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Tacos al Pastor en Dublín! Irlanda 8

Tacos al Pastor en Dublín! Irlanda 8

The Day Before The Day After Day 7 Travelers, I believe that Alan X El Mundo had never ‘wroken’ ‘Wroken’ Travelers, I believe that Alan X El Mundo had never woken so late on a trip, it’s noon, and I will be boarding that bus behind me to take you to a very special place. I took a bus that cost me €2 , because I want to take you to a place I’ve been wanting to go since the first day I arrived in Dublin, but I until now I was able to. Well travelers, it’s like this. I have in front of me the jail which is a very famous place to visit. But today, since it is St Patrick’s, well St. Patrick’s festival. St. Patrick’s day was yesterday, but the festival lasts all weekend long, and the people are on holiday, so this is packed. There’s a very long line, Versailles style, and the tours are practically sold out. So, I won’t see it today, oh well. So let’s go to plan B, so waking up late, was not worth it. Taking advantage that the jail is across the street, I came here. It’s like my consolation prize, to the Irish Museum of Modern Art It was renovated a couple of years ago, and the building is incredible. The exhibits are the kind that you don’t really understand much, but they are constantly changing. So if there’s an artist that you like to see, and has an exhibit here find out before coming. Yes, the building is beautiful; it’s the Old Hospital, and walking around here is nice and the museum is free, and it’s surroundings. I like the environment. I didn’t understand anything about the exhibit so I was only there for about 20 minutes. Let’s say I more-less liked it. I’m back at downtown Dublin, and now I will take you to a place that’s right in front of me. You can’t see it, but is in front of me. It used to be the Parliament, and now it is Ireland’s Bank. This is Ireland’s former Parliament. Nowadays is Ireland’s Bank. But this building, was the first building in the world built with the sole purpose of being a Parliament. This room is called “House of Lords”. You can visit this room free of charge. There are other beautiful areas of the building, but they are part of the Bank, photographs are not allowed, but you can also visit them. There’s additional photographs and information, to help you know more about the building. Guys, do visit Ireland’s Bank, because I believe it’s one of the most beautiful places , to draw money from an ATM. Or exchange money in the exchange office. Peek into every corner you’re allowed to, because the building is gorgeous. Travelers, I came to have lunch to a place called ‘The Bank’. And why is it called ‘The Bank’? Because it was a bank. This building is about 120 years old, and it was formerly Belfast Bank. Nowadays is a bar and restaurant. There’s another restaurant in Dublin similar to this, called ‘The Church’ A former church transformed into a restaurant. And a I asked some locals if they would recommend me going, but they suggested me to come here, because the food is better and so is the ambience. So, and also the location is also better. And so for €10 euros I ordered a sandwich. it is called “The Bank’s Hero Sandwich”, and it’s pretty big, it has fries on the side, and my beer. There’s a piano playing and the place is beautiful and well located. I’m going to taste it, excuse me. I like it, I like it, I like it. Guys I’m going to look for some events because the St. Patrick’s Festival, it’s not only on St. Patrick’s Day, but throughout the weekend as well. There’s music and other events. There’s an amusement park, and a whole lot of activities in the city. There’s not a million activities either. I read in the schedule that at 3pm, a bagpipe band will be playing here in a park, and I want to go see them. I’m excited with the bagpipe music, and it’s free! People were turned on, I was very excited! This beautiful building is Dublin’s City Hall. You can visit for free, it has a gorgeous roundabout where people get married, here you can see the details, it’s spectacular. And downstairs, there’s also a free exhibit that tells all about the city’s history, in a brief and concise manner, and it’s good. I took advantage of this afternoon to go to Dublin’s castle, which is actually a palace. I had brought you here before with Andrea. the Tour guide from, but this time I went inside. You can take a tour guided by yourself for €6.50, and €16.50 if you take a guided tour in which besides visiting the regular rooms that you can visit on your own, it includes some others. It’s pretty. If you are touring around Europe, and see other more spectacular palaces, in France or other places Maybe this is not on the same level as the rest, regarding size or interior decoration, but it includes some of the most important rooms for the country. It includes St. Patrick’s Hall, which owes it’s name to the St. Patrick’s order. This is the most important Hall in the country, and where Ireland’s most relevant events take place. To me, Dublin’s castle, is not a place that you can’t miss, if you visit Dublin, but if you stay for about a week here, like I did, do come and see it. especially if you have a special interest in a story. The truth, I liked visiting it. Travelers, I want to take you out in the city at night because with St. Patrick’s celebration throughout the weekend, several of the most iconic buildings in the city are painted green. Well they’re not painted, but rather light up in green. So I’ll stroll and tell you as we go. And here we have Dublin’s City Hall. Dublin’s most famous Fish and Chips are also in green. Theoretically speaking Dublinia’s Tower is also lit up in green but you can hardly see it. Well, yes the green color is pretty present, including the traffic lights, they are also green celebrating St. Patrick’s. Very amazing. Well they are in red sometimes, but then they turn green celebrating St. Patrick’s green, and people can go through. What an advanced city! This is another government building, but apparently the city budget was only enough to light up this column. Bridges also light up in green, take a look. This is another government building called “Four Courts” and it’s dome, which is very famous, is being renovated right now. but the courtyards are green. On my last night in Dublin, I’ll say good bye in a very special way joined by some of my followers with whom I’ve been going out these few days. Let’s say it will be a very Mexican good bye. The Irish love Mexican food, so I’m at Dublin’s most famous taco place. It’s called “El Grito”, and we are going to meet the owners and have some ‘tacos al pastor’. in Ireland. Which is like a little piece of heaven, it’s paradise. Hello, I’m Lucía Arvizu from Celaya, Guanajuato I came here to Ireland seven years ago, and two years ago I met Lupillo, we are from the same city, and together we decided to open up a taco restaurant here in Ireland. Due to the fact that nowadays Mexican food is very famous. I came here two years ago, and I liked this place since the first day. I worked at Irish restaurants, and then had the opportunity to be here. I used to make tacos in Mexico. I love my job, and the Irish have welcomed us nicely, as well as the Mexicans. At the beginning, about 95% of our customers were Mexican Nowadays we can say our customers are 50%- 50% Well, I think that in Ireland there’s not much food variety, and their food is not as delicious as Mexican, plus they feel attracted by our Latin culture Yes, I like it, this is my second time today. Oh really? Yes. What did you have? Yesterday I had ‘burrito al pastor’, or something like that and it was super good. And today we’re trying out the tacos. Look, they are just like the ones back home. they are small, double tortilla They are good! This is always a place where a lot of Mexicans who live in Dublin meet, whether it is because they are studying here or because they have settled here for good. So, say hi Hello! From Guadalajara, Guadalajara Toluca Tampico Mexicali, and everywhere. Ireland is full of Mexicans, and Latin-Americans who add some flavor here. Pastor, no onion. I don’t know if the sauce is hot, it looks delicious. We find everything here in Ireland. Really? Yes, and some products are sent from Mexico by our family members that live over there. My parents have never come here, I’d love for them to come and visit us. My parents own taco restaurants in Celaya. I want to say hi to my parents, my brothers, and the whole ‘Lupillo Taco’ staff. A big hug, I miss you tons. Guys the tacos were amazing, the horchata water was delicious, I don’t usually go to Mexican restaurants when I’m traveling to foreign countries, but I must tell you that this is amazing! It reminded me of my childhood, my origins, my country, everything! Lupillo, Lucía, Diana, thank you! Thank you! Thank you for the “Grito”, ha ha ha I want to say good bye to my friends from Dublin, because Dublin is an amazing city. I stayed here a week, and feel that there’s still much more to see, but these people made it much more special Thank you very much guys! Bye! And some tacos to, to… how do you say it? Cheers to you with some tacos! Good bye Dublin! Good bye Dublin! Ha ha ha ha Next Chapter: It’s the first time I drive on this side of the road. Well this is Kilkenny’s downtown, basically you can travel the whole town walking. Have you ever heard about Kilkenny’s witch? Visit the online Alan X el Mundo store , and discover dozens of articles that will make your trip easier. 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