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Hi you guys welcome back to my channel it’s
Kelsey. So today is the day that I’m going down to Athens to buy my boyfriend a new fish
tank with some Pea Puffers which are like baby puffer fish but for freshwater and they’re
super cute. So basically I’m just waiting on my mom to get here and then we’re going
to drive down to Athens. Ok so we’re at the restaurant and these are the cups. Water.
Coke. So we’ve arrived. Yes. We have arrived at the store where’s the sign is there a sign?
It’s back there. It’s back there. We gotta get there first but we’re here. We are at
the Aquarium Outfitters and Fish Store. We got Charles. Gonna pick up a Pea Puffer today.
Pea Puffer Tank Time. Yeah. Here we are. Wow there’s a lot of stuff. This is cute. Hello
guys. Aw yeah everybody join the video aw ya’ll are so cute look at ya’ll. Aw hello.
This is Larry, Barry, and Sherry. How do you know? I named them. And then in the back we
got um the Medusas. That’s what I’m calling them. They’re eels ugh look at his face ugh
look at this dude’s face ugh. Hola oh. Look at their eyes. Hola como estas mammi. Oh look
at those lips. What you eating there dog? Are you eating something you’re not supposed
to be eating? Huh are you? Are you? So this is what we got going on so far, Charlie picked
up a couple Java Moss and let’s see a couple of the Monte Carlo’s and I think he’s gonna
pick up some Baby Tears as well. And we’ve got some Anubias and some other plant that
the guy couldn’t name so he gave it to us. A couple dragon stones. Substrate, and here
he comes with another bag of substrate. So we’re just gonna grab the Pea Puffers right?
Yup. The time has come. Aww. Ooh ooh, got some Baby Tears ooh ooh. So, got the first
bag of substrate in here and we’re gonna put another one in here and we’re gonna put another
one just to make it a little thicker because there’s a lot of vegetation going into this.
Sorry the print’s coming off on the substrate it’s from the towel. Got it all scaped and we’re just letting them get acclimated.
This plant’s stupid over here Charlie. Yeah I’m gonna move it. It looks dumb. I like this
I think you need more of it. I do really think I like the Anubias a lot look at how good
it looks. Look how cute they are they’re so tiny hello. So in an attempt to video this
video the way Charlie wanted it videoed because he’s a -bark-, I spilled the substrate on
the floor and now he’s mad at me. I’m not mad at you. He’s mad at me! He’s got the vacuum!
I thought it was funny. It’s not funny. It really is. Alright so they’ve been acclimating
we’re about to put em in. Pop em. There we go. Where is he? Hello. Cute. There’s one.
Two. There we go. I’m definitely gonna find some different plants to add in here as well
um it’s a little sparsely planted at the moment so I’m gonna find something to fill this area
a lot more, probably some Cryptocrynes and stuff and for back here especially as well
probably some Valisneria. I threw my Cryptocoryne away. Oh you did? Yeah it wasn’t doing. There
he is cute! Huh what? Three, two, one. Wooooow. So in normal Kelsey style I forgot to film an
outro so here I am a few days later um looking like a hot mess. Uh cringe. Anyway thank you
guys so much for watching um if you haven’t seen any of my previous videos go ahead and
watch those I’ll have them in the description and if you guys like my channel go ahead and
give it a like and subscribe and don’t forget to turn the notifications on so you’ll get
a notification every time I post anyway you guys thank you so much for watching and love
you guys, bye.

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