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Taco Bell MUKBANG / Soft TACOS and hard TACOS / Lets eat Taco Bell Together / Mukbang #10

Taco Bell MUKBANG / Soft TACOS and hard TACOS / Lets eat Taco Bell Together / Mukbang #10

yo yo yo yo yo was goodie weighted CPI
shrank back again where the motherfucking milk-bone another move
bong but uh what are we doing today we do in Taco Bell anyways I just got the
Taco Bell I got the Taco Bell 12-pack six soft six
hard tacos and we’re just gonna get into it man I’m starving
all I had today in here you guys get the first bite there so look
we haven’t we haven’t done is my knife moot bong or whatever hmm I’m sorry let me just get this first one
down then we can talk okay gosh I’m starving I couldn’t even
put any sauce on behind me trying to got so hungry okay alright I’m sorry that was
bothering me the the back or what at the back so here’s another soft taco
so that backlighting was bothering me uh Taco Bell
hey guys got the family pack I don’t know it’s just what I usually get it was
like $14 so that was pretty expensive I don’t know if when I eat it on a tall 12
now or not this one’s white put some hot sauce on I sure got fire actually got a
hottie on fire but I didn’t and I’m like a decently okay with Taco Bell I I kind
of want to get the McDonald’s again but don’t realize you know I hadn’t had Adam
Taco Bell move bomb so means Taco Bell remember neat stuff like a taco
Viva or something over here this is lighting okay I look so crazy was
lighting but man is what it is right so what’s going on this week was kind of
tough for me I was just stressed out about a couple things
I kinda liked the strike I let the stress get to ring you know I put out
some videos I’m doing daily uploads and it’s like I put out some not so positive
stuff and oh the link just went better I like that now sorry about the lighting
sorry about you know anyways Japan you know some of the some of the comments I
didn’t really like and you know that’s my fault because I put myself out there
and so I’m gonna try to be positive and I’m gonna be positive and then I don’t
in you know whatever so for some reason I want to talk about because you know being a entrepreneur or like when I quit
my last nine-to-five job I had it for almost two years nine to five counting
office you know how to dress up so but um now for the past two years I’ve had
my own my own little accounting business I say little you know it’s just me and I
do pretty much all that I can or I want to me that’s blessing I’ve really
stopped taking on new clients because I started you know I guess making enough
to pay my bills and stuff with my business and now I’m concentrating on
growing this YouTube channel so you to growing this YouTube channel so much fun
I’m gonna be at 30,000 subscribers soon I can’t tell you how awesome that is for
me this was my third um this is a hard talk
this is my first hard talk or I think mmm so yeah this is the first boot
bottom I’ve done in a long time since the hurricane er no I didn’t went after
the hurricane but I mean last week I forget didn’t have a move on for
Saturday and and kind of made me sad for missing it but I doubled up on another
one but um fish tacos are a good change of pace for Mook bong anyways alright
what I was getting at I guess was that maybe for some people you know being
your own bosses I’ve actually gotten comments before from people I guess if I
sit back it’s better for lighting iron so weird
I’ve gotten comments from people that uh like oh how do you motivate yourself why
I couldn’t you know I couldn’t go to beat myself for whatever friend have a
boss or it that’s just the way I I guess I was programmed I’ve been just a little
hustler you know scheming on stuff since I guess I can really remember I wish
that someone would have noticed my entrepreneurial skills as a young child
and all through middle school in high school in my early 20s and
I wish someone said hey like why don’t you be a why don’t you be a
small-business owner of anything you know I mean but I don’t know these tacos
got all messed up Finch heart the heart tacos gonna wet
and the the meatball falling out so anyways I can’t remember my first hustle
being at the bus stop when I was in kindergarten and I lived in Vermont
now I lived in Vermont I was seven years old I lived in West Brookfield Vermont
which was I guess 45 minutes meet south of Montpelier which is the capital
Burlington is the biggest city in Vermont my players decently sized my
gasp oh I was in the boonies and then kindergarten was like only half a day
and it was taking like an hour on the bus each way so I only went to
kindergarten for a little bit because it was like I was on the bus more than like
as much as I was at school so as I don’t know I guess they think my parents
rigueur God didn’t really matter then I went to first I went to first grade in
uh in in Vermont so I’ve labeled off the kindergartner
but it could have been when I was in first grade right specifically remember
being at the bus stop about down down the hill from my house in Vermont and ah
we were on welfare at the time whatever you want to call it or I’ll call it I
had to eat the same breakfast for it seemed like for my whole life which was
these these little cereals there are kind of like kicks or they’re just like
circle or circular little grains or whatever I guess like kicks or tricks or
whatever they were called body bodies and there was nothing wrong that cereal
I mean I eat whatever now I don’t care probably for taste I just eat to eat no
no but um I was so sick of body bodies I was like mom oh man can I have something
else for breakfast like I didn’t really understand that we were poor we’re a
welfare we couldn’t afford our own food and that’s what they gave us so that’s
what we’re stuck with like I don’t know was never broken down to be like that it
was probably there were just it was just like no this is what we have like this
whoa I was like get something else I don’t understand there wasn’t anything
else for breakfast I can remember not having any help with
the body bodies so my mom put orange juice in with it it wasn’t that good it
was kind of yucky hey ma’am how to make it happen right so
anyways brought it on down at the bus stop I guess I’m like 6 or 7 years old
when politicking down there at the bus stop on my yo I’m like what do you be
eating for breakfast man that’s kids like oh man you know mmm like that
frosted flakes the the frosted flakes beard and I’m like have you had body
varieties cuz they are the bomb he’s like no I mean I never heard of those I
was like oh yeah they’re good bro he’s like gee I don’t want to try them I was
like yeah I was like listen I was like I got a bunch of it I was like I’ll come
down we’ll the box of body bodies and you come down with your frosted flakes
and we’ll trade okay he’s like okay so I remember I freedoms soda box the body
buddies from the cover part of my book back went down to the bus stop like the
next morning I’m like yo let’s trade it up son can you bring it oh you little
bitch sounds like the first time I remember trying to go I don’t try to
shade try to grind it out like I guess so the next time I can remember these
tacos are pretty good and get a little full I don’t know how many I’ve eaten
the Box seems pretty full so but I’m gonna eat this heart I’m gonna eat the
rest of the hard ones I have three hard ones because they’re just going to be a
mess later twenty ways the body bodies was my first one the second time I
remember kind of finessing grind now it was in the second grade we lived in Fort
Lauderdale my grandparents house and I shared a room with my uncle so he told me because I and then his mom my
grandma was like you guys need to make your bed in the morning so he got up at
like 5:00 he was a mechanic airplane mechanic so he got up at like 5:00 or
something and was showering leave or whatever in the morning and come home
drunk and shit some but anyways he was like yo I ain’t got time I got tied to
make my bed the morning I’ll pay you $2 a week to make my bed for me he’s like
you got to make yours anyways you know I’m like yes sure I’m like God sounds
great I’ll do that okay he left at 5:00 and he dipped out early so I believe I
believe my mom or dad or somebody or grandma grandpa somebody was coming in
the room later and doing my bed and his and I was just collecting that $2 for
like a month or two probably just like yeah I was like having that money for
cleaning your fur up making the bed it’s like every week he’s like yeah all right
so I don’t I got busted for that then let’s see I don’t remember any hustles really in
third or fourth grade up oh I remember it well all god I remember a hustle in
the same fourth grade one third grade I went to Vermont back to Vermont for
school over to Texas and fourth grade I was back in I was at a school in Fort
Lauderdale or private school hate the private school um anyways little Taco Bell I hadn’t thought about this in a while
but I guess we’ll just maybe go chronological water stall stop for this
story so I’m just a private schooling them to you trying to get the kids to
you know that’s the meet that’s one of the things that I always forget
I should wipe my face off every little bit because I always forget and then
it’s like uh then I see some of my face for half an hour but so I another
private school and during the week the teacher gives out little stamps a little
cards you know with points or they’re each worth eh cards worth a point and
you know it’s like if you are sitting quietly doing your homework you go you
get a sticker sorry you know if you’re doing something good you get a sticker
and then you would add the cards up at the end of the week and whoever had the
most points would win would win a prize Oh Mike oh okay so the thing is well the
thing is when the teacher would hand him out she would have you date them I guess
I’m in the fourth grade so I don’t know how that is nine or ten or something but
it just seems so logical to me that I would like one week I wouldn’t wonder
Lee I would I think I would do about two weeks I wouldn’t date them I would just
out thank you and then and then put in my desk so I wouldn’t date the little
cards and like every third week you know I’d have three weeks of cards compared
to everybody’s one week and I would win like every three weeks and then the
teachers like God like it just seems so basic to me and I was the only one who
was doing and so that’s just how we do now now
we’ll jump into fifth grade now let’s just jump into fifth grade here I went
to bed at elementary and folder at oh hi um
yeah before I had been to Bennett I mean there was uh there are some there are
some thugs that Bennett let me just tell you in fifth grade because the worst of
the worst are still going to school debrie middle school so that was the
first time I went to public school in Florida
Fort Lauderdale South Florida it was I actually just did really good I mean I I
don’t know I just flowed right into it but you know it was the first time I had
ever really been around minorities black people or people of color or Latin
people or there wasn’t really that many Latins there was a lot of black there
was about like half my class was like black and and that that was fine with me
then and it still has fine with me now and I don’t really care I like to treat
people on how they treat me and that’s that’s how I do um you know
so anyways I I can remember I can remember because I saw I lived in
Vermont tell I when I was at school in Texas is there was I don’t think there
was any because I was in the country there wasn’t no black there wasn’t no
black kids in my class in Texas I went to public school there I went to public
school in Vermont but there wasn’t any black kids there are some there was some
laughs Latino kid I think was mostly all white kids
however this Chinese kid named Wesley in Texas when I went through but anyways
let’s get let’s get back I just want you to know like so I do remember this cuz I
started looking for mine I was like 7 and we used to drive down to Florida
sometimes right because we were driving down to move in
there when I live when I finished my uncle for two bucks I remember being at
a rest stop well now I live him for mine ver mind I
guess I was born in 77 so 77 to like 84 i lived in vermont and i never saw a
black person yes I didn’t see him on TV I don’t watch much TV so I saw I saw a black person I rest
Oppel in South Carolina I was just like shocked I mean it was never talked about
because they’re like reminding me that anybody’s never talked about I said I
never I said mom look she’s black I said with the bottom of her feet are white I
was just like stating facts I was like 7 so anyways um you know I got thrown it I
got thrown into the wolves let’s say okay ass a guy thrown it I got thrown
into the wolves and so I started hanging out with the neighborhood kids this is
5th grade I I believe there’s a there’s a basketball hoop there now just I lived
in the neighborhood from the school so I would after school I would like just
hang out there I would come home and go back there and like shoot basketball and
then I just started hanging out with other kids start hanging out with our goods in the
neighborhood and I remember so I don’t know within like family a couple weeks
man like hanging out while the kids the kids older brothers when there’s just
like our little crew and we are going out stealing hood ornaments that’s what
we’re doing we’re bucking hood ornaments um Cadillacs were good
Mercedes is we’re good like oh this home feels like trash like um now those those
you could just twist around and rip off which I came pretty good then there was
like it was like Jaguar was like the the coup d’etat or whatever you know those
like I was like a different wine or you know it’s like collecting baseball cards
like you wanted one of each or oh that’s gold that you know it’s gold Cadillac
and I mean to get that I think to get the Jaguar one it was like you had out
the wire cutters but then if you get couple wire cutters it’s like you know
then you’re in trouble and so anyways I started going around and like I don’t know like even now like I don’t
know I guess I’m telling you all this and I’m I guess I’m not really that
ashamed of it I just really don’t even know I just I don’t care mmm I always bad me but this morning ways going around stealing all these hood
ornaments when I started I amassed like a
collection of about 40 of them 40 or 50 of them and then I get talking when the
kids at school black kid at school won’t say his name heated up being like the
biggest thug like he was already thug life back then like you know what I’m
saying like he’s walled up packing packing heat sticking sticking crackers
up whatever is go time any new I got talking to him
and I’m like yo I’m like you want some gold I’m like you want some hood
ornaments I think I got them I was like I’ll give you two for five buck two for
five bucks he’s like yeah yeah yeah bring bring bring bring my boy bring so
I’m like okay so I showed up with the two hood ornaments of course he’s like
oh I got the Mayura get the money and get the money and bring the money you
know so I just remember I had the whole audience in a big big box and I just I
just dumped the box by this by the school so well let’s talk about pretty good Oh so yes I mean I just stopped in the
Herman’s after that book I think so it still my grandparents got
lack hood ornament they’re like hey would do something it wasn’t me I would
do my own grandparents order me like he would do such a thing
oh well anyways hmm we got one more hard taco we got one more hard taco so these are you gonna get to know me more
I guess and it’s kind of nice because it’s like hmm I don’t know I’m just
talking shit now anyways talk about move bomb this was
awesome hopefully you guys relax with me
maybe ate something with me laugh with me you might think I’m I don’t know like
I mean I guess it is where it is I I can’t I can’t say I feel any kind of
remorse for the hood ornaments or any of these schemes that I’ve talked about I
think I’m clever I think I’m fun or I mean I recognize that destruction zones
properties bad but anyways this was the MOOC break from CPA
strength I

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  1. Continue to keep it 100 JD. I am currently doing Principles of Accounting 1. I will attain my BA in Accounting and be done with school after that (I'm 43). Your videos are educational, entertaining, and have been a massive help. With deep humility, thanks for sharing your knowledge.

    Sharing your personal life stories has made your channel that much more interesting. It shows that we each must strive to meet our self-actualization despite life's many obstacles that we encounter.

  2. Get accounting business then we get fat belly eating junk. Oh lol Dude we got get off this roll of taco bell lol. Help im addicted lately to taco bell. Whats healthy alternative. You know they put preservatives into the meats at fast foods. Maybe i can splurge just couple times a month only.

  3. I never liked going to church. As you can imagine, a church parking lot filled with cars is a perfect place to start a collection. Let’s just say you are not alone.

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