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36 comments on “Taco Bell® | Double Stacked Tacos Review! All 3 Versions! Peep THIS Out! 🌮 🔔

  1. I did like the sweet heat. That's my favorite. That made me sweat a little. Trust it doesn't take much. I'm like jp from health junk food. But they all are great and can't go wrong for a buck.

  2. you know what i notice about taco bell? when you ask for a beef burrito. they will give you a rice burrito instead ! and purposely for they can save on the beef thinking the buyer won't notice ? … don't believe me ? go ahead and test it yourself. anyway great review ian !!!

  3. Oh my goodness those all look fabulous Ian! The spicy sweet would be my favourite , but the habanero would also be awesome. Yumm I need to make one of these at home cause we can't get those here. Merry Christmas to you my friend

  4. The Spicy Sweet was the only unique tasting one to me. Both of the other one were just a basic Double Decker taco. The Cool Habanero should have had a stronger sauce and to me, it would have been better with a Doritos Cool Ranch Taco shell. I couldn't believe that the Spicy Sweet had more heat than the Cool Habanero. Oh well. Great review!

  5. Hi Ian! Nice review! I tried the Cool Habanero one the other day and it was pretty spicy to me. I did add Diablo sauce to it tho. Had my nose running and everything, but it was so good! And I can't believe they're only $1! Hope you're enjoying the holidays!

  6. FINALLY! A mature guy that [dude, like], doesn't swear every sentence while trying too loudly hard to be hiphop cool. And he brought a plate in the car!

  7. Our local Taco Bell Sucks at making these & most of the other Taco Bell stuff as well!!! We have a Taco Bell/KFC and the Emphasis is on the KFC at Our location!!! We used to have a Different location for each & a couple of years ago they combined their locations together!!! Gross & Sad because I love a regular Taco Bell Only Store!!!

  8. I had only tried the nacho. I only hoped the would have kept them around a little longer. Now that I have seen these videos I now would've loved to have tried all the tacos. Now it is too late. But on the other hand, I could create my own. huh? Only thing, it will be more than $1. lol. Oh well. Maybe next time.

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