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Taith Iaith efo Jess Davies: Welsh Road Trip // Ep.1 Joey Fisher (Travel Vlog/ Flog Teithio!!!)

Taith Iaith efo Jess Davies: Welsh Road Trip // Ep.1 Joey Fisher (Travel Vlog/ Flog Teithio!!!)

Welcome to the Welsh Road Trip, with me – Jess Davies I’m embarking on a road trip across Wales to discover more about our magical country, the people who live here, and the Welsh language. from South Wales, to the North and everywhere in between I’m going on a journey to try and find out where I belong in Modern Wales- if anywhere- as someone who was not brought up around a Welsh community But, I won’t be alone On each journey I’ll be picking up one of my best friends to join me on the trip and find out more about their relationship with Wales So, make sure you’re sitting comfortably we’ve got a long A470 ahead of us! The first to join me in the red seat is one of Instagram’s most familiar faces and one of my best friends, the famous model- Joey Fisher Right then, first and foremost we’ve got to get the essentials Prosecco, Bacon and… that’s about it isn’t it? Snacks! Joey Fisher, Welcome to my vlog! The first guest on my vlog! Probably first off I should ask, Do you speak Welsh? Good morning, How are you? How are you? I’m fine thanks, how are you? and I’m saying I’m fine thanks, how are you? fine thanks Are you okay? You don’t look okay! and like, good night Wonderful- WONDERFUL! Looking like something straight out of a fairytale is the first stop on our trip Here we are then, Castell Coch I usually cycle up here but today- actually I’ve just cycled up here once and the rest of the times I’ve just pushed it up the hill I don’t think it’s a proper castle, but we’ll see! Joey what’s this? You’re a pig Stop number one on our Road Trip, Castell Coch After showing Joey the door of the castle- yeah, it was a bit expensive to go in- it was time to move on Well done you! And we’re off then, trying to find the waterfalls here, but at the moment it’s just a small stream and we’re not equipped to go hiking over a mountain looking for them because I’m in a shirt and boots and Joey’s in leather trousers and trainers so not really hikers, but hopefully we’ll see something like a waterfall up here Here we are, in the erm- waterfalls We can’t actually find it so this is as far as we got After realising we weren’t going to find Sgwd Gladys, we headed back to the car- but not before Joey got the perfect selfie Oh, and not before we had a well-deserved beer after… twenty? minutes of walking How’s it taste Joey? Ahhh, Wonderful! Ohhh, worth the trip then! On our next stop we’ll be seeing one of Wales’ oldest traditions No, not chips and curry sauce down Chippy Lane boys- but a Gorsedd Park, in Ystragynlais Welcome to Stonehenge! erm, not really Joey- but five stars for trying Ugh, anti-climax. Soz boys. We moved on to Ynyscedwyn, the old Iron Works where the history dates back to 1612, just a bit older than Joey’s jokes With sun setting, and two hours having passed since my last alcoholic drink it was time to find our bed for the night- but Joey had other idea’s… I know exactly how you feel boy, trust me now, where were we? Oh yeah, our bed for the night Hello! And Welcome to Taith Iaith! Joey’s deciding where she can pee in this
place There’s a good patch, there’s a good patch there Oh aren’t you pretty! Ugh, old joke Joey She’s had a bloody bellyfull of us I think we should leave Jenny to enjoy her dinner in peace Anyway, the pub was calling our names- obviously! But crossing a field in Wales isn’t as easy as you might think The mum’s coming, don’t go! Joey! The mum’s coming! JOEY THE MUM’S COMING! THE MUM’S COMING, THE MUM’S COMING I’m actually out of breath, This is what living in Wales means! Mum is, mum is wild! After being fed and having another bottle of wine we definitely needed Joey is making the caravan feel a bit more like a ‘cwtch’ Oh she’s good boys, wifey material Oh no, no! We spoke to early What are you doing Joey?! Are you mad! Have you ever heard of gloves? I don’t have insurance for this Yeah alright, alright no judging please we’re having another wine Well, what are women supposed to do without electric or WiFi?! With it raining outside, and I’ve woken up with a headache there was no way you’d catch me pissing behind the caravan You’re on your own Jo! Good morning! Good morning! Ugh, sorry Jen, we really weren’t respectful girls Great skills! After confirming that we’re awful people, it was time to say goodbye to our new friend Yeah, she doesn’t care And start our trip once again, to Craig-y-Nos Castle Look at this, you don’t get these views with your afternoon tea in London Yeah, you can say that again! So we’re here at the Chimpanzee Sanctuary and they’ve all been saved, so I don’t feel bad coming here And after our visit to the tsimtsimtsim sanctuary our Road Trip had come to an end, and it was time for us to head home Lead the way Jo! Well, that was fun! Bye! –

26 comments on “Taith Iaith efo Jess Davies: Welsh Road Trip // Ep.1 Joey Fisher (Travel Vlog/ Flog Teithio!!!)

  1. I love girls two goddesses I hope to see them again in maycontaingirl although I must say that I was the first to look for them in fake pages I want to apologize greetings from Argentina your fan

  2. wooow Wales is so gorgeous
    before following you i didn't even that there was a language called Walsh now I'd love to go there
    btw you're videos are really entertaining informative
    all the love and support to you from Morocco

  3. I love the fact that you are vloging welsh as i get taken back by the language, I love the welsh language. I'm like joey only know certain words, hope you can keep vlogging and as i'm learning so much from the vlogs on how to speak the welsh language, I hope that Joey will be back soon in a vlog as she is great and has a lot of positve vibes and its the with you too

  4. Da iawn ti ar y taith flog cyntaf Jess, mi wyt ti yn gwneud cyflwynwraig naturiol yn yr iaith Gymraeg chwarae teg! & gyda help Joey wrth gwrs!. 👍

  5. Da iawn Jess. Mi wnes I fwynhau y vlog. Edrych ymlaen at weld pan wyt yn dod I fyny i'r gogledd a pwy fydd dy ffrind yn y car efo ti.

  6. This was lovely. You're both so gorgeous! And Wales is a beautiful country. Also, the editing on this video was really good. It looked professionally done. Looking forward to seeing more of your videos, Jess. 🙂

  7. Reason?! That will happen when you don't run your own Media outlets. It's all run by the BBC and the language is still looked down on. Because the history of the nation and the language is never explored in mainstream British TV. Not even on S4C

  8. The Marquess of Bute who made a fortune out of Wales had Castellated Coch built on the site of a castle that was built to protect the route into Cardiff centuries ago. It’s still a lovely building though

  9. Mae hwn yn mor strange! Oeddwn i gallu siarad Cymraeg yn iaith cyntaf unwaith, ond anghofiodd i. Nawr, rydw i'n mwy ail iaith. Rydw i'n trial dysgu eto ac roeddwn i wedi ffeindio ti! Rydw i'n mor hapus. Diolch am siarad Gymraeg ac cadw yr iaith yn fyw. Mae'n anodd i siarad Gymraeg pob dydd achos mae fy teulu a ffrindiau gallu siarad Gymraeg typyn bach, ond mae nhw penderfynnu i beidio.

    Mae ffeindio y fideo hyn yn strange achos rydw i'n byw i mewn Ystradgynlais! Es I i'r ysgol gynradd nesaf y cerrig fawr ac ysgol uwchradd nesaf yr arches! Rydw i'n wedi tyfu lan mewn Ystradgynlais ac nawr mae e ar Youtube sianel random roeddwn i wedi ffeindio heddiw?! Mae hwn yn mor cŵl!

    Allan o chwilfrydedd, fel oeddet ti wedi dysgu Cymraeg eto? Ar hyn o'r bryd rydw i'n defnyddio Duolingo. Rydw i'n eisiau gwybod achos mae dy Gymraeg di yn dda iawn!

    I'n dod i ben, diolch am siarad Cymraeg a rhoi pobol ifanc o Gymru (ac phobl eraill hefyd) rhywle i dod i clywed yr iaith, mae'n gwahanol yn gwrando i random sentences ar Duolingo neu Google translate. Dydy't ti wedi ennil tanysgrifiwr newydd ar Youtube ac social media eraill!

    (Edit) roeddwn in gweithio mewn dan yr ogof hefyd ble gwelaist ti'r mochyn ac anifeiliaid eraill! Mae ti'n mynd places rydw i'n mor familiar gyda!

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