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Tagging White Shark Shark Luna in Nova Scotia

Tagging White Shark Shark Luna in Nova Scotia

Today was a game of cat and mouse, you
know highs and lows, highs and lows. Fish came in spit the hook, fish came in
we got one, fish came in pulled the buoy spit the hook, and right before dark she
came in and you know it’s different when you’re dealing with animals like that
it tests people. The key is to be patient, to stay with the method and it’s
keeping everything calm and quiet and work together. And sure enough the big
mature female arrived right on the evening of Thanksgiving weekend here in
Canada. Go little deeper. Big Shark. Just had the privilege of releasing the
first fully mature female white shark in Canadian history with a SPOT tag, an
acoustic tag, blood samples, full health assessment, bacteria, parasites, genetics,
muscle tissue, the whole thing and we would like to name it for the amazing
people of Lunenburg who have been so good to us. So meet Luna, for all the
amazing people of Lunenburg and happy Thanksgiving to all the people of Canada.

7 comments on “Tagging White Shark Shark Luna in Nova Scotia

  1. Outstanding work as usual. On a side note I had to look to see if Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving and I learned something new this evening. Not only do they celebrate Thanksgiving, but it's on the 2nd Monday in October. Thanx for bringing us all a little closer, Ocearch.

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