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I Need plants for the new Asian aquarium I’m also giving the 2000 gallon aquarium a huge makeover in the next couple of months So why should I buy? More plants for the Asian and aquarium when I have a ton of plants already Here in the 2000 gallon aquarium that I’m not really going to use all of them in the future we have a little problem Though the aquarium is full of water And it’s got freshwater stingrays in it so getting into the aquarium to gather some plants is really an option However a few months ago when I was building this aquarium. We were live and I went ahead and said as soon as we hit 500,000 subscribers, I will Swim in the 2000 gallon aquarium. I’ll even wear a mermaid suit and some coconut shell Bikini top I was joking I was just having some fun I was live and I couldn’t edit that out But you guys would let it go now every day all I hear about is Joey. When are you getting in the aquarium? Where’s Joey the mermaid? I get people sending me mermaid outfits and coconut shells and all kinds of amazing things And it’s a lot of fun to read all of this however. I never really had intentions on doing that it was a joke But you guys have taken it too far and now this joke has become a reality So I’m gonna go ahead and get in this aquarium and collect a few plans But you know we got to do this at least somewhat responsibly You can’t just jump in the home aquarium. Do you have deodorants on you? Maybe colognes? Detergents in your clothes that could leach into the aquarium and possibly poison your fish now That’s not necessarily going to happen with 2,000 gallons of water, but you know I took precautionary steps, I went ahead and took a shower with just clean water rinsing off any Deodorants or anything I might have on my body, and I soaked this little fit this little number We’re going to get into 2000 gallon tackle it in water overnight And then try it so there’s no detergents on it anymore I’m also gonna wear some sandals in case I accidentally step on a Ray it’s gonna be difficult to see what I’m doing But I’m definitely gonna have to get under the water to get the plants that are four feet down But we got to be careful like I said there’s four freshwater stingrays in here that are not poisonous But they are venomous a lot of people asking our stingrays poisonous. No they are venomous and they can inject a painful venom That is untreatable into a wound that they sting you with with their barbs, and it’s going to create agonizing pains well I’ve got to be very careful with that set they’re not really predators They’re more of an ambush predator Per. Se and they’ll only ever use that tail or that spine almost like a scorpion if they need to protect themselves We also have this Asian, Arowana in the aquarium And they like to jump so I got to move slow And not spook it as much as you know I might just a case it jumps up Now I certainly don’t advise anybody to do this however I have been teaching freshwater stingrays for about a decade now and certainly feel comfortable with them and I Technically have been in the tank with that before when we were adding plants and whatnot so this shouldn’t be too bad I’ll have to time it so let the Rays and See here water on the other side of the tank. Oh, it’s cold. It’s very cold oh it’s very cold, so there’s java moss yeah, and a couple of different types of java fern as well as Some anubias in here. I’m just after a couple of different types of the java fern They stand on the rocks for a little bit around The downside is the one of the plants I want All right the bottom of the tank, so I’m gonna have to dump way that under there to get at home oh The little erawan is here cheer be this well, it’s nice to have a tank big enough that you can actually get in however I Don’t think I want to do this again It’s kind of creepy having the Rays down at your feet if they were a lot bigger I think I’d feel better, but they’re kind of small right now maybe only be 1012 inches across and it’s almost like they blend into a rock and almost not even tell if it’s a rock or not but No no Let’s start collecting some plants. I don’t want any all night. Oh boy I’m gonna have to dump my head under I just got to do it. Just get used to the water temperature Okay, I’m getting that You know what I need is a Snorkel that would have made this a lot easier, so we’ve got two different types of Jabba mock or yeah Jennifer we’ve got the narrow leaf, and then we’ve got the Well this has actually tried it and then we have narrowly. I’m going to try to get a couple of both This one Luckily I was smart and Stuck a lot of these just into the wood and It’s working out quite well Oh And they’re good Well these are gonna double in size at least Okay, there’s a few more Pieces what they want look at this that nice the closer to the surface the more different, it’s gonna be In tracks they’re gonna leap up there Couple more pieces in here, but he’s loved to swim over here Be careful On type this right to a rock Perfect wonder what could What do we got here you’re good enough I’m gonna have to take a lap around the tank just once because I know people are gonna be like are we didn’t even swim In the tank I mean there’s not a lot of room to swim. I can’t see the plants that well I’d be a mess I think I’ll take this one here Oh, I was tied on Tons that’s awesome all nice and healthy, it’s a snail free Raise elite the snails in here okay? Well swim once or twice a few times I don’t know where’s the Arowana oK we’ve got some rays back there, I think that They’re a little nervous with me being in the tank. I can’t blame them, but We’re gonna kick off of this Go to the other side rip the air want to go. I wish somebody was in here with me. Okay. Oh just once I don’t really feel like I swam I feel like I just floated. Yes. I’m pretty lucky the Rays are distinct But weight from me all behind the tank and but not the air. I want to start to get a little smooth, so We’ll go back one more time Something just touched me Okay, let me just admit very quick that this is totally irresponsible. I highly suggest nobody do this in their aquarium Don’t get in it. You know there’s just so many things that could potentially go wrong spook your fish Stress them out Have some cross-contamination something’s on your body or that sort of thing or maybe some of you weirdos will pee in your tank don’t do that but Having this tank. I had to do it at least once I will be doing a huge water change on this tank as well right after this video so no harm done So we’ve got all the aquarium or we got all the plants that fell off the rock fantastic Swam in the tank made of mass I gotta do a big water change on this tank now I’ll feed the fish and whatnot but Man, I could have took so much more plants. There’s so much more in there, but I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video I hope he was entertaining clearly there’s only a little bit of educational stuff here you know I’m talking about the Rays and whatnot but I Guess it’s fair to say that at this point I’m willing to do anything for you guys You

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