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Sushi Taco Tuna Ceviche Recipe

Sushi Taco Tuna Ceviche Recipe

Sushi Taco Recipe
Welcome back to another cooking video. Today I’m going to show you how to make
a delicious tuna ceviche taco. Let’s get straight into it, let’s get
cooking! Alright start off by taking a flour tortilla
like this, usually used to make fajitas or burritos. You take your cooking ring and press it down
with a tea towel just to cut a disk shape of flour tortilla like this one here. I’m just going to cut some more to not waste
this flour tortilla. You want to make sure to evenly space the
disk shapes so you get the most out of your tortilla. Usually you’ll be able to get about four
of these little disks out of the tortilla. Now that I’ve done that you just want to
fold the disks into the taco shape, so just take one of them and fold in one of the sides
like this and then fold in the other side to mimic it, then I suggest you place on these
a book so it can get its new shape. Leave it there for about 30 minutes and then
this will be the shape of your taco shell. Now you want to place it into a deep fryer,
170-degrees Celsius that’s 338-degrees Fahrenheit, and just hold it place because the flour tortilla
will want to spread out flat, so you just want to hold it in place so it gets its taco
shape. Once it starts to hold its own shape you turn
it over so it can cook the other side and once it becomes nice golden brown like this
then you want to place it on a tea towel to let it drain off. It’s important while it’s still flexible
to shape it into the perfect shape because once it cools down it will become crispy and
brittle and you won’t be able to change the taco shape. That’s how you make the taco shells. Now moving on to make the filling, take a
piece of cucumber and slice a block off and then you want to remove the skin from the
cucumber. For this I’m going to use a turn cut to
remove the skin but you can use whatever method you feel comfortable with using to take the
skin off. Now I’m going to slice it in half lengthwise
just like that and then I’m going to remove the seed and pulp from the cucumber using
a spoon. Just scrape it out just like this and make
sure to get every little bit of it and once you’re finished you’re going to want to
dispose of your cucumber. Now I’m going to dice it up. I’m going to cut it into a bit more manageable
bit and then I’m going to slice it into thin strips lengthwise so I can dice it. At this point you want to turn it 90-degress
to just finish the dicing, so just chop it across like this. You’re going to need 50-grams worth of cucumber
so make sure to make enough for that and then reserve it on the side until you need it. Alright now moving onto the tuna, here is
some beautiful sashimi grade tuna and I’m just going to dice it. I’m going to slice it into thin strips again
lengthwise just like this. Now it’s important to have an extremely
sharp knife so you get a nice clean cut of your fish. Alright, once you get to the end you just
want to turn it 90-degrees and do the exact same cut but at the opposite direction to
get nice little cubed dices of tuna. Now what I’ve got here is 100-grams of sashimi
grade tuna and once you’ve cut it all then just reserve it on the side until you need
it for later. That looks great. Alright now to mix it up you take a bowl and
you just want to scoop in half an avocado into it with a spoon just like this. Once that’s done you want to take a fork
and you just mash up your avocado so you don’t have one big chunk of avocado. That’s looking great right there. Okay ceviche wouldn’t be a ceviche without
an acid component, so for that I’m going to take two limes and just squeeze them into
my bowl. Make sure to squeeze them really hard to get
the most juice you can out of your limes. Here is the second lime, okay that’s nearly
done. Now moving on you’re going to need a tablespoon
and you want to have half fill it with sriracha sauce, just pop that in there and then you
want to add one tablespoon of soya sauce. Now you give this a little mix and that’s
looking just perfect. Now you want to add your 50-grams of chopped
cucumbers, just like that, followed by your 100-grams of chopped tuna, now you give this
a little mix and this is great to go right now. You don’t want to let it overcook your tuna
with the acid, so just put this into your taco shells straightaway. Here’s my taco shell and I’m going to
fill it up with my tuna mix. Now you want to make sure to fill it to the
brim, just maximum that you can, don’t under-fill these. Once you’ve filled it up then you want to
put a little bit of cilantro or coriander on top and just put a little bit of sea salt
to taste. There we go, tuna ceviche taco done! Super tasty and delicious! Alright so now you know how to make a tuna
taco. I hope you give this a try at home and make
many, many tuna tacos. Also if you want this sushi T-Shirt check
out the link in the description below. Thank you for watching, see you guys next
week – goodbye! END

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  1. I was wondering what quality of salmon would be good for sushi. In my area we don't have any Asian markets. I saw your video with he guidelines and does that make any salmon safe to eat?

  2. This was really nice! I really love the positivity you express throughout all of your videos chef deveaux 🙂

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  6. can you try to make sushi rice using alternatives like dirty rice or forbidden rice and hold the grains together with agar agar, xanthan gum, gelatine, or powdered gluten

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  9. This is not sushi. Sushi involves vinegar and rice. Calling this sushi is contributing to the misconceptions about what sushi really is, primarily that it necessarily involves raw fish. You are doing real professionals a great disservice when you do this and making their jobs more difficult.

  10. tacos are made with CORN tortillas…white corn or yellow corn, but always flint corn. If you don't have a neighborhood tortillaria, buy dried flint corn and nixtamal the corn (….Don't disrespect the taco and its 10,000 year old history. I love this guy but this presentation is a gringo version of "Taco dorado mariscos"

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