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Taiwan Woman VS Strongest Fish 荼毒老婆釣魚入魂計畫開始!只要一隻,人人都會龍膽魂上身!一日龍膽人,終身釣魚魂!下集【釣魚EP27】新竹香山黑人龍膽池下集

Taiwan Woman VS Strongest Fish 荼毒老婆釣魚入魂計畫開始!只要一隻,人人都會龍膽魂上身!一日龍膽人,終身釣魚魂!下集【釣魚EP27】新竹香山黑人龍膽池下集

Challenge gallstone spot today If she is pulled down, I will have the picture to cut (bitter smile) My waist is going to burst! It’s too fierce! Exaggerated! The two most prone turtles in the fishing world YouTuber are here What is this? Still derogatory? Why can’t i hear it So you can’t do it? Correct Is it a waist? Still kidney? This should be kidney failure … Hahahahaha Yes, yes, feel Cool! Go for it! 80 pounds! Reaching the lungs! My goodness! My waist is going to burst! (Smirk) Start Don’t you really run? Don’t you really run? Concave it off! Concave it off! Yes, yes, feel come on! Come on No, no, he just hooked Do you have the feeling of having a drink? The boss said Broken before you can buy a new pole Yes, there is a wheeze, there is a wheeze It ’s more handsome to have a lower abdomen. It’s because people are powerless … not fishless … Come on, come on, come on, get up, get up, stay up! support! Still breathing? Would you like to post it? Little pant, little pant I was laughed and said that it was only 30 pounds. Still pulled like that, really … Alright, it ’s good to have La Shuang, but two, two One Hit the turtle Zhongyu shouts It ’s been half an hour Really the pole is too soft It doesn’t matter if the pole is soft, the second child is fine Ah no, cut it like this, yellow label Head down, you head down, you head down? Indenting … (smirking) I understand (smirking) I almost talked about what I can’t say Hooked up? No way? Really, ah you just slap it No, why is it on it? You pull it up Let me play for you Would you like to take it away? Otherwise wait for the third car accident This one is small and different, this one is only 10 kilos So much difference in size Luck is better here They are all medium to small, if they are right to seven If you catch the biggest of us, you will cry Pull cool cool cool! Home run Oh oh oh! This is rough! Hold it a little No, do n’t be afraid, just fuck There is a new one after interruption! Correct! When you’re done, there’s a new one running backwards A softer pole? Or where are you softer? There he (Giggle) He’s not so tough there Hi Niangao, you pose Niangao, isn’t Gan hooking? Ah, drilling You have to run across His one! real or fake! ? God rescue! Fatty, your one, run away (drilling hole) Oops ~ Go for it! 80 pounds! Contribute! Contribute! Watch out for the waterwheel! Go inside! Contribute! The reel brake is locked again! Lock again! Up, up Pretty! This apprentice can teach then…… on…… Oh oh! You Niangle! later! later! later! Retreat! it is good! Then run forward! Receive it! Correct! it is good! Then step back! Then run forward and collect! It’s hard to roll right! Take it! Take it! it is good! Retreat! Wait! Wait! do not move! do not move! Eh! Grinded! Grinded! Reaching the lungs! My goodness! No no! It’s not lungs yet! At most it’s a waist! My waist is going to burst! (Smirk) Just bear with me. Hurry, hurry! Oh! so big! What a ghost! What’s it like? Silence … (Bitter laugh) Silence … I can’t edit it like this (Big smile) Just silence it. My stomach hurts Is it fun? Fun! It’s fun ~ But my stomach hurts==So what is the idea when pulling fish? Only stomach pain? Why ca n’t I pull it up (laughs) Yes, it ’s pulled up. When you step back, you just pull it up. But it’s … it’s … I just feel like … what! Ca n’t swear, it just feels like a bottomless pit No, okay And then I think why my stomach is so painful Let ’s practice ~ This is the importance of exercise ~ So exercise ~ fishing as exercise ~ it is good! Pretty! There is potential! Handsome Take a positive one, do n’t drive me down Can consider Wow ~ 30 pounds Don’t be nervous, just … just consume it slowly? It ’s okay to come and go Okay, thank you ~ Medium fish! Cui Rui Cui Rui! Hey, I’m fishing these four heads and five heads (forty to fifty pounds) So good This one should be five heads (50 pounds take off) In the morning, there are two bows and two heads (both 50 catties) Yes, this one is almost fifty, it should be fifty Off work I waved to everyone and said, oh ~ Of your family, I must run over Yeah! so funny! In the last minute! You are out of luck (laughs Let me tell you, I’ve finished the end, I’m leaving This reel is not locked tightly! real or fake! ? Not tight? You use WD40 as the brake fluid for the reel, right? No It ’s going to be pulled up, otherwise it would be terrible You have to run across and pull again I ca n’t pull it for you, because that cable reel is right. You also roll left? So our left scroll is more turtle Very beautiful! Hold on, hold on! Fish in seconds Brace brace! Should be almost, just back down Retreat It’s not a matter of falling back The boss will say: The time has come, and you have caused me to work overtime like this Can can can! As soon as it floats, you step back Warcry! Oh ~ fifty pounds ~ Right! Fifty pounds! And it ’s no wonder it ’s so tough Let’s end it, it’s so bad … So with me, I still catch fish, just a little longer We now prove one thing, negative and negative don’t get positive Yes, negative and negative do not get positive, so is the turtle champion and turtle champion, or is the turtle I was just talking to Xiao P One day I’m here to fish all this row of sea fishing grounds I am going to be a tortoise! Is it necessary for every family to be like this … At least … the two turtle kings met each other We both love each other, pretending to be Shaw, so disgusting The two tortoises in the fishing ring met See you next time! good or not! Take me out to play! Hello, fishing is over, my waist is about to burst It doesn’t matter if I hit the turtle, my wife is fine. Then this video can be cut Today I really came to the photography class again, not to fish Today’s champion is our Dongfeng Geye He accidentally pulled it today. Tired tired tired Today is another trip to abuse the elderly Be willing to be abused ~ Understand ~ Be willing to be abused XDD champion runner up Third place The best hit turtle No! I ’m in a photography class. I did n’t fish today. I ’m in a photography class. Alright alright, that’s it anyway Just … look at the next battle for rehabilitation Ah no, when will the battle of revenge reappear? Then like this No, if you like our video Welcome to subscribe, like, share, just like this 掰掰, 掰掰

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  2. This place is beautiful, congratulations your fishing was amazing with big fish.
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