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Taco Recipes – How To Make Fish Tacos tacos

Taco Recipes – How To Make Fish Tacos tacos

what’s up everybody this is Lyle with
hippie BBQ whenever you make it today is gonna be some fish tacos now was turned
on to fish tacos back in the late 80s early 90s when I was in the Marine Corps
down in San Diego and ever since then I’ve been making it myself and it’s one
of my favorite recipes anyway this video is gonna be in collaboration with
another YouTube channel and he lives out in California right now so I’m sure he
is up on these as well name of that channel is gonna be cooking with CJ I’m
gonna leave a link to his channel in the high card above and description below as
well as his video in my car and description now as far as these fish
tacos go like I said I got up on these back in the late eighties early 90s and
I make them a lot they kind of followed the same concept but they’re always just
a little bit different so you won’t be seeing me leave like a recipe in the
description what you might see are ingredients that I use and really this
video is just for inspiration more than it is an actual recipe anyway I’m going
to break this into a few different segments because we’re going to be
marinating the fish we’re going to be making a slaw we’re going to be doing a
little simple guacamole and then we’re going to be kind of cooking the fish so
it’s gonna be kind of broke down in segments so we’ll kind of go through
each ingredient as we go anyway what I need to do is you know I need to get
what I’m gonna make for our marinade cause we’re gonna go ahead and get that
started first this marinade goes we’re going to keep it pretty simple I would
like to use fresh limes but they were trying to sell whole limes for three for
a dollar and that’s a little bit much for me anyway I already have a little
bit of lime juice from the bottom of my container I’m going to go ahead and a
little bit more and as you cook it it’s not it’s some of that lime flavor is
going to dissipate so don’t worry about that so we have our lines in I have
about four garlic cloves like I said this is just for inspiration come up
with something on your own I’m sure be great Old Bay seasoning we’re going
to go ahead and throw some of that in don’t have to worry about being too
heavy-handed on it as a matter of fact we may be seasoning it up a little bit
down low relative again got that we’re gonna go ahead throw some olive oil in and if you don’t have one of these a
blender would work where you could you know you could do it by hand as well so
you’re gonna go ahead and get this blended up alright so that is good to go
we’re just going to go ahead and pour this directly over our fish and I have a
glove on we’re just going to go ahead and kind of make sure everything is
coated well this is going to go on the refrigerator
we’re gonna have a chance to let this marinate for about two hours something
like that in the meantime we are going to go ahead and get started on our slaw
work it on this slaw again this is just something that I kind of throw together
and it comes out a little bit different every single time
anyway I’m starting off with some cilantro we already have in here and
we’re just a ball and I’m hitting it with some mayonnaise now this could be
criminal it could be mayonnaise it could be anything creamy like that now vinegar definitely want some vinegar
in there I happen to be using some of this hippie dream cucumber vinegar that
my man thyrion– from TNT barbecue brought me from the Amish store he paid
a dollar I can find this on Amazon for close to $11
anyway let’s I bought some of that and it’s really not coming out of this
bottle that fast so I know it looks like it might be a lot but really isn’t this stuff is good though I don’t know
this is worth $11 but in case you will to spend $11 link will be in the
description below I’m gonna hit it with some of this lime juice and again hit it
with some of this old babe normally I would go with some pepper or
something like that in this but the jalapenos we’re gonna be using for this
slot are extremely spicy today anyway let’s go ahead and blend this up alright
that’s a wrap right there now we’re gonna go ahead and get this slaw meet up
so basically I have cabbage tomatoes Finley sliced jalapenos thinly sliced in
red onions thinly slice so I’m just gonna throw all this the same Bowl gonna
pour our dressing over let me take the right quick make sure we’re good to go
yeah that is good this is a nice green dressing we’re gonna throw on here and
now we’re just gonna kind of toss it together these vegetables are gonna wilt
a little bit when they’re in the refrigerator so these are gonna have a
chance to come together you know again about two two-and-a-half hours and get
this guacamole hooked up now since I have a lot of ingredients in that slaw a
lot of heat a lot of those flavors we’re going to keep this slop pretty or this
Lily pretty simple so I’m actually making a whole lot more than what I’m
gonna need for these tacos but that’s because guacamole is definitely one of
our favorite things to eat around here alright so we got these avocados in here
now when it comes to people that when it
comes to the cilantro there’s two kinds of people people that hated people that
loved it I’m one of those people that happens to love it now I do have
cilantro obviously in that slaw that we made earlier but I’m such a salon side
lever boom we’re going to hit it with a little bit more here we’re gonna go with
some of this lime juice as well again we’re just eyeballing this and that’s
the best thing about some of these recipes is not actually having to follow
a recipe just wing it you know what I’m saying got that and
we’re gonna go ahead and hit it with some salt now an optional ingredient we
do have those jalapenos in that slaw and trust me those jalapeno czar hot but
there is a company named tango spice company that sells this spice called
tango verde this stuff is awesome I’m gonna add a little bit of heat smells
wonderful we’re gonna go ahead and have some of this in to add a little bit of
heat I’m gonna leave a link to where you can buy this stuff as well as some of
his other spices in the description below anyway some of the stuff in this
you got garlic onion cumin jalapenos have an arrow sale received salt and
oregano a nice combination for some guacamole I’m gonna go ahead and mix
this stuff up we’re leaving this simple I’m going to throw this in the
refrigerator and it’s gonna have a chance to sit and when my wife gets home
from work we’ll go ahead and start on these tacos and the fish for us to go
ahead and cook this fish I have a thin layer of oil in here and we’re just
going to go ahead and set them in the skillet we want there to be a little bit
of room between each of these fillets because we’re not gonna wanna
we’re gonna want to kind of get a little bit of a trust-fund as possible you
don’t have to worry about this breaking apart because we are going to be
breaking them apart in the end anyway okay so to tell if this is ready to flip
we’re just gonna go ahead and if it releases from the pan we should be good
to go for this go ahead and flip them over we’re gonna go ahead and let these cook
until they’re cooked all the way through finish this coat I have that in the oven
staying warm in the meantime Mason’s going to knock out some of these taco
shells tell them what we’re doing and why we’re doing what we’re cooking these
tortillas and those oils will make them nice and tough so they will break up
over you and I think it gives it a little bit of flavor kind of cooks out
some of that rock illness mm-hmm anyway hook it up meesa now what we are going
to be doing and once these things get cooked down a little bit is he’s gonna
be sitting on the side then we’re going to be throwing them in our taco racks
right here and throwing him in the oven for about three minutes just to get a
little crisp got these tortillas hooked up now he’s going to go ahead and put
them in this taco rack now these taco racks they come individual like this and
they come in a taco rack like this I’m gonna leave a link to the taco rack calm
website in the description below anyway go ahead and hook those of them get this
fish out real quick okay so while he’s hooking that up I’m gonna
take some of this fish and we’re just gonna break it up we’re not gonna want
to break it up too much we’re just gonna want to kind of flake it into smaller
bite-size morsels and when he’s done with these tacos or taco shells we’re
going to throw those in the oven I have the oven at about 350 Gries we’ve just
got throw them in there for about two minutes just to crisp them up a tad it’s
a wrap all that we need to do is build these tacos we’re just going to go ahead
and throw a little bit of this meat this fish into each one doesn’t need to be
too much let me just go ahead and complete one so we got that I’m going to
go ahead and hit it with this guacamole next then we’re gonna come over with this
slaw and it should be a wrap-up for that I may go ahead and add some fresh
tomatoes on top just for appearance reasons only but I tasted this fish out
of this world all right so three things first of all I
know I can’t get this big old Knute Rockne hit into this video screen that’s
number one number two run by my boy cooking with CJ check out his fish taco
video number three listen if you like making tacos you got to get these taco
wraps these things on the bum some rap hey I’m going to show off the six piece
– one since my wife is eaten one of those what do you think about that anyways you just stuck your goddamn
mouth so anyway they’re really good we haven’t tasted them yet we’re gonna show
off the single taco rack right here alright let’s get in see what’s up you have to hold half a thing back
walking that sloth so good got some nice kick to it that fish is
tender well seasoned it’s amazing you know that’s not be my favorite white
fish right there it’s matter of fact I’m you’d be buying
a bunch more of that this is cod are you waiting man this stuff is out of this
world for all you guys that stop by here you know I do appreciate it me and hit
prints hit Flintstone they’re gonna go ahead and finish knocking this bad boy
out thanks for stopping my no hippie BBQ I appreciate it comment subscribe I’m
out. Best fish tacos. How To make fish tacos

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