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– What can go wrong with swimming in a 58,000 gallon predator pond? (shocked exclamations) Oh my Gosh, that was a close call! I got to get these out of
here without her biting. (shocked exclamations) Oh my Gosh, she- Hey, good morning everybody,
and welcome to the vlog. Kinda old school style
intro for you right there. I’m actually with my boy here, Toothless, just kinda spending a little
bit of quality time with him, and actually thinking
about some of the things I’m going to be doing at the
zoo in the next day or so, and that is moving some animals around, and kinda doing some new displays, so Toothless is getting pretty
big for his environment so what I think I’m gonna
do is actually take the Grettel’s Carpet Python
and get that back over to BHB and get it into a
breeding cycle for next year cos we didn’t breed her this year, and I think this is gonna be an absolutely amazing enclosure for
Toothless, it’s four foot by four foot by four foot,
so it’s gonna give him lots of room and lots
of things to do, so I think he’s gonna look
absolutely wonderful in there and it’s just gonna give
us an ability to see him even more which is gonna be really cool, cos as Toothless gets
bigger he’s gonna have to continue to stay so
habituated to handling. What an absolutely amazing animal and a great disposition,
after going out to Steve at Leap and Leeches
and seeing some of his bigger ones, I was like, Oh my God, I cannot wait until
Toothless gets four or five or even six foot long. Regardless, so that’s
one of the things we’re gonna be changing this week. Another animal that’s
about to get an upgrade is another jet black
animal, of course, this is NightFury, the Golden Child Motley, that is ridiculous. He’s getting really
big and he’s definitely gonna need a bigger enclosure too, so what I think I’m gonna
do is, we’re actually gonna take Sunny the
Sharp Albino Boa and we’re gonna put that back
over at BHB too because Bruce and Jessica are really
excited about breeding Boas next year, and
they’re like, can we try to breed Sunny? And I’m like, sure no problem. So, I think that’s what’s
gonna happen because I’ll be totally honest with
ya, a lot of people don’t handle Sunny for whatever reason. I think it’s an amazing
animal but I think that if NightFury was in this cage
right here, just look at how beautiful that would look
and people could really see NightFury, plus he’s
gonna get much much larger quicker, he is growing
like a week for sure. I think even more people
would want to hold him so I think we’re gonna go ahead and switch this one out so that’s another upgrade, which means we’re gonna
have two cages, of course, Toothless and NightFury’s
cages that we need new animal ambassadors for. And I was thinking for NightFury’s cage, maybe a couple Ackie Monitors, maybe some red Ackies, they’re kind of a dwarf Monitor, they don’t get really big. They could stay in here for quite a while. When they get to full
grown adult, we’d have to move them up to something bigger, but for probably a year or
so they would stay in here and they’d be really cool. They’re a real active
Monitor, which is really cool and I just have always
wanted to keep them. So I don’t know, maybe
some Ackies for this cage and then the next question
is, what are we going to do for Toothless’ cage up here? I just don’t have an idea right now, I mean we always have a lot of animals, but let me know in the
comments if you can think of something that would be really good for 36 by two foot by 20
inch cage, right here. You can see lots of rocks and crevices and stuff like that. I think I wanna put something
that’s really awesome. The only downside to that cage, of course, is that it’s kinda up high
so we don’t want something that kinda burrows down because then people will never see it, but it’s kinda cool that we’ll be able to, not only move a couple animals up, but we’ll also be able
to get a couple more Ambassadors at the zoo. Let me know what you guys think about it. I definitely wanna make
sure I’m putting something really awesome in here. Uh oh, look who shed guys. Lucy shed her- She’s got a little piece
of stuff still on her, but for the most part,
looks like she’s shed the rest of her- Which means that we are
less than 30 days away probably from a clutch
of eggs from this beauty, and she had spent the last
couple of days in the water before she shed off, and guess what? She’s right back to where I said, I think she’s gonna lay her eggs. I’m almost positive that’s
where it’s gonna be. Definitely gonna be really exciting. Wow guys, we are less
than a month away from hopefully a beautiful clutch
of eggs from this girl. But now the downside of,
I’ve gotta clean this cage. I have something that’s really
exciting to share with you. Look at this, oh my Gosh! Look at that Mangrove Snake, beautiful. Well she was loaded up
with eggs and guess what? Oh, Geez! Relax, oh my Gosh, that was a close call. Whoa, come on girl! It’s okay, it’s okay, oh gotta get these out of
here without her biting. Whoa, whoa, whoa, oh my Gosh! Okay, okay, okay. Gotta shut that cage really quick, we’re gonna take a look at these eggs. Oh my Gosh, she was upset definitely! She’s like, Lucy, as a Momma, she’s a mean little mugger here. So take a look at this guys, look at- two, four, six, eight, beautiful eggs from this Mangrove girl. They look a little desiccated, cos this dried out just a little
bit so we’ll get ’em in an egg box, we’ll put a little bit of moss on top of them,
to get them rehydrated and we should be good to go. Oh my Gosh! Mangrove eggs again! This is so exciting! We’ve got a couple other females that are due to lay some beautiful eggs too here. But basically that’s really
the first clutch of the year so I’m super excited. How awesome is that? Guys, that was pretty exciting. I just pulled some Mangrove eggs. – Oh yeah? – Oh my God, but that female got so close, I mean she was upset, she was upset! It was crazy, was really cool. We’re actually gonna wrap up here because we’re going to see some cool fish. Everyone knows that Eric is a fish-head. – Love it! – So coming with us? – I don’t think I want to. – Why? – Why not? – Because we almost died on
our last road trip, I don’t- – That is true, we did
have a really close call where literally this
trailer was in the middle of the road, just stopped. No lights, anything, and we’re doing- This is the middle of the
night, so we’re literally doing like 75 miles an hour, and literally inches. – Oh my God! – It was so scary! – But we’re gonna be fine tonight, don’t worry about it. And the word is, is that I’m not sure guys but, this guy has huge fish. He turned his swimming
pool into a fish tank and the word is, is we’re
gonna be able to go swimming. Did you bring your swim trunks? – I bought my swim trunks,
got my waterproof case on the GoPro there so I
can get some up close- – I don’t know for sure
that’s gonna happen, but that’s what they told us. They said we could go
swimming with these huge fish in this swimming pool
so it’s gonna be epic, so we’re gonna wrap up here. I think that Noah and Eric are gonna shoot this little piece about
taming the [Inaudible 05:48]. Put a link in the description, you guys can definitely see that. As for now, we’re gonna wrap up, we’re gonna get out on the road. I think it’s about a three
and a half hour drive to Cleaveland. About an hour outside of
Cleaveland, my buddy Dan here from [Inaudible 05:59], put a link in the description. Go show him some love. Of course Eric and Mary,
are you guys excited? Now these guys have actually,
these guys have actually seen this place. I haven’t even seen it
online so it’s really- – It’s so cool, I can’t believe
we’re actually going there. Big Rich! – Big Rich, I hear this guy’s a character. Of course my buddy Greg,
Paul Kefaro is coming. So we’re gonna meet up
with Paul and who else? I don’t know who else is gonna be there. It’s gonna be awesome,
we are an hour away, and I guess we’re gonna
see some really cool fish. So we made it here to Ohio
Fish Rescue, we’ve got Greg in the pond, we’ve got Paul, Predator Prince in the house. This is absolutely
incredible, look at this! This is a big fish tank,
what do you have for me Greg? – [Vlogger] What the Heck?
Is this just in here? – A little Caiman just swimming
in here, how cool is that? This is called Fantasy Land. – [Vlogger] Oh my Gosh, what the world? Oh, I’m definitely gonna
be getting in here man. This looks awesome, oh
there’s a ton of fish, they’re moving a bunch of stuff in here, there’s a bunch of fish rooms, oh my God. This place is insane. Just released the Platinum
Alligator Gar, holy cow! That is an unbelievable fish,
I mean, can you believe this? They’re just releasing-
we’re gonna get the chance to go in and swim a little bit later. Oh my God, this place
is unbelievable, I mean, it’s crazy, I love it! – Speechless, I really, it’s just surreal to be here after watching it and stuff. It’s so cool, isn’t it? It’s crazy, it’s crazy. – [Vlogger] Mary, you’re
worried about this being your house one day, right? – Yes, very much so. – [Vlogger] One day, one day. – It’s gonna happen, we’re
gonna build it for you. – Yes! – Well they’re gonna be
releasing fish kinda all night, and then we’re gonna be like
I said just having a good time and get a chance to get in the water. Eric’s gonna go swimming. – Oh yeah, oh, bought the
trunks, bought the shirt. There’s a lot of people,
okay, I’m a little shy. – There’s another Platinum
Alligator Gar right here. – Well this is Big Rich’s
backroom, where really all the fish were. Now you said you’ve seen
this side in the video. – Yes! – Stuff like that? So you can see all these guys are in here, we’ve got fish all, got
some Rays over here. A bunch of Rays over here,
look at this tank here. So this is like the big one right? – Dude, look it’s next to me,
it’s just as tall as I am! I think it’s a 4500 gallon,
if I’m not mistaken. 45, 4800. – [Vlogger] Oh my Gosh. – [Eric] Dream tank, look at that! There’s fish in here! – [Vlogger] Big Arowana,
you’ve got Oh my God. – [Eric] Giant Gouramis – [Vlogger] Giant Gourami. – [Eric] I don’t know what that thing is, that thing looks like a Sturgeon. – [Vlogger] It almost
looks Sturgeonesque, yeah. That’s crazy. So this place is insane,
I mean you can just kinda go, right we’ve got all
the whitefish over here, another huge tank here, Oh my God, there’s just all kinds of stuff. Are these Silver Barb, is
that what they call them? – Tinfoil Barbs! – [Vlogger] Tinfoil Barbs! – [Eric] Yep, yep! These are pretty small,
they’ll get quite a bit bigger actually. – [Vlogger] Oh my God, holy cow! When I go to reptile
places, I get super excited well Eric and Mary are
getting super excited about these fish things. – They’re cool dude! (laughing) – [Vlogger] Look at these, Oh my Gosh. Now is this, what they call a Clown Blade? – Clown Knife! – [Vlogger] Clown Knife! – [Eric] Yep, yep, yep. Looks like an Asian Arowana. – [Vlogger] What the heck is that? – [Eric] Some kind of Peacock
Bass, I’ve never seen one that color before,
Peacock Bass, very cool. – [Vlogger] Of course got the
[Inaudible 09:18] Over here. Got some sort of Catfish. Everywhere you look there’s
just huge fish here so, we’re having a good time. We’re gonna go ahead
and get in the big pond or pool, or fish tank,
whatever you want to call it. We’re gonna do that a little bit, try to see if we can just swim around. Get some underwater footage
and stuff like that. But then lots of people are rolling in and we’re having a great time. Eric and myself are
gonna go swimming around. There’s, what is in here? – That’s Ragtail Catfish,
there’s some Alligator Gar, there’s a Giant Gourami,
there’s a few other species of kinda Amazonian Catfish,
so, just watch your toes. – Oh my Gosh, so these
are Predator fish, right? – Predator tank, yes. – So, could go wrong swimming in a 58,000 gallon Predator Pond. Alright, let’s go check
and see what we can find. (Upbeat funky music) Oh my Gosh, I tell you what,
this is amazing, right? – Incredible! – Oh my God, Mary? – It’s just awesome! – I mean, guys, I don’t even know- – There’s a four foot
Alligator Gar in here! – It’s crazy, that was
right up and touched it. Oh my Gosh, no it was fine! It was totally fine, oh my Gosh, I mean, I need one of these at the reptarium. – Please! – Could you imagine if we had this, like Alligators floating
around, oh my Gosh. – I’m telling right now. – I would love to have this
experience offered somehow where you could get in
with again Alligators, maybe a big Python. I’ve talked about it before,
oh my Gosh, and doing this is so cool! – Incredible, incredible! There’s a 40 pound
Redtail Catfish in here. This is insane! – It was literally just at our feet. – Humping our feet. – Oh my Gosh, this is awesome, guys, definitely worth the drive. Absolutely great place, I’ll put a link in the description to the Ohio Fish Rescue if you guys want to show them some love. Definitely a cool place if you’re in Ohio, definitely look up Big Rich. He is a character, let
me just tell you what, and a great guy, so come see him! – [Crowd] Five, four, three, two, one! – Sometimes love is just in the air, y’know what I mean? This is one of the cutest
things, look at it. I’ll be honest with you,
I’m not sure if that’s love or if that’s two males fighting but, nevertheless, there’s a lot
of kissing going on here. Y’know it’s beautiful. Take a look at this, a
little Cuvier’s Caiman. These things are
incredible and earlier this was actually just swimming
around in the pond. I thought that it was
going to still be in there when we were swimming
around because I thought, Oh my God, that would be
cool, but I tell you what, these guys are really athletic. Look at those little chompers right there. You don’t want to get hit by this, cos even an animal this size, is definitely gonna inflict some damage. It’ll be really difficult. It’s not like an Alligator, trust me. An Alligator is a lot less than this, and it is an absolutely beautiful, just look at that! Absolutely chiseled look
on its face, prehistoric. I tell you what, he’s a
feisty little monkey too but absolutely gorgeous, I
love this little dude! I tell you what, what an
absolutely amazing place, an amazing time, met a
bunch of great people, had a great time swimming around
with a bunch of these fish. And guess what? They’re actually gonna
hook me up with a bunch of really cool fish [Inaudible 12:36] so everyone’s gonna be happy. And it’s gonna make that
front pond really cool so, definitely I appreciate
these guys for supporting me. We’ll do a collab when they
bring them up, and release them and all that stuff. But we’re gonna make
sure the fish are great, they’re experts, I’m
certainly not, I cannot be more excited about that future. Hopefully that’ll happen
in the next y’know two three weeks whatever the case may be. Let me know guys what you thought of this. Such an amazing experience,
sometimes it’s good to just kind of step away
from what you’re used to, and the normal thing, with the reptariam, and all BHB and all that stuff and just hang around some
awesome stuff like this and like I said I’m
going to the Monster Fish Bashdown at the end of May so again I’ll put a link in the
description for that, if you guys are in the
Jupiter, Florida area or in that kind of area
over there, I’ll definitely be there, we’re gonna have
a great time with Paul Kefaro, Joey from King of
DIY will be there, Catchemall all kinds of great people,
all kinds of stuff. So it’s gonna be a really good time. Until then I’m just gonna
go ahead and end the vlog. We’re gonna have a four
hour drive back, and just start to chill out. I hope that you guys enjoyed
it, have an absolutely amazing day, I love you guys! Be kind to someone, I promise,
I’ll see you tomorrow! (Upbeat music)


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