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Taiwan Men VS Strongest Fish 爆釣龍膽石斑!不是大魚不下竿,沒有斷線不回家!上集【釣魚EP26】FT.老蟹的生活日常.新竹香山黑人龍膽池

Taiwan Men VS Strongest Fish 爆釣龍膽石斑!不是大魚不下竿,沒有斷線不回家!上集【釣魚EP26】FT.老蟹的生活日常.新竹香山黑人龍膽池

The fishing ring hits the turtle king, we are probably the first runner-up But in the end who is the champion and who is the runner-up, it ’s hard to say whether we open voting Oh oh oh oh i’m afraid of drilling Oh, this one is thick ~ It ’s too fierce. Out of line start running! start running! kill Want to run to kill! Come and wait! Need to lock the reel! !! Still out! The reel is locked and still coming out! !! Stand up! Double bow! Too exaggerated! !! Is there a concept to invite drinks to the audience! ? Pretty! Can’t you just pull it halfway? Correct So is it a waist? Still kidney? This should be kidney hahahahahahahaha Hello, come to the black gentian pond in Xiangshan, Hsinchu today Someone was too excited and woke up at 2am Because she is going to challenge La Longdan ha ha ha today … (bitter smile If she is pulled down, I will have a picture to cut out hahaha … (crying Last champion Yan handsome, see how he fished today I hope everyone is doing well Last runner Dongfeng It ’s just a fish among two people. Alright, let’s see how good it is today. The first one you opened was a double bow? No I ’m not telling you six heads (sixty pounds take off) might have! !! Do you see different sides? ? I still went out It hasn’t been this long Right, with your progression, how could it take so long What big bait does Brother use? Is n’t that strong, horse mackerel? Horse mackerel! I ’m so hungry. I took a day off yesterday and I ’m hungry. Oh oh oh oh i’m afraid of drilling Oh, this one is thick Oh oh oh I don’t want to fall down Two tails are too strong Woke up! Woke up! Oh oh! Really two tails! Double bow! It’s too fierce! Exaggerated enough! !! I gave you five at both ends (50 catties to take off) Ah, you will be exhausted Pulling panting too exaggerated! Is it big brother?唉 (smile) The first shot exploded, and the two tails cost more than 100 kilos More than a hundred pounds on the first shot! !! Go out! He said it ’s not too big and it ’s struggling. Cui Rui! Cui Rui! Did you lose it so much? Why so far? This is a good point At this point on Sunday, there was a guest fishing for a dozen There are seven or eight ways to hook up with a horse mackerel You see one next to you, and one next Are you happy? Yes, yes, comfortable Pull it out! Stance! Stance! You leave a little, you leave a little and run to my side? Close the line forward Get up, get up and move forward, roll again, roll forward More than 20 pounds OK, relax OK! it is good! Thank you! Complete virtue Catching wild old crabs is you! The hills! XDD As soon as I saw it from afar, I said it would not be an old crab Aren’t you here? It does n’t mean you ca n’t come No i want snow shame, i hit the turtle last time Oh, the last time you hit the turtle, don’t infect me with turtle gas! You obviously gave me the turtle gas, OK? I just want to say: Ah, the old crab is here, and two people should be mad Negative is positive. Hope is negative. Didn’t you just hit? No Oh, that pole is not yours? I’m opposite Are you opposite Yes indeed Who are you with With two friends, last time they pulled cool Then I stared beside me as a photographer Is n’t this one more than thirty pounds? This one is only forty pounds. Here ~ The tortoise is coming You are really good at running! Run all over Taiwan! Run around Taiwanese didn’t come with you today? He is going to work Is he going to work? I have to work too, we all work Does your work refer to fishing? No la! La Shuangshuang start running! start running! Want to run to kill! If you do n’t shout out, it means you do n’t work hard enough. kill! !! Do you brake? ? Is your brake locked? ? Come! Wait! Get it! Lock it up! !! Locked (shake) Go! !! You ca n’t let it go too loose Still online! ? Ah, it ’s not locked, it ’s still out! ? Kill! !! !! Will there be winnings? ? Would you like to invite a drink to the audience? Powerless … Is the fish weak? Or are you weak? I’m out of power … It must be in a different position If you hit the egg, you should come up soon I’m powerless … I can’t help it Faster! Faster! So you can’t do it? It ’s up to you to drink You roll up a little bit, you run so little No more power … Pull again, pull again, it’s drilling Can I change hands? …… Is the fish moving? Hurry up! Floating! Floating! Faster! Faster! The fish floated! The fish floated! Fish, do n’t you struggle, let me come up … Come! Come on Come! Hurry up! almost! almost! almost! There are no more than 50 catties, and they will be laughed at! It’s been two and a half minutes since I came to the front! Oh ~ I did n’t have a meal No, fifty or sixty pounds, sixty pounds soon Very tired? Hey … (collapse) are you tired? Oh … super tired So you just pulled it halfway, can’t you? Correct So is it a waist? Still kidney? This should be kidney Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha You see, you see, eat good food Hill, what lunch did you just eat, honestly I eat chicken drumsticks, right, I can only eat pork ribs Pork ribs are delicious, is n’t it expensive? 65 chicken drumsticks, 65 chicken drumsticks This is also 65. I thought the chicken legs were more expensive. He’s all 65. This one is good, CP value is very high The two most prone turtles in the fishing industry YouTuber are here This is a slander, or a derogation. Why can’t I hear it? The fishing ring hits the turtle king, we are probably the first runner-up But in the end who is the champion and who is the runner-up, it ’s hard to say whether we open voting Coming soon! Coming soon! Come on, come on, do you want to run there? Can we run there This one is weaker Oh oh Oh, go to the line Hook up next door, big brother hook up to you, your line is on him Oh, 30? 40? 30? Thirty pounds, yes, over thirty Not panting Don’t pant! ? I trained last time, it ’s ok, yes, yes, yes What to do is the last one, this is a bit dangerous Stand up! Cui Rui! Cui Rui! Wow ~ Why is it so easy to pull! ? Because his kidney is better! Hahahahaha This one is about 30 pounds Only about 30 catties Come to make it up, don’t play for so long Back backward OK, fooling, it’s still rushing, don’t want to fall Followed by one! Double bow! Double bow! too exaggerated! What does Shuang Bow feel like? So you can’t do it? No! ? how is this possible! ? impossible! start running! Don’t let them lean over there anymore, there will be holes in it that will run start running! start running! Fish up! start running! what! Drilling a hole Your fish is up Double bow! right! ? Yes, your fish is up God rescue! Brother, they helped you pull it up, thank you, thank you Oh! Bite carefully There is also a pull with gloves, be careful! This ours thank you thanks I really see God’s rescue every time I come Oh oh Does this have the concept of having drinks in the audience? Wow! !! !! Yes, yes, yes! !! !! Fifty pounds Oh oh oh! This is a big one, it ’s a lot worse Still a lot of these five heads (50 pounds take off) then…… on…… Oh oh! You Niangle! My lungs are up! No no My waist is going to burst! !! !! What’s it like? Silence … (Bitter laugh) Silence … I can’t edit it like this

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