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Tacos Made From Flowers — Xochitl Vegan

Tacos Made From Flowers — Xochitl Vegan

I’m Stephanie and I’m chef of Xochitl Vegan I kind of just started with us making food at home and me making stuff
for my family and then it just kind of evolved into a business so today we have
mulitas tacos and nachos and our carne asada is made from flowers hibiscus flowers Xochitl Vegan is really based on decolonizing the diet
obviously all plant-based vegan trying to stay away from the soy gluten and all
of the toxic chemicals that go into your body even being vegans so we’re kind of
staring up towards the path of more healthy eating We’re moving away from the colonization
of the food it’s almost like moving backwards to what our people were eating
going back to our normal diet a plant-based diet and eating a healthier
whole food diet We’re currently a pop up so we always update our pop up locations
on our Instagram our bio will always have our pop up locations and times and
hopefully soon we can have a restaurant and stuff that’s kind of the goal for now

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