When I was waiting for you! Oh wow looks like cotton candy now. – Oh my goodness this is
actually like, really cool. Okay I think it’s pretty mixed. – Yup, I think it’s time to activate it. – Yeah this is the last step. So for this we’re only gonna add in a small amount of activation ’cause we still want it to be really
like gooey and like fishbowl like you just reached
your hand into a fishbowl and pulled out a Fingerling mini! So we’re gonna add in tiny
drops of activator at a time. Like that much and that should
probably be good for now. Going in with the hands ’cause why not? Oh my goodness. You guys! – Ooh I can feel the
slime starting to form. – I found a little teeny
ball of slime right here. – Me too! – Yes. Okay so our fishbowl
slime is all complete. Now we have some Fingerlings minis in here as well as charms and bracelets scattered throughout the slime and we also added in a big bowl of water where we can rinse our hands
off after it’s all slimy and a mini bowl of water to rinse off our Fingerlings minis. So now we’re gonna show
you what our regular sized fingerlings can do. – They’re so cute. – [Fingerling] Hello. Hello. – Aw! (Fingerling chuckles) Aw he’s giving me kisses! – Aw I gave him a kiss! (Fingerlings chuckle) Aw they’re so cute. – I love their fluffy hair! Aw! (Fingerling laughs) – It’s so cute, I love
all the sounds they make! (Fingerling laughs) Aw, Charlie! – It’s like your own
little baby, it’s so cute. – So you can also hang
up the Fingerlings minis from the regular size here,
either their tail or their arms. Then I’m gonna give him his
little charm to hold as well. Look at that, you guys! – So cute. – Just chilling on his little tail that’s so adorable.
– Aw! – Okay so in our first challenge we’re gonna see who can hang
five of the opposite color on their fishbowl the fastest. – So I’m gonna be hanging five
turquoise Fingerlings minis. – And I’m gonna be hanging
five purple Fingerlings minis on my fishbowl. This is the Fingerlings mini relay race! So, are you ready to get started? – Go! (Jordan yelps) – Let’s go! Okay, okay I gotta find
the purples, let’s go. Purple? No. (Audrey screams) – I got the ultra rare! – You got Goldie? You got Goldie! Oh my gosh. – She’s dripping slime but here she is. – Still looking good, Goldie! Oh my goodness, I didn’t think
we were gonna get Goldie! – I won! This should be an automatic winner. – What, no! We’re still going with the race. – I’m setting Goldie aside. – Oh I’ve got him. – Oh I got one.
– This guys going. – Oh I think this is for our hands. – Me too, but I’m going in with it. – Cute! – Oh it’s got some slime still. He’s going. – Please don’t fall back in the bowl please don’t fall back in the bowl. (Jordan chuckles) – I’ve got two Fingerlings so far. – I got a turquoise one. – I’ve been fooled, I thought
it was purple but it’s pink! Oh no, okay ’cause
Audrey is hot on my tail. No, I just spilled that on myself. – I found another one. – Audrey, no! Audrey, that’s not turquoise. – Yes it is.
– That’s not turquoise. – Oh I found my last one. (Jordan yelps) Done, I won.
– No! I was one away, you guys. So close.
– We were close. – Oh man. – I’ve got lots of different
shades of turquoise. – Yes. I mainly have the same. So the next challenge
is the hang 10 challenge and we are going to hang
10 Fingerlings minis of any color, doesn’t matter onto these cute pencils, let me show you. Look at that, it’s a Fingerlings pencil! – So cute.
– So whoever can hang 10 Fingerlings minis off
this pencil first wins. – Okay. – Right. – Ready, one, two, three, go! I’m gonna use Goldie. – One two, I got two so far. – Oh no, some of mine have
fallen back in the bowl. – Almost there, you guys. – Four. – No, you got four? No I just detached them, no, you guys! – This is hard. – How are you going so fast? (Audrey screams) – I know! (Jordan yelps) okay, one, two, three, four. We got four, you guys. Oh man, okay. Oh I think this one’s a rare one. I got a rare one! – Oh yeah.
– So slimy you guys. – 10! – Are you kidding me? – One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine, ten! – Looks like I only have one now. My entire chain fell into the bowl! – Oh you used the unicorn. – One, two, three, four, five,
six, I would have had six. Okay so this is the very last challenge it is the bracelet challenge. So we are going to fish out
a bracelet from our fishbowl and see how many Fingerling minis we can attach onto it in one minute. This is another race. – Oh right, I can do it.
– I’m gonna win this time. I’m gonna win, I’ve got this. Ready? Set, go. Got my bracelet.
– I’m going for hot pink. – I’m going double hands,
you know, going full in. Okay I got one monkey. – I got two monkey. – I can’t find any monkey. Okay, I got a unicorn.
– I got a unicorn! – Wow we must be sisters,
we’re getting all the same. I got another unicorn and
I just broke my bracelet I lost a monkey.
(Audrey chuckles) – You have the worst luck.
– Seriously. Okay two unicorns. – I’m finding lots of– – Sloth! I got a sloth, you guys. That’s like the first one I’ve seen. – Look at mine! I look like I have keys
but they’re Fingerlings. – Audrey, fun fact, is
obsessed with key chains and that’s what her keys look like. – I can hang one of
them from my key chains! – Perfect. – I think I’m gonna hang a
sloth, probably this one. – Oh yes.
– ‘Cause I love the sloths they’re so cute! – [Jordan] Time’s up already? – Oh, that looks pretty much the same. – Mine’s so slimy! – 11. – I have 11 too. – We both got 11?
– We tied! We literally tied, we both got 11. That’s why it looks so similar. (both chuckling) ‘Cause we have the same amount. – Wow. – Look at that.
– Cute. – I have mostly unicorns
on mine, actually. I have a lot of unicorns. – I have a mix. – So Fingerlings minis are in stores now I’ll leave the link in the
description box down below for you guys to go check it out. I can’t wait to see where
you guys hang up your minis. Thank you guys so much
for watching this video. If you enjoyed it, give
it a big thumbs up. Subscribe, turn it from red to gray and I’ll see you all next time. – [Both] Bye! (classical music)

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