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Take a kid fishing. Mentored Youth Trout Day Southeast PA.

hey guys today was a mentored youth
program here in this part of Pennsylvania made me and my two sons we
fished as another mentor and my buddy Ron from ahmedabad outdoors and check
the link out below to his channel also we have extra footage of a little girl
catching the biggest fish today stay tuned to see that at the end of this
video thank you for watching and time irons everybody let’s go fishin
next time look we got one but I caught it so it’s got to go back we got one says yep you still on the
challenge yeah I did yeah it was barely hooked and
I jerked it up out of reaction I said hey the Roger to meet you so I had to
throw it back let’s on camera we’ll go to the other
side one one one more I almost had to – caught one Lossman him and his other tip
and I bet they caught 20 they should give lessons yeah oh he no wrong yeah it’s deceiving shallow I walked we
walked down to that curve we walked down to the bend right there it’s six inches
deep yep ice of course on foot this cameras
caught y’all a couple of times y’all okay with it I mean I don’t work for
something up I don’t wanna put something up yeah well I always get permission you
know I don’t want it alright well wouldn’t you gotta go okay
all right I’ll check it out you’re welcome to with blue collar fishing team
extreme or a Big East outdoors those guys that give lessons then watch
them kill it although in ecology you know I found them got to him got
here Jesus Christ valises kitsch
tell me what’s going on me too talk to the camera what just happened to us spicy crickets for dinner grab Neil look
we got one but I caught it so it’s going to go back so but hey Sarge we get this a little Channel well we finally got a s’more hey I got another buyer I didn’t read
you this might leave the ticket so I got another bite right there just trick or
mutton well both teams have one fish on the
board unfortunately I was alone for our team
who brought ashore so the adult trout open wasn’t until last
week he’s up you know and you guys are killing it you give
lessons so those guys could give lessons then watch them kill it all there we
caught up again it out right now on the dock you got here is
that you yeah the thing yesterday they didn’t stop
Monocacy yet the two they thought for this program
was here and the Lully hi now ago another there’s a explains why they were
catching them over there there’s a bunch of structure then the fish won’t be there I said jump
the fish like the major let’s put it in the sack move the sack snag lose it that sucks cuz I don’t want that color
then I’m back to put on my last minute what a mess huh no well that’ll be yeah that’ll be
is 2/4 yep everything now is catching paid for that fish and once that was
this was some charity fishing yeah
once they donated their spot right here we’re supposed to leave at noon yeah hey
we finished up a half-hour early that’s right well we got a drive Sarge off her
we got a drive Sarge on for the house first these cars in the house I gotta go
get avocados hi guys last class so 12 more my guys
last cast is like a woman’s five more minutes we’re gonna go just fast enough to stay
off the bottom with Hey gotta get something on camera – yes it
was we’ve already got their limit extreme outdoors or team extreme Big
East yeah you need this that later I’ll clean them in the basements here
Bobby thank you yep thank you that’s a nice one Oh what yeah high school they called by the
girl like a girl nice fish

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