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Taco Trip [EP: 04]

Taco Trip [EP: 04]

On today’s episode of “Yeah, Let’s Eat This!” we’re going on a taco tour! We’re gonna hit up several places all around, LA, Long Beach and Santa Ana! – I’m Loudin!
– And I’m Korey! Let’s get to it! Alright so we’re here at Cheko el Ray, Where were stopping by for a more upscale version of the taco. We’re eating Marlin tacos, essentially Swordfish. With a piece of avocado, tomato sauce, it’s really light in flavor but it is spicy. [ Laughter ] – She’s a squirter!
– She’s a squirter! It tastes like tuna fish, but more meaty, like Almost like shredded salmon, but shredded pork. But it’s smokey… Like jerky almost! Tastes like a jerky, a smoked jerky. Hard smoked, not soft smoked. That’s a specialty though not everyone does a smoked merlin taco. So the guy sold me a Coke he told me if you wanted good pictures of tacos it has to be with an ice cold Coke. Tacos and Coke, right? That’s how its done. It’s chocolate, it’s ice cream, it’s genius! Choco, choco taco! Choco, taco! Choco, choco, choco! Taco! It’s a chocolate, it’s ice cream, it’s a chocolate, ice cream choco taco genius! Choco Taco! So unfortunately I couldn’t make it to “Tacos, Churros Wings”, it wasn’t here, I’m sad, but whatever. We’re gonna wrap up the day with a Choco Taco, It’s ice cream in a taco, it’s genius… Look we got a waffle cone, chocolate, nuts, ice cream!

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