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Tacos de Pescado, Palta & Mango | Felicitas Pizarro

Tacos de Pescado, Palta & Mango | Felicitas Pizarro

today’s menu fish tacos white tender fish avocado and mango salsa spicy tender lovely and healthy better a or any whitefish you like very very thin fillet so we’re gonna sit on it we’re gonna make it alive and I will add some paprika turmeric salt and pepper so this will cook really fast and I will first make my mango sauce mango avocado some fennel there are so few slices to give it a crunchy touch red cabbage police fresh chili blitz over here now to join everything together let’s add some lemon juice olive oil a pinch of sea salt and pepper perfecto let’s heat the pan let’s add olive oil let’s see it very quick from both sides look how trinks really really very quick it spreads fast food healthy fish taco fish is ready really just like two minutes look how beautiful how tender and well-seasoned if it looks tasty look at that perfect let’s finish the tackle now tortilla some of the mango salsa our main sponsor the fish the whitefish top it with extra mango salsa mmm now it wrap it eat it try it and let me know what you think leave your comments below my name is felicitous Pizarro remember we are what we eat and today we are the most beautiful and healthy fish tacos subscribe to my channel if you want to see more of these videos share it like it and leave your comments below let me know which recipes are you hungry for

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  1. Your channel is so nice, i just found out about you! Great recipes and personality, i can almost taste the food 🙂

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